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New Articles for April 20 - 26

Monday, April 27, 2020
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg

New Articles for April 20 - 26


Ribeiro, J. W., T. Siqueira, G. V DiRenzo, C. Lambertini, M. L. Lyra, L. F. Toledo, C. F. B. Haddad, and C. G. Becker. Assessing amphibian disease risk across tropical streams while accounting for imperfect pathogen detection. Oecologia.

Biodiversity and Endangered Species

Prié, V., A. Valentini, M. Lopes-Lima, E. Froufe, M. Rocle, N. Poulet, P. Taberlet, and T. Dejean. Environmental DNA metabarcoding for freshwater bivalves biodiversity assessment: methods and results for the Western Palearctic (European sub-region). Hydrobiologia.


Risse-Buhl, U., C. Anlanger, A. Chatzinotas, C. Noss, A. Lorke, and M. Weitere. Near streambed flow shapes microbial guilds within and across trophic levels in fluvial biofilms. Limnology and Oceanography.

Van Gray, J. B., A. A. Roberto, and L. G. Leff. Acute salt stress promotes altered assembly dynamics of nascent freshwater microbial biofilms. Hydrobiologia.

Witteveen, N. H., A. Freixa, and S. Sabater. Local and regional environmental factors drive the spatial distribution of phototrophic biofilm assemblages in Mediterranean streams. Hydrobiologia.

Community and Population Dynamics

Hansson, L.-A., M. K. Ekvall, L. He, Z. Li, M. Svensson, P. Urrutia-Cordero, and H. Zhang. Different climate scenarios alter dominance patterns among aquatic primary producers in temperate systems. Limnology and Oceanography.

Ortega-León, A. M., A. H. Santos-Morales, J. G. Zamora-Abrego, and H. A. Pérez-Mendoza. Analysis of the population dynamics of the endangered American crocodile, Crocodylus acutus in Paramillo National Natural Park. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Green, D. J., T. D. Jardine, L. P. Weber, and D. M. Janz. Energy stores and mercury concentrations in a common minnow (spottail shiner, Notropis hudsonius) associated with a peaking hydroelectric dam. River Research and Applications.


Buma, B., and C. Schultz. Disturbances as opportunities: Learning from disturbance-response parallels in social and ecological systems to better adapt to climate change. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Tsui, M. T.-K., H. Uzun, A. Ruecker, H. Majidzadeh, Y. Ulus, H. Zhang, S. Bao, J. D. Blum, T. Karanfil, and A. T. Chow. Concentration and isotopic composition of mercury in a blackwater river affected by extreme flooding events. Limnology and Oceanography.

Ecosystem Services

Rahman, S. A., and S. M. Yaakub. Socio-economic valuation of seagrass meadows in the Pulai River Estuary, Peninsular Malaysia, through a wellbeing lens. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Hübner, D., M. Gerke, R. Fricke, J. Schneider, and C. Winkelmann. Cypriniform fish in running waters reduce hyporheic oxygen depletion in a eutrophic river. Freshwater Biology.

Sequeira, V., E. Couto, A. Neves, A. R. Vieira, A. Canario, and L. S. Gordo. Fecundity and sex steroid profile in boarfish Capros aper. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Shima, J. S., C. W. Osenberg, S. H. Alonzo, E. G. Noonburg, P. Mitterwallner, and S. E. Swearer. Reproductive phenology across the lunar cycle: parental decisions, offspring responses, and consequences for reef fish. Ecology:e03086.

Williams, J. M., H. R. Dodd, and D. S. Finn. A low-water crossing impacts Northern Hog Sucker Hypentelium nigricans movement in an Ozark stream. Journal of Freshwater Ecology:1–15.

Food Web Dynamics

Balibrea, A., V. Ferreira, C. Balibrea, V. Gonçalves, and P. M. Raposeiro. Contribution of macroinvertebrate shredders and aquatic hyphomycetes to litter decomposition in remote insular streams. Hydrobiologia.

Raffard, A., F. Santoul, S. Blanchet, and J. Cucherousset. Linking intraspecific variability in trophic and functional niches along an environmental gradient. Freshwater Biology.

Reustle, J. W., and D. L. Smee. Cloudy with a chance of mesopredator release: Turbidity alleviates top-down control on intermediate predators through sensory disruption. Limnology and Oceanography.

Sroczyńska, K., T. J. Williamson, M. Claro, J. A. González-Pérez, P. Range, T. Boski, and L. Chícharo. Food web structure of three Mediterranean stream reaches along a gradient of anthropogenic impact. Hydrobiologia.

Invasive Species

Schoelynck, J., P. Van Loon, R. Heirmans, S. Jacobs, and H. Keirsebelik. Design and testing of a trap removing Chinese mitten crabs (Eriocheir sinensis, H. Milne Edwards, 1853) from invaded river systems. River Research and Applications.


Lymbery, A. J., L. Ma, S. J. Lymbery, M. W. Klunzinger, S. J. Beatty, and D. L. Morgan. Burrowing behavior protects a threatened freshwater mussel in drying rivers. Hydrobiologia.

Selene, P., P. Paolo, B. Marco, G. Salvi, F. Franz, P. Marino, and E. Pizzul. Changes in midge assemblages (Diptera Chironomidae) in an alpine lake from the Italian Western Alps: the role and importance of fish introduction. Hydrobiologia.

van Klink, R., D. E. Bowler, K. B. Gongalsky, A. B. Swengel, A. Gentile, and J. M. Chase. Meta-analysis reveals declines in terrestrial but increases in freshwater insect abundances. Science 368:417 LP – 420.

Ionic Composition of Water

de Lima, D. V. N., A. B. F. Pacheco, C. L. Goulart, and S. M. F. de O. e Azevedo. Physiological responses of Raphidiopsis raciborskii (Cyanobacteria) strains to water conductivity: effect of sodium and magnesium ions. Hydrobiologia.

Martínez, A., J. Barros, A. L. Gonçalves, and C. Canhoto. Salinisation effects on leaf litter decomposition in fresh waters: Does the ionic composition of salt matter? Freshwater Biology.

Landcover Dynamics

Harezlak, V., G. W. Geerling, C. K. Rogers, W. E. Penning, D. C. M. Augustijn, and S. J. M. H. Hulscher. Revealing 35 years of landcover dynamics in floodplains of trained lowland rivers using satellite data. River Research and Applications.


Frossard, V., L. Aleya, A. Vallet, P. Henry, and J.-B. Charlier. Impacts of nitrogen loads on the water and biota in a karst river (Loue River, France). Hydrobiologia.


Bashevkin, S. M., J. H. Christy, and S. G. Morgan. Costs and compensation in zooplankton pigmentation under countervailing threats of ultraviolet radiation and predation. Oecologia.

Ekvall, M. T., Y. Sha, T. Palmér, G. Bianco, J. Bäckman, K. Åström, and L.-A. Hansson. Behavioural responses to co-occurring threats of predation and ultraviolet radiation in Daphnia. Freshwater Biology.

Elliott, J. A. Modelling lake phytoplankton communities: recent applications of the PROTECH model. Hydrobiologia.