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New Articles for April 27 - May 4

Monday, May 4, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (5): Freshwater Biology (2), Hydrobiologia (8), Limnology and Oceanography (2), River Research and Applications (4), Limnology and Oceanography Letters (3).


Broad-Based Journals (2): Ecological Applications (3), Oikos (1).



Bell S.C., Heard G.W., Berger L. & Skerratt L.F. Connectivity over a disease risk gradient enables recovery of rainforest frogs. Ecological Applications.




Atlas W.I., Selbie D.T., Holt C.A., Cox-Rogers S., Carr-Harris C., Pitman K.J., et al. Landscape and biophysical controls of lake productivity to inform evaluation of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) populations in data-limited regions. Limnology and Oceanography.


Edge E.N., Paukert C.P., Lobb III M.D., Landwer B.H.P. & Bonnot T.W. Seasonal selection of habitat by Spotted Bass and Shorthead Redhorse in a regulated river in the Midwest, USA. River Research and Applications.


Laura P., Maxence F., Yann L.C., Hervé C., Georges C., René E., et al. Predictive models of fish microhabitat selection in multiple sites accounting for abundance overdispersion. River Research and Applications.


Wang T., Kelson S.J., Greer G., Thompson S.E. & Carlson S.M. Tributary confluences are dynamic thermal refuges for a juvenile salmonid in a warming river network. River Research and Applications.


Weiss S., Grimm J., Gonçalves D. V, Secci-Petretto G., Englmaier G.K., Baimukanov M., et al. Comparative genetic analysis of grayling (Thymallus spp. Salmonidae) across the paleohydrologically dynamic river drainages of the Altai-Sayan mountain region. Hydrobiologia.



Genetic Diversity

Acevedo-Limón L., Oficialdegui F.J., Sánchez M.I. & Clavero M. Historical, human, and environmental drivers of genetic diversity in the red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) invading the Iberian Peninsula. Freshwater Biology.


White S.L., Hanks E.M. & Wagner T. A novel quantitative framework for riverscape genetics. Ecological Applications.



Marshes and Wetlands

Deboelpaep E., Coenegracht T., De Wolf L., Libert A., Vanschoenwinkel B. & Koedam N. Bio-energetic data show weak spatial but strong seasonal differences in wetland quality for waders in a Mediterranean migration bottleneck. Freshwater Biology.


Dias S., Correia B., Fraga-Santiago P., Silva C., Baptista P.C., Gomes C.R., et al. Potential of an estuarine salt marsh plant (Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. Ex Steud10751) for phytoremediation of bezafibrate and paroxetine. Hydrobiologia.


Jabłońska E., Winkowska M., Wiśniewska M., Geurts J., Zak D. & Kotowski W. Impact of vegetation harvesting on nutrient removal and plant biomass quality in wetland buffer zones. Hydrobiologia.




James A.K., English C.J., Nidzieko N.J., Carlson C.A. & Wilbanks E.G. Giant kelp microbiome altered in the presence of epiphytes. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.




Scalici M., Colamartino M., Spani F., Traversetti L., Persichini T., Maisano M., et al. Integrated early warning systems in marine bivalves reveal detrimental alterations of coastal habitats. Hydrobiologia.


Vinarski M. V, Bolotov I.N., Aksenova O. V, Babushkin E.S., Bespalaya Y. V, Makhrov A.A., et al. Freshwater Mollusca of the Circumpolar Arctic: a review on their taxonomy, diversity and biogeography. Hydrobiologia.



Nutrient Cycling

Andersen T.K., Nielsen A., Jeppesen E., Hu F., Bolding K., Liu Z., et al. Predicting ecosystem state changes in shallow lakes using an aquatic ecosystem model: Lake Hinge, Denmark, an example. Ecological Applications.


Karpowicz M., Zieliński P., Grabowska M., Ejsmont-Karabin J., Kozłowska J. & Feniova I. Effect of eutrophication and humification on nutrient cycles and transfer efficiency of matter in freshwater food webs. Hydrobiologia.


Taguchi V.J., Olsen T.A., Natarajan P., Janke B.D., Gulliver J.S., Finlay J.C., et al. Internal loading in stormwater ponds as a phosphorus source to downstream waters. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.




Greer A.T., Boyette A.D., Cruz V.J., Cambazoglu M.K., Dzwonkowski B., Chiaverano L.M., et al. Contrasting fine-scale distributional patterns of zooplankton driven by the formation of a diatom-dominated thin layer. Limnology and Oceanography.


Morison F., Franzè G., Harvey E. & Menden-Deuer S. Light fluctuations are key in modulating plankton trophic dynamics and their impact on primary production. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.


Olszewski P., Bruhn-Olszewska B., Namiotko L., Sell J. & Namiotko T. Co-cultured non-marine ostracods from a temporary wetland harbor host-specific microbiota of different metabolic profiles. Hydrobiologia.


Schenone L., Balseiro E.G., Navarro M.B. & Modenutti B.E. Modelling the consequence of glacier retreat on mixotrophic nanoflagellate bacterivory: a Bayesian approach. Oikos.


Setubal R.B., Sodré E. de O., Martins T. & Bozelli R.L. Effects of functional diversity and salinization on zooplankton productivity: an experimental approach. Hydrobiologia.




Papangelakis E. & MacVicar B. Process-based assessment of success and failure in a constructed riffle-pool river restoration project. River Research and Applications.