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New Articles for August 17-23

Monday, August 24, 2020
Beatriz M. Ferreira

New Articles for August 17-23

Aquatic-Specific (9): Aquatic Ecology (1), Aquatic Science (1), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (2), Freshwater Biology (3), Hydrobiologia (4), Journal of Freshwater Ecology (1), Limnology and Oceanography (1), River Research and Application (3), Water Resources Research (4).

Broad-Based (3): Ecological Application (1), Global Change Biology (1), Oecologia (1).

(OA) Open Acess

Aquatic Plants

Heidbüchel, P., M. Sachs, N. Hamzehian, and A. Hussner. 2020. Go with the flow: Fragment retention patterns shape the vegetative dispersal of aquatic plants in lowland streams. Freshwater Biology.



Altner, M., and B. Reichenbacher. 2020. A small cichlid species flock from the Upper Miocene (9–10 MYA) of Central Kenya. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

LeMoine, M. T., L. A. Eby, C. G. Clancy, L. G. Nyce, M. Jakober, and D. J. Isaak. 2020. Landscape resistance mediates native fish species distribution shifts and vulnerability to climate change in riverscapes. Global Change Biology.

Swanson, S. T., D. D. Tullos, and R. A. Goodwin. 2020. Experiments on the hydraulics and swimming responses of juvenile Chinook Salmon encountering a floating guidance structure. River Research and Applications.

Ziegelbecker, A., K. Remele, H. W. Pfeifhofer, and K. M. Sefc. 2020. Wasteful carotenoid coloration and its effects on territorial behavior in a cichlid fish. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Invasive Species

Furey, K. M., H. C. Glassic, C. S. Guy, T. M. Koel, J. L. Arnold, P. D. Doepke, and P. E. Bigelow. 2020. Diets of Longnose Sucker in Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park, USA. Journal of Freshwater Ecology. (OA)

Boltovskoy, D., N. M. Correa, L. E. Burlakova, A. Y. Karatayev, E. V. Thuesen, F. Sylvester, and E. M. Paolucci. 2020. Traits and impacts of introduced species: a quantitative review of meta-analyses. Hydrobiologia.

Bora, L. S., S. M. Thomaz, and A. A. Padial. 2020. Evidence of rapid evolution of an invasive poaceae in response to salinity. Aquatic Sciences.



Bernát, G., N. Boross, B. Somogyi, L. Vörös, L. G.-Tóth, and G. Boros. 2020. Oligotrophication of Lake Balaton over a 20-year period and its implications for the relationship between phytoplankton and zooplankton biomass. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

Perales, K. M., C. L. Hein, N. R. Lottig, and M. J. Vander Zanden. 2020. Lake water level response to drought in a lake rich region explained by lake and landscape characteristics. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.



Burgazzi, G., A. Laini, O. Ovaskainen, M. Saccò, R. Stubbington, and P. Viaroli. 2020. Communities in high definition: Spatial and environmental factors shape the micro-distribution of aquatic invertebrates. Freshwater Biology.



Griffith, M. B., and M. G. McManus. 2020. Consideration of spatial and temporal scales in stream restorations and biotic monitoring to assess restoration outcomes: A literature review, part 1. River Research and Applications.

Griffith, M. B., and M. G. McManus. 2020. Consideration of spatial and temporal scales in stream restorations and biotic monitoring to assess restoration outcomes: A literature review, part 2. River Research and Applications.

Smucker, N. J., E. M. Pilgrim, C. T. Nietch, J. A. Darling, and B. R. Johnson. 2020. DNA metabarcoding effectively quantifies diatom responses to nutrients in streams. Ecological Applications. (OA)

Swarbrick, V. J., Z. J. Quiñones-Rivera, and P. R. Leavitt. 2020. Seasonal variation in effects of urea and phosphorus on phytoplankton abundance and community composition in a hypereutrophic hardwater lake. Freshwater Biology. (OA)



Cahill, C. L., S. C. Anderson, A. J. Paul, L. MacPherson, M. G. Sullivan, B. T. van Poorten, C. J. Walters, and J. R. Post. 2020. A spatial-temporal approach to modeling somatic growth across inland recreational fisheries landscapes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Nutrient Cycling

Frauendorf, T. C., R. A. MacKenzie, R. W. Tingley III, D. M. Infante, and R. W. El-Sabaawi. 2020. Using a space-for-time substitution approach to predict the effects of climate change on nutrient cycling in tropical island stream ecosystems. Limnology and Oceanography.



Sánchez Barranco, V., M. T. J. Van der Meer, M. Kagami, S. Van den Wyngaert, D. B. Van de Waal, E. Van Donk, and A. S. Gsell. 2020. Trophic position, elemental ratios and nitrogen transfer in a planktonic host–parasite–consumer food chain including a fungal parasite. Oecologia. (OA)


Snow and Ice

Flaim, G., D. Andreis, S. Piccolroaz, and U. Obertegger. 2020. Ice Cover and Extreme Events determine Dissolved Oxygen in a Placid Mountain Lake. Water Resources Research.

Mazzotti, G., R. Essery, C. Webster, J. Malle, and T. Jonas. 2020. Process-level evaluation of a hyper-resolution forest snow model using distributed multi-sensor observations. Water Resources Research.

Pflug, J. M., and J. D. Lundquist. 2020. Inferring distributed snow depth by leveraging snow pattern repeatability: Investigation using 47 lidar observations in the Tuolumne watershed, Sierra Nevada, California. Water Resources Research.


Surface Water

Costa, A. P. T., L. O. Crossetti, S. M. Hartz, F. G. Becker, L. U. Hepp, J. E. Bohnenberger, M. S. Lima, T. Guimarães, and F. Schneck. 2020. Land cover is the main correlate of phytoplankton beta diversity in subtropical coastal shallow lakes. Aquatic Ecology.

Dalla Libera, N., D. Pedretti, F. Tateo, L. Mason, L. Piccinini, and P. Fabbri. 2020. Conceptual model of arsenic mobility in the shallow alluvial aquifers near Venice (Italy) elucidated through machine learning and geochemical modeling. Water Resources Research.

Sorribas, M. V., R. C. D. de Paiva, A. S. Fleischmann, and W. Collischonn. 2020. Hydrological Tracking Model for Amazon Surface Waters. Water Resources Research.