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New Articles August 5 - 11

Monday, August 12, 2019
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg

New Articles August 5-11


Aquatic Plants

Heidbüchel, P., M. Sachs, N. Stanik, and A. Hussner. Species-specific fragmentation rate and colonization potential partly explain the successful spread of aquatic plants in lowland streams. Hydrobiologia.

Long, M. H., K. Sutherland, S. D. Wankel, D. J. Burdige, and R. C. Zimmerman. Ebullition of oxygen from seagrasses under supersaturated conditions. Limnology and Oceanography.

Carbon Cycle

Liu, Y., C. R. Schwalm, K. E. Samuels-Crow, and K. Ogle. Ecological memory of daily carbon exchange across the globe and its importance in drylands. Ecology Letters.

Climate Change

Shin, H. R., and J. M. Kneitel. Warming interacts with inundation timing to influence the species composition of California vernal pool communities. Hydrobiologia.

Ecosystem Services

Knoll, L. B., S. Sharma, B. A. Denfeld, G. Flaim, Y. Hori, J. J. Magnuson, D. Straile, and G. A. Weyhenmeyer. Consequences of lake and river ice loss on cultural ecosystem services. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.


McManus, M. C., D. S. Ullman, S. D. Rutherford, and C. Kincaid. Northern quahog (Mercenaria mercenaria) larval transport and settlement modeled for a temperate estuary. Limnology and Oceanography.

Taddese, F., and G. P. Closs. Spatiotemporal ichthyofaunal dynamics in a permanently open estuary, Otago, New Zealand. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Clark, C., P. Roni, and S. Burgess. Response of juvenile salmonids to large wood placement in Columbia River tributaries. Hydrobiologia.


Lynch, A. J., L. J. Baumgartner, C. A. Boys, J. Conallin, I. G. Cowx, C. M. Finlayson, P. A. Franklin, Z. Hogan, J. D. Koehn, M. P. McCartney, G. O’Brien, K. Phouthavong, L. G. M. Silva, C. A. Tob, J. Valbo-Jørgensen, A. V. Vu, L. Whiting, A. Wibowo, and P. Duncan. Speaking the same language: can the sustainable development goals translate the needs of inland fisheries into irrigation decisions? Marine and Freshwater Research.

Memarzadeh, M., G. L. Britten, B. Worm, and C. Boettiger. Rebuilding global fisheries under uncertainty. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116:15985 LP – 15990.


Belleggia, M., C. Battagliotti, F. Cortés, and J. H. Colonello. Feeding together: a global diet analysis of twenty-three species of chondrichthyes on a feeding ground area. Hydrobiologia.

Flecker, A. S., C. W. Twining, O. J. Schmitz, S. J. Cooke, and N. Hammerschlag. Aquatic Predators Influence Micronutrients: Important but Understudied. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

Ho, H.-C., J. M. Tylianakis, J. X. Zheng, and S. Pawar. Predation risk influences food-web structure by constraining species diet choice. Ecology Letters.

Invasive Species

Francis, R. A., M. A. Chadwick, and A. J. Turbelin. An overview of non-native species invasions in urban river corridors. River Research and Applications.

Nutrient Cycling

Grover, J. P., J. T. Scott, D. L. Roelke, and B. W. Brooks. Dynamics of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria with heterocysts: a stoichiometric model. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Zhu, Z., F. Fu, P. Qu, E. W. K. Mak, H. Jiang, R. Zhang, Z. Zhu, K. Gao, and D. A. Hutchins. Interactions between ultraviolet radiation exposure and phosphorus limitation in the marine nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria Trichodesmium and Crocosphaera. Limnology and Oceanography.


Eckert, E. M., A. Di Cesare, L.-S. Malki, J. Villiger, J. Pernthaler, C. Callieri, R. Bertoni, and G. Corno. Seasonality of the antibiotic resistance gene blaCTX-M in temperate Lake Maggiore. Hydrobiologia.


Font-Muñoz, J. S., R. Jeanneret, J. Arrieta, S. Anglès, A. Jordi, I. Tuval, and G. Basterretxea. Collective sinking promotes selective cell pairing in planktonic pennate diatoms. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116:15997 LP – 16002.


Le, D. Q., S. Y. Fui, R. M. Piah, T. Ishimura, Y. Sano, K. Tanaka, and K. Shirai. Isotopic evidence of connectivity between an inshore vegetated lagoon (nursery habitat) and coastal artificial reefs (adult habitats) for the reef fish Lethrinus lentjan on the Terengganu coast, Malaysia. Marine and Freshwater Research.

River Flow Regimes

White, J. C., P. D. Armitage, J. A. B. Bass, R. P. Chadd, M. J. Hill, K. L. Mathers, S. Little, and P. J. Wood. How freshwater biomonitoring tools vary sub-seasonally reflects temporary river flow regimes. River Research and Applications.

River Production

Koenig, L. E., A. M. Helton, P. Savoy, E. Bertuzzo, J. B. Heffernan, R. O. Hall Jr., and E. S. Bernhardt. Emergent productivity regimes of river networks. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.