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New Articles for August 3-9

Monday, August 10, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Aquatic-Specific (9): Aquatic Ecology (1), Aquatic Sciences (2), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (3), Freshwater Biology (3), Freshwater Science (2), Hydrobiologia (3), Limnology and Oceanography (1), River Research and Applications (7), Water Resources Research (3).


Broad-Based (2): Ecological Applications (1), Global Change Biology (2).


(OA)= Open Access



Grasset C., Sobek S., Scharnweber K., Moras S., Villwock H., Andersson S., et al. The CO2-equivalent balance of freshwater ecosystems is non-linearly related to productivity. Global Change Biology.



Climate Change

Caldwell T.J., Chandra S., Feher K., Simmons J.B. & Hogan Z. Ecosystem response to earlier ice break-up date: Climate-driven changes to water temperature, lake-habitat-specific production, and trout habitat and resource use. Global Change Biology.


Davis J., Munksgaard N., Hodgetts J. & Lambrinidis D. Identifying groundwater-fed climate refugia in remote arid regions with citizen science and isotope hydrology. Freshwater Biology.




Alioravainen N., Prokkola J.M., Lemopoulos A., Härkönen L., Hyvärinen P. & Vainikka A. Post-release exploration and diel activity of hatchery, wild, and hybrid strain brown trout in semi-natural streams. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Benone N.L., Leal C.G., dos Santos L.L., Mendes T.P., Heino J. & de Assis Montag L.F. Unravelling patterns of taxonomic and functional diversity of Amazon stream fish. Aquatic Sciences.


Bett N.N., Hinch S.G., Bass A.L., Braun D.C., Burnett N.J., Casselman M.T., et al. Using an integrative research approach to improve fish migrations in regulated rivers: a case study on Pacific Salmon in the Seton River, Canada. Hydrobiologia.


Garrett-Walker J., Collier K.J., Daniel A., Hicks B.J. & Klee D. Design features of constructed floodplain ponds influence waterbird and fish communities in northern New Zealand. Freshwater Biology.


Hermann N.T., Chaloner D.T., Gerig B.S. & Lamberti G.A. Ecological consequences of Great Lakes salmon subsidies for stream-resident brook and brown trout. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Minkoff D., Putman N.F., Atema J. & Ardren W.R. Nonanadromous and anadromous Atlantic salmon differ in orientation responses to magnetic displacements. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Pelicice F.M., Pompeu P.S. & Agostinho A.A. Fish conservation must go beyond the concrete: A comment on Celestino et al. (2019). River Research and Applications.


Yuan Q., Wang Y., Liang R., Feng J., Li Y., An R., et al. Field observations of the lethality characteristics of endangered and endemic fish under the stress of total dissolved gas supersaturation. River Research and Applications.



Human Alteration

Curry R.A., Yamazaki G., Linnansaari T., Monk W., Samways K.M., Dolson R., et al. Large dam renewals and removals—Part 1: Building a science framework to support a decision-making process. River Research and Applications.


Fernandes Celestino L., Sanz-Ronda F.J., Miranda L.E., Cavicchioli Makrakis M., Dias J.H.P. & Makrakis S. Bidirectional connectivity via fish ladders in a large Neotropical river: Response to a comment. River Research and Applications.



Hydrology and Flow

Zhang Y., Wang P., Cheng J., Wang W.-J., Zeng L. & Wang B. Drag coefficient of emergent flexible vegetation in steady nonuniform flow. Water Resources Research.


Zou L. & Cvetkovic V. (2020). Inference of transmissivity in crystalline rock using flow-logs under steady-state pumping: Impact of multi-scale heterogeneity. Water Resources Research. (OA)



Invasive Species

Simberloff D. Maintenance management and eradication of established aquatic invaders. Hydrobiologia.




Coetzee J.A., Langa S.D.F., Motitsoe S.N. & Hill M.P. Biological control of water lettuce, Pistia stratiotes L., facilitates macroinvertebrate biodiversity recovery: a mesocosm study. Hydrobiologia.


Koch B.J., Hall R.O. & Peckarsky B.L. Nonconsumptive effects of Brook Trout predators reduce secondary production of mayfly prey. Freshwater Science.


Miller S.W., Schroer M., Fleri J.R. & Kennedy T.A. Macroinvertebrate oviposition habitat selectivity and egg-mass desiccation tolerances: Implications for population dynamics in large regulated rivers. Freshwater Science. (OA)



Microbial Communities

Juvigny-Khenafou N.P.D., Piggott J.J., Atkinson D., Zhang Y., Wu N. & Matthaei C.D. Fine sediment and flow velocity impact bacterial community and functional profile more than nutrient enrichment. Ecological Applications.


Morganti T., Coma R., Yahel G. & Ribes M. Trophic niche separation that facilitates co-existence of high and low microbial abundance sponges is revealed by in situ study of carbon and nitrogen fluxes. Limnology and Oceanography.




Spieler D., Mai J., Craig J.R., Tolson B.A. & Schütze N. (2020). Automatic Model Structure Identification for Conceptual Hydrologic Models. Water Resources Research. (OA)


Wang W., Sun L., Cai Y., Yi Y., Yang W. & Yang Z. Evaluation of multi-source precipitation data in a watershed with complex topography based on distributed hydrological modeling. River Research and Applications.




Duarte R.C. de S., Mota E.L.S. & Dias T.L.P. Algal complexity positively affects the abundance, richness and diversity of molluscan assemblages of a semiarid hypersaline mangrove. Aquatic Ecology.


Tuttle-Raycraft S. & Ackerman J.D. Evidence of phenotypic plasticity in the response of unionid mussels to turbidity. Freshwater Biology.




Liang Y., Gao T., Shao L., Min Y. & Yang J. Effects of microcystin-LR and nitrite on the lifespan, reproduction, and heat shock responses of rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus at different temperatures. Aquatic Sciences.



Stream Monitoring

Bellucci C.J., Becker M.E., Czarnowski M. & Fitting C. A novel method to evaluate stream connectivity using trail cameras. River Research and Applications.



Woody Debris

Klaar M.J., Shelley F.S., Hannah D.M. & Krause S. Instream wood increases riverbed temperature variability in a lowland sandy stream. River Research and Applications. (OA)