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New Articles for April 6 - 13

Monday, April 13, 2020
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg

New Articles for April 6 - 13


Liu, J., D. L. Yong, C.-Y. Choi, and L. Gibson. Transboundary Frontiers: An Emerging Priority for Biodiversity Conservation. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

McMeans, B. C., K. S. McCann, M. M. Guzzo, T. J. Bartley, C. Bieg, P. J. Blanchfield, T. Fernandes, H. C. Giacomini, T. Middel, M. D. Rennie, M. S. Ridgway, and B. J. Shuter. Winter in water: differential responses and the maintenance of biodiversity. Ecology Letters.

Community Interactions

Marcarelli, A. M., C. V Baxter, J. R. Benjamin, Y. Miyake, M. Murakami, K. D. Fausch, and S. Nakano. Magnitude and direction of stream–forest community interactions change with time scale. Ecology:e03064.

Shoemaker, L. G., A. K. Barner, L. S. Bittleston, and A. I. Teufel. Quantifying the relative importance of variation in predation and the environment for species coexistence. Ecology Letters.

Climate Change

Trisos, C. H., C. Merow, and A. L. Pigot. The projected timing of abrupt ecological disruption from climate change. Nature.

Corals and Coral Reefs

García-Urueña, R., and M. A. Garzón-Machado. Current status of Acropora palmata and Acropora cervicornis in the Colombian Caribbean: demography, coral cover and condition assessment. Hydrobiologia.


Abreu, T. L. S., S. B. Berg, I. P. de Faria, L. P. Gomes, J. S. Marinho-Filho, and G. R. Colli. River dams and the stability of bird communities: A hierarchical Bayesian analysis in a tropical hydroelectric power plant. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Ecosystem Processes

Setubal, R. B., A. C. Petry, C. C. Bonecker, T. Martins, C. C. Nova, M. P. Figueiredo-Barros, and R. L. Bozelli. Biotic factors determine ecosystem processes in environments with different hydrological regimes. Freshwater Biology.


Bertucci, F., K. Maratrat, C. Berthe, M. Besson, A. S. Guerra, X. Raick, F. Lerouvreur, D. Lecchini, and E. Parmentier. Local sonic activity reveals potential partitioning in a coral reef fish community. Oecologia.

Bøhn, T., K. Ø. Gjelland, R. M. Serra-Llinares, B. Finstad, R. Primicerio, R. Nilsen, Ø. Karlsen, A. D. Sandvik, O. T. Skilbrei, K. M. S. Elvik, Ø. Skaala, and P. A. Bjørn. Timing is everything: Survival of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar postsmolts during events of high salmon lice densities. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Doenz, C. J., and O. Seehausen. Rediscovery of a presumed extinct species, Salvelinus profundus, after re-oligotrophication. Ecology:e03065.


Ni, Z., E. Zhang, U. Herzschuh, S. Mischke, J. Chang, W. Sun, and D. Ning. Taxonomic and functional diversity differentiation of chironomid communities in northern Mongolian Plateau under complex environmental impacts. Hydrobiologia.

Okamoto, D. K., S. C. Schroeter, and D. C. Reed. Effects of ocean climate on spatiotemporal variation in sea urchin settlement and recruitment. Limnology and Oceanography.


Cabezudo, M. M., K. F. Ribeiro, F. Schneck, V. R. Werner, M. S. Lima, J. E. Bohnenberger, and L. O. Crossetti. Ecological factors shaping cyanobacterial assemblages in a coastal lake system. Hydrobiologia.


Walsh, J. C., J. E. Pendray, S. C. Godwin, K. A. Artelle, H. K. Kindsvater, R. D. Field, J. N. Harding, N. R. Swain, and J. D. Reynolds. Relationships between Pacific salmon and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems: implications for ecosystem-based management. Ecology:e03060.

Watts, R. J., F. Dyer, P. Frazier, B. Gawne, P. Marsh, D. S. Ryder, M. Southwell, S. M. Wassens, J. A. Webb, and Q. Ye. Learning from concurrent adaptive management in multiple catchments within a large environmental flows program in Australia. River Research and Applications.


Bytyqi, P., M. Czikkely, A. Shala-Abazi, O. Fetoshi, M. Ismaili, M. Hyseni-Spahiu, P. Ymeri, E. Kabashi-Kastrati, and F. Millaku. Macrophytes as biological indicators of organic pollution in the Lepenci River Basin in Kosovo. Journal of Freshwater Ecology:1–17.

Zhang, Y., M. Dou, P. Li, Z. Liang, C. Wang, and P. Dai. Spatiotemporal variation characteristics and source identification of water pollutants in Shayinghe River basin. River Research and Applications.

Resource and Nutrient Dynamics

Blain, C. O., and N. T. Shears. Nutrient enrichment offsets the effects of low light on growth of the kelp Ecklonia radiata. Limnology and Oceanography.

Dunkle, M. R., R. T. Lampman, A. D. Jackson, and C. C. Caudill. Bring out Your Dead: Factors affecting fate of Pacific lamprey carcasses and resource transport to riparian and stream macrohabitats. Freshwater Biology.

Kazmierczak, J., D. Postma, S. Müller, S. Jessen, B. Nilsson, J. Czekaj, and P. Engesgaard. Groundwater-controlled phosphorus release and transport from sandy aquifer into lake. Limnology and Oceanography.

Wetland Plants

Bertoli, M., F. Franz, P. Pastorino, M. Prearo, and E. Pizzul. Seasonal patterns of Phragmites australis breakdown in a karstic freshwater system (Doberdò Lake, Northeast Italy) in relation to water level fluctuations, environmental features, and macrobenthic invertebrate communities. Hydrobiologia.

Eid, E. M., K. H. Shaltout, Y. M. Al-Sodany, S. A. Haroun, T. M. Galal, H. Ayed, K. M. Khedher, and K. Jensen. Seasonal potential of Phragmites australis in nutrient removal to eliminate the eutrophication in Lake Burullus, Egypt. Journal of Freshwater Ecology:1–21.

Kang, P.-G., J. Hong, E. Kim, and B. Kim. Effects of extracts of reed and cattail on the growth of a cyanobacterium, Microcystis aeruginosa. Journal of Freshwater Ecology:1–12.