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New Articles for August 10-16

Monday, August 17, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Aquatic-Specific (5): Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (1), Freshwater Biology (2), Hydrobiologia (9), River Research and Applications (4), Water Resources Research (31).


Broad-Based (3): Ecological Applications (1), Global Change Biology (4), Oecologia (1).


(OA) = Open Access


Arctic Habitats

Lento J., Laske S.M., Lavoie I., Bogan D., Brua R.B., Campeau S., et al. Diversity of diatoms, benthic macroinvertebrates, and fish varies in response to different environmental correlates in Arctic rivers across North America. Freshwater Biology.




Bonnefond A., Courtois E.A., Sueur J., Sugai L.S.M. & Llusia D. Climatic breadth of calling behaviour in two widespread Neotropical frogs: Insights from humidity extremes. Global Change Biology.



Carbon Cycling

Duvert C., Hutley L.B., Beringer J., Bird M.I., Birkel C., Maher D.T., et al. Net landscape carbon balance of a tropical savanna: Relative importance of fire and aquatic export in offsetting terrestrial production. Global Change Biology.


Fazekas H.M., Wymore A.S. & McDowell W.H. Dissolved organic carbon and nitrate concentration-discharge behavior across scales: land use, excursions, and misclassification. Water Resources Research.



Coastal Habitats

Guo W., Banerjee A.K., Ng W.L., Yuan Y., Li W. & Huang Y. Chloroplast DNA phylogeography of the Holly mangrove Acanthus ilicifolius in the Indo-West Pacific. Hydrobiologia.


Rathore S.S., Lu C. & Luo J. A Semi-Analytical Method to Fast Delineate Seawater-Freshwater Interface in Two-Dimensional Heterogeneous Coastal Aquifers. Water Resources Research.




Song X., Chen X., Zachara J.M., Gomez-Velez J.D., Shuai P., Ren H., et al. River Dynamics Control Transit Time Distributions and Biogeochemical Reactions in a Dam-Regulated River Corridor. Water Resources Research.




Cataldo D., Gattás F., Leites V., Bordet F. & Paolucci E. Impact of a hydroelectric power plant on migratory fishes in the Uruguay River. River Research and Applications.


Champneys T., Genner M.J. & Ioannou C.C. Invasive Nile tilapia dominates a threatened indigenous tilapia in competition over shelter. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Harrison L.R., Legleiter C.J., Overstreet B.T., Bell T.W. & Hannon J. Assessing the potential for spectrally based remote sensing of salmon spawning locations. River Research and Applications.


Herrera-R G.A., Oberdorff T., Anderson E.P., Brosse S., Carvajal-Vallejos F.M., Frederico R.G., et al. The combined effects of climate change and river fragmentation on the distribution of Andean Amazon fishes. Global Change Biology.


Reid D.A., Pike R., Bird S., Tschaplinski P. & Wilford D. Implications of legacy watershed disturbances for channel structure and salmon habitat availability under different low-flow levels: an analysis of 45 years of discharge-habitat relationships at Carnation Creek, B.C. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Tuononen E.I., Cooke S.J., Timusk E.R. & Smokorowski K.E. Extent of injury and mortality arising from entrainment of fish through a Very Low Head hydropower turbine in central Ontario, Canada. Hydrobiologia.


Watz J., Aldvén D., Brouziotis A.A., Carlsson N., Karathanou E., Lund-Bjørnås K., et al. Social behaviour of European grayling before and after flow peaks in restored and unrestored habitats. River Research and Applications. (OA)



Flooding and Floodplains

Xiong B., Xiong L., Guo S., Xu C.-Y., Xia J., Zhong Y., et al. Nonstationary Frequency Analysis of Censored Data: A Case Study of the Floods in the Yangtze River from 1470 to 2017. Water Resources Research.


Xu H., van der Steeg S., Sullivan J., Shelley D., Cely J.E., Viparelli E., et al. Intermittent Channel Systems of a Low-Relief, Low-Gradient Floodplain: Comparison of Automatic Extraction Methods. Water Resources Research. (OA)




Hyman J.D. Flow Channeling in Fracture Networks: Characterizing the Effect of Density on Preferential Flow Path Formation. Water Resources Research.


Ledford S.H., Zimmer M. & Payan D. Anthropogenic and biophysical controls on low flow hydrology in the southeastern U.S. Water Resources Research.


Mai J., Arsenault R., Tolson B.A., Latraverse M. & Demeester K. Application of Parameter Screening To Derive Optimal Initial State Adjustments for Streamflow Forecasting. Water Resources Research.


Salomons E., Sela L. & Housh M. Hedging for Privacy in Smart Water Meters. Water Resources Research.


Scanziani A., Alhosani A., Lin Q., Spurin C., Garfi G., Blunt M.J., et al. In situ characterisation of three-phase flow in mixed-wet porous media using synchrotron imaging. Water Resources Research.


Xie Q., Yang J. & Lundström T.S. Flow and sediment behaviours and morpho-dynamics of a diffluence−Confluence unit. River Research and Applications. (OA)




Becker M.W., Coleman T.I. & Ciervo C.C. Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) as a Distributed Hydraulic Sensor in Fractured Bedrock. Water Resources Research.


Luo H., Li Z., Luo M., Zhang Q. & Illman W.A. An analytical method to calculate groundwater released from an aquitard undergoing nonlinear consolidation. Water Resources Research.


Poulsen D.L., Cook P.G. & Dogramaci S. Excess air correction of SF6 and other dissolved gases in groundwater impacted by compressed air from drilling or well development. Water Resources Research.


Santizo K.Y., Widdowson M.A. & Hester E.T. Abiotic mixing-dependent reaction in a laboratory simulated hyporheic zone. Water Resources Research.


Zhang C., Duan Q., Yeh P.J.-F., Pan Y., Gong H., Gong W., et al. The effectiveness of the South-to-North Water Diversion Middle Route Project on water delivery and groundwater recovery in North China Plain. Water Resources Research.



Impact of Wildfire

Silva L.G.M., Doyle K.E., Duffy D., Humphries P., Horta A. & Baumgartner L.J. Mortality events resulting from Australia’s catastrophic fires threaten aquatic biota. Global Change Biology.




Assouline S., Kamai T., Šimůnek J., Narkis K. & Silber A. Mitigating the impact of irrigation with effluent water: Mixing with freshwater and/or adjusting irrigation management and design. Water Resources Research.


Slater Y., Finkelshtain I., Reznik A. & Kan I. Large-Scale Desalination and the External Impact on Irrigation-Water Salinity: Economic Analysis for the Case of Israel. Water Resources Research.


Xu W.D., Fletcher T.D., Burns M.J. & Cherqui F. Real-Time Control of Rainwater Harvesting Systems: The Benefits of Increasing Rainfall Forecast Window. Water Resources Research.




Buffagni A. The lentic and lotic characteristics of habitats determine the distribution of benthic macroinvertebrates in Mediterranean rivers. Freshwater Biology.


Hutchins B.T., Swink A.P., Diaz P.H. & Schwartz B.F. Environmental influences on invertebrate diversity and community composition in the hyporheic zone ecotone in Texas, USA: contrasts between co-occurring epigean taxa and stygobionts. Hydrobiologia.


Ptatscheck C. & Traunspurger W. The ability to get everywhere: dispersal modes of free-living, aquatic nematodes. Hydrobiologia. (OA)




Yuan G., Fu H., Zhang M., Lou Q., Dai T. & Jeppesen E. Effects of plant size on the growth of the submersed macrophyte Vallisneria spinulosa S.Z.Yan at different light intensities: implications for lake restoration. Hydrobiologia.



Mineral Transport

Gärttner S., Frolkovic P., Knabner P. & Ray N. Efficiency and Accuracy of Micro-Macro Models for Mineral Dissolution. Water Resources Research.


Leuther F., Köhne J.M., Metreveli G. & Vogel H.-J. Transport and retention of sulfidized silver nanoparticles in porous media: The role of air-water interfaces, flow velocity, and natural organic matter. Water Resources Research.




da Costa R.T., Zanardo S., Bagli S., Hilberts A.G.J., Manfreda S., Samela C., et al. Predictive modelling of envelope flood extents using geomorphic and climatic-hydrologic catchment characteristics. Water Resources Research.


McPhail C., Maier H.R., Westra S., Kwakkel J.H. & van der Linden L. Impact of scenario selection on robustness. Water Resources Research.


Pilz T., Francke T., Baroni G. & Bronstert A. How to Tailor my Process-based Hydrological Model? Dynamic Identifiability Analysis of Flexible Model Structures. Water Resources Research.




Caballero M. & Vázquez G. Mixing patterns and deep chlorophyll a maxima in an eutrophic tropical lake in western Mexico. Hydrobiologia.


Gopal B., Sarma S.S.S. & Nandini S. Fifty years of research on plankton ecology, biomanipulation and restoration of shallow lakes in the Netherlands: a tribute to Dr. Ramesh Datt Gulati (1935–2019). Hydrobiologia.


Lürling M. Grazing resistance in phytoplankton. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Sánchez Barranco V., Van der Meer M.T.J., Kagami M., Van den Wyngaert S., Van de Waal D.B., Van Donk E., et al. Trophic position, elemental ratios and nitrogen transfer in a planktonic host–parasite–consumer food chain including a fungal parasite. Oecologia. (OA)



Pore-Scale Analysis

Jiang H. & Arns C.H. A pore-scale upscaling approach for laminated sandstones using Minkowski maps and hydraulic attributes. Water Resources Research. (OA)


Zacharoudiou I., Boek E.S. & Crawshaw J. Pore scale modeling of drainage displacement patterns in association with geological sequestration of CO2. Water Resources Research. (OA)




Huang Q., Qin G., Zhang Y., Tang Q., Liu C., Xia J., et al. Using Remote Sensing Data-based Hydrological Model Calibrations for Predicting Runoff in Ungauged or Poorly Gauged Catchments. Water Resources Research.


Wang Z. & Wallach R. Effects of Time-Dependent Contact Angle on Wettability of Subcritically Water-Repellent Soils. Water Resources Research.



Snow and Ice

Leroux N.R., Marsh C.B. & Pomeroy J.W. Simulation of Preferential Flow in Snow with a 2D Non-Equilibrium Richards Model and Evaluation against Laboratory Data. Water Resources Research.


Pu T., Wang K., Kong Y., Shi X., Kang S., Huang Y., et al. Observing and modeling the isotopic evolution of snow meltwater on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau. Water Resources Research.


Vasheghani Farahani M., Hassanpouryouzband A., Yang J. & Tohidi B. Heat Transfer in Unfrozen and Frozen Porous Media: Experimental Measurement and Pore-Scale Modelling. Water Resources Research. (OA)




Stevens L.E., Schenk E.R. & Springer A.E. Springs ecosystem classification. Ecological Applications.



Surface Water

Sugita M., Ogawa S. & Kawade M. Wind as a Main Driver of Spatial Variability of Surface Energy Balance over a Shallow 102-km2 Scale Lake: Lake Kasumigaura, Japan. Water Resources Research.