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New Articles for April 14-20

Monday, April 20, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (4): Freshwater Biology (4), Hydrobiologia (13), Limnology and Oceanography (3), River Research and Applications (4)

Broad-Based Journals (5): Ecology (1), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1), Ecology Letters (1), Oecologia (3), Journal of Applied Ecology (1)



Ribeiro J.W., Siqueira T., DiRenzo G. V, Lambertini C., Lyra M.L., Toledo L.F., et al. Assessing amphibian disease risk across tropical streams while accounting for imperfect pathogen detection. Oecologia.



Coastal Habitats

Ceraulo M., Sal Moyano M.P., Bazterrica M.C., Hidalgo F.J., Papale E., Grammauta R., et al. Spatial and temporal variability of the soundscape in a Southwestern Atlantic coastal lagoon. Hydrobiologia.


Langston A.K., Durán Vinent O., Herbert E.R. & Kirwan M.L. Modeling long-term salt marsh response to sea level rise in the sediment-deficient Plum Island Estuary, MA. Limnology and Oceanography.


Wåhlström I., Höglund A., Almroth-Rosell E., MacKenzie B.R., Gröger M., Eilola K., et al. Combined climate change and nutrient load impacts on future habitats and eutrophication indicators in a eutrophic coastal sea. Limnology and Oceanography.



Ecosystem Subsidies

Recalde F.C., Breviglieri C.P.B. & Romero G.Q. Allochthonous aquatic subsidies alleviate predation pressure in terrestrial ecosystems. Ecology.




Brito M.F.G., Daga V.S. & Vitule J.R.S. Fisheries and biotic homogenization of freshwater fish in the Brazilian semiarid region. Hydrobiologia.


Crane A.L., Feyten L.E.A., Ramnarine I.W. & Brown G.E. High-risk environments promote chemical disturbance signalling among socially familiar Trinidadian guppies. Oecologia.


Davidsen J.G., Eikås L., Hedger R.D., Thorstad E.B., Rønning L., Sjursen A.D., et al. Migration and habitat use of the landlocked riverine Atlantic salmon Salmo salar småblank. Hydrobiologia.


Glas M., Tritthart M., Keckeis H., Lechner A., Liedermann M. & Habersack H. Rheoreaction impacts dispersal of fish larvae in restored rivers. River Research and Applications.


Jia Y., Kennard M.J., Liu Y., Sui X., Li K., Wang G., et al. Human disturbance and long-term changes in fish taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity in the Yellow River, China. Hydrobiologia.


Nunn A.D., Vickers L.H., Mazik K., Bolland J.D., Peirson G., Axford S.N., et al. Dynamic competition and resource partitioning during the early life of two widespread, abundant and ecologically similar fishes. Hydrobiologia.


Rask M., Malinen T., Olin M., Peltonen H., Ruuhijärvi J., Vesala S., et al. Responses of the fish community in a eutrophicated lake to long-term food web management assessed by multiple sampling methods. Hydrobiologia.




Van Appledorn M., De Jager N.R. & Rohweder J.J. Quantifying and mapping inundation regimes within a large river-floodplain ecosystem for ecological and management applications. River Research and Applications.



Food Web Dynamics

Schmid P.E., Schmid-Araya J.M. & Tokeshi M. The scaling of biomass variance across trophic levels in stream species communities: a macroecological approach. Hydrobiologia.



Invasive Species

Day C.C., Landguth E.L., Simmons R.K., Baker W.P., Whiteley A.R., Lukacs P.M., et al. Simulating effects of fitness and dispersal on the use of Trojan sex chromosomes for the management of invasive species. Journal of Applied Ecology.




Bonjour S.M., Whiles M.R. & Gido K.B. Influence of fishes on macroinvertebrate communities and insect emergence production in intermittent stream refuges. Freshwater Biology.


Erba S., Cazzola M., Belfiore C. & Buffagni A. Macroinvertebrate metrics responses to morphological alteration in Italian rivers. Hydrobiologia.



Organic Matter

Bovill W.D., Downes B.J. & Lake P.S. A novel method reveals how channel retentiveness and stocks of detritus (CPOM) vary among streams differing in bed roughness. Freshwater Biology.


Leduc D., Nodder S.D., Rowden A.A., Gibbs M., Berkenbusch K., Wood A., et al. Structure of infaunal communities in New Zealand submarine canyons is linked to origins of sediment organic matter. Limnology and Oceanography.


Messetta M.L., Butturini A. & Feijoó C. Release of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in an autotrophic and productive stream in Pampean region. Hydrobiologia.




Crawford J.W., Schrader M., Hall S.R. & Cáceres C.E. Intraspecific variation in resource use is not explained by population persistence or seasonality. Oecologia.


Jeyasingh P.D., Goos J.M., Lind P.R., Roy Chowdhury P. & Sherman R.E. Phosphorus supply shifts the quotas of multiple elements in algae and Daphnia: ionomic basis of stoichiometric constraints. Ecology Letters.


Mironova E., Gopko M., Pasternak A., Mikheev V. & Taskinen J. Cyclopoids feed selectively on free-living stages of parasites. Freshwater Biology.


Montes-Pérez J.J., Moreno-Ostos E., Marañón E., Blanco J.M., Rodríguez V. & Rodríguez J. Intermediate-size cell dominance in the phytoplankton community of an eutrophic, estuarine ecosystem (Guadalhorce River, Southern Spain). Hydrobiologia.


Pinheiro-Silva L., Gianuca A.T., Silveira M.H. & Petrucio M.M. Grazing efficiency asymmetry drives zooplankton top-down control on phytoplankton in a subtropical lake dominated by non-toxic cyanobacteria. Hydrobiologia.


Rojo C. Community assembly: perspectives from phytoplankton’s studies. Hydrobiologia.


Zohary T., Flaim G. & Sommer U. Temperature and the size of freshwater phytoplankton. Hydrobiologia.




Cecala K.K., Walker E.H., Ennen J.R., Fix S.M. & Davenport J.M. Seasonal variation in the strength of interference competition among headwater stream predators. Freshwater Biology.



Water Quality

Andarani P., Yokota K., Saga M., Inoue T. & Matsumoto Y. Study of zinc pollution in river water: Average mass balance based on irrigation schedule. River Research and Applications.


Karami O., Yazdani S., Saleh I., Rafiee H. & Riahi A. A comparison of Zayandehrood River water values for agriculture and the environment. River Research and Applications.




Bush A., Monk W.A., Compson Z.G., Peters D.L., Porter T.M., Shokralla S., et al. DNA metabarcoding reveals metacommunity dynamics in a threatened boreal wetland wilderness. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.