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New Articles for April 29th - May 6th, 2023

Monday, May 8, 2023
Mariely Vega Gómez

New Articles for April 29th - May 6th


AQUATIC SPECIFIC (20): Aquatic Ecology (4), Aquatic Sciences (1), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (5), Hydrobiologia (2), Inland Waters (1), Limnology and Oceanography (4), River Research Applications (3)

BROAD-BASED (5): Ecological Applications (2), Global Change Biology (2), Oecologia (1)

OA = Open Access




Guo J. & Cherif M. (2023). More than stoichiometry: the molecular composition of inorganic and organic substrates controls ammonium regeneration by bacteria. Aquatic Ecology. (OA)




Proctor C., Coupel P., Casciotti K., Tremblay J.-E., Zakem E., Arrigo K.R., et al. Light, ammonium, pH, and phytoplankton competition as environmental factors controlling nitrification. Limnology and Oceanography n/a.


Vives C.R., Schallenberg C., Strutton P.G. & Boyd P.W. Biogeochemical-Argo floats show that chlorophyll increases before carbon in the high-latitude Southern Ocean spring bloom. Limnology and Oceanography Letters n/a. (OA)


Climate Change


Frossard V., Sabatier P., Bruel R., Vagnon C., Tissot N., Curt-Grand-Gaudin N., et al. (2023). Intense touristic activities exceed climate change to shape aquatic communities in a mountain lake. Aquatic Sciences 85, 71.


Huang T., Luo Y., Jiang Q., Zhang Z., Yang H. & Huang C. (2023). Synergistic impacts of climate change and human activities on spatiotemporal organic nitrogen burial variation in a plateau lake in southwest China. Inland Waters 0, 1–25. (OA)


Lundsgaard N.U., Hird C., Doody K.A., Franklin C.E. & Cramp R.L. Carryover effects from environmental change in early life: An overlooked driver of the amphibian extinction crisis? Global Change Biology n/a.




Suarez E.L., De Ventura L., Stöckli A., Ordóñez C., Thomas M.K., Ibelings B.W., et al. The emergence and dominance of Planktothrix rubescens as an hypolimnetic cyanobacterium in response to re-oligotrophication of a deep peri-alpine lake. Limnology and Oceanography n/a. (OA)




Austin C.S., Torgersen C.E. & Quinn T.P. (2023). Who spawns where? Temperature, elevation, and discharge differentially affect the distribution of breeding by six Pacific salmonids within a large river basin. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Bassi L., Tremblay R., Ferchaud A.-L., Bernatchez L., Robert D. & Sirois P. (2023). Connectivity and natal sources of Greenland halibut in the Gulf of St. Lawrence inferred from otolith chemistry. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Coutant C.C. Hydropower peaking and stalled salmon migration are linked by altered reservoir hydraulics: A multidisciplinary synthesis and hypothesis. River Research and Applications n/a. (OA)


Jacinto E., Fangue N.A., Cocherell D.E., Kiernan J.D., Moyle P.B. & Rypel A.L. Increasing stability of a native freshwater fish assemblage following flow rehabilitation. Ecological Applications n/a, e2868.


Kai M., Yokoi H. & Fujinami Y. (2023). Modeling of age-dependent natural mortality rates for long-lived fishes based on the Richards model family. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Källo K., Birnie-Gauvin K., Baktoft H. & Aarestrup K. (2023). On the factors affecting migration and straying in brown trout (Salmo trutta). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Masumoto T., Nakai M., Asaeda T. & Rahman M. Preferential behavior of Tribolodon hakonensis for fishways according to biological characteristics. River Research and Applications n/a. (OA)


Food Webs


Collyer G., Perkins D.M., Petsch D.K., Siqueira T. & Saito V. Land-use intensification systematically alters the size structure of aquatic communities in the Neotropics. Global Change Biology n/a.


Invasive Species


Booth M.T. & Culver C.S. (2023). Invasion dynamics of quagga mussels within a Southern California reservoir and its spatially intermittent watershed. Aquatic Ecology.


Bovee E.N. & Tiegs S.D. (2023). Interactions between invasive New Zealand mudsnails and leaf litter: growth and decomposition. Aquatic Ecology.


da Silva A.R., Creed J.C. & Tavares M. (2023). Species diversity and abundance of mobile crustaceans associated with living and dead colonies of the invasive sun coral Tubastraea. Aquatic Ecology.




Yitbarek S., Chen K., Celestin M. & McCary M. Urban mosquito distributions are modulated by socioeconomic status and environmental traits in the USA. Ecological Applications n/a, e2869.




Denton M.J., Hart K.M., Wnek J., Moss S.A. & Avery H.W. (2023). Isotopic niche of New Jersey terrapins suggests intraspecific resource partitioning, and little variability following a major hurricane. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Lake Dynamics


Shchapov K. & Ozersky T. Opening the black box of winter: Full-year dynamics of crustacean zooplankton along a nearshore depth gradient in a large lake. Limnology and Oceanography n/a. (OA)




Su Z. (2023). Evaluation of management performance of a new state-space model for pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) stock-recruitment analysis. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Stream/River Dynamics


Bovill W.D., Downes B.J., Bond N.R., Reich P., Coleman R. & Lake P.S. (2023). A large-scale field experiment across six rivers illustrates how the effects of resource enrichment are context dependent. Oecologia. (OA)


Feld C.K., Lorenz A.W., Peise M., Fink M. & Schulz C.-J. (2023). Direct and indirect effects of salinisation on riverine biota: a case study from river Wipper, Germany. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Moody J.A. & Schook D.M. Ecogeomorphic interactions of Russian olives (Elaeagnus angustifolia) and point-bar morphology along Powder River, Montana, USA. River Research and Applications n/a.