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New Articles August 6-12

Sunday, August 12, 2018
Allyn Dodd
Katherine O'Reilly

New Articles August 6-12

Freshwater-specific journals (6): Aquatic SciencesHydrobiologiaLimnology and Oceanography, Limnology and Oceanography Letters, Marine and Freshwater ResearchRiver Research and Applications

Broad-based journals (5): Ecology Letters, Nature, Oecologia, Science, Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Algal Ecology

Anderson S.R., Diou-Cass Q.P. & Harvey E.L. Short-term estimates of phytoplankton growth and mortality in a tidal estuary. Limnology and Oceanography.


Call M., Sanders C.J., Enrich-Prast A., Sanders L., Marotta H., Santos I.R., et al. Radon-traced pore-water as a potential source of CO2 and CH4 to receding black and clear water environments in the Amazon Basin. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Community Ecology

Cardoso L. de S., Faria D.M. de, Crossetti L.O. & da Motta Marques D. Phytoplankton, periphyton, and zooplankton patterns in the pelagic and littoral regions of a large subtropical shallow lake. Hydrobiologia.

Ger K.A., Otten T.G., DuMais R., Ignoffo T. & Kimmerer W. In situ ingestion of Microcystis is negatively related to copepod abundance in the upper San Francisco Estuary. Limnology and Oceanography.

Monteiro A.B., Contente R.F. & Faria L.D.B. Resource depletion and mechanisms for food web robustness in a Neotropical estuary. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Skovmand, L. H., Xu, C. C. Y., Servedio, M. R., Nosil, P., Barrett, R. D. H., & Hendry, A. P. Keystone Genes. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

Uriarte, M., & Menge, D. Variation between individuals fosters regional species coexistence. Ecology Letters.

Climate Change

Isson, T. T., & Planavsky, N. J. Reverse weathering as a long-term stabilizer of marine pH and planetary climate. Nature.

Richardson, A. D., Hufkens, K., Milliman, T., Aubrecht, D. M., Furze, M. E., Seyednasrollah, B., … Hanson, P. J. Ecosystem warming extends vegetation activity but heightens vulnerability to cold temperatures. Nature.

Fish Ecology

Favata C.A., Maia A., Pant M., Nepal V. & Colombo R.E. Fish assemblage change following the structural restoration of a degraded stream. River Research and Applications.

Munubi, R. N., McIntyre, P. B., & Vadeboncoeur, Y. Do grazers respond to or control food quality? Cross-scale analysis of algivorous fish in littoral Lake Tanganyika. Oecologia.

Wilkes M.A., Webb J.A., Pompeu P.S., Silva L.G.M., Vowles A.S., Baker C.F., et al. Not just a migration problem: Metapopulations, habitat shifts, and gene flow are also important for fishway science and management. River Research and Applications.

Flow-Ecology Relationships

Caldwell T.J., Rossi G.J., Henery R.E. & Chandra S. Decreased streamflow impacts fish movement and energetics through reductions to invertebrate drift body size and abundance. River Research and Applications.

Earley L.A. & Sammons S.M. Effects of hydropeaking operations on the growth of Alabama bass Micropterus henshalli and redeye bass Micropterus coosae in the Tallapoosa River, Alabama, USA. River Research and Applications.

Falasco E., Piano E., Doretto A., Fenoglio S. & Bona F. Lentification in Alpine rivers: patterns of diatom assemblages and functional traits. Aquatic Sciences.

Salinas-Rodríguez S.A., Barrios-Ordóñez J.E., Sánchez-Navarro R. & Wickel A.J. Environmental flows and water reserves: Principles, strategies, and contributions to water and conservation policies in Mexico. River Research and Applications.

Tingley R.W., Infante D.M., MacKenzie R.A., Cooper A.R. & Tsang Y.-P. Identifying natural catchment landscape influences on tropical stream organisms: classifying stream reaches of the Hawaiian Islands. Hydrobiologia.


Aziz D., Rahi M.L., Hurwood D.A. & Mather P.B. Analysis of candidate gene expression patterns of adult male Macrobrachium rosenbergii morphotypes in response to a social dominance hierarchy. Hydrobiologia.

Invasive Species

Searle, C. L., Hochstedler, B. R., Merrick, A. M., Ilmain, J. K., & Wigren, M. A. High resources and infectious disease facilitate invasion by a freshwater crustacean. Oecologia.

Land Use/Land Cover

Allen, G. H., & Pavelsky, T. M. Global extent of rivers and streams. Science.

Palmer, M., & Ruhi, A. Measuring Earth's rivers. Science.

Song, X.-P., Hansen, M. C., Stehman, S. V, Potapov, P. V, Tyukavina, A., Vermote, E. F., & Townshend, J. R. Global land change from 1982 to 2016. Nature.


Woolway R.I., Verburg P., Lenters J.D., Merchant C.J., Hamilton D.P., Brookes J., et al. Geographic and temporal variations in turbulent heat loss from lakes: A global analysis across 45 lakes. Limnology and Oceanography.

Management and Restoration

Atkinson S., Bruen M., Turner J.N., Ball B., Bullock C., O’Sullivan J.J., et al. The value of a desk study for building a national river obstacle inventory. River Research and Applications.

Alexander K.A., Hobday A.J., Cvitanovic C., Ogier E., Nash K.L., Cottrell R.S., et al. Progress in integrating natural and social science in marine ecosystem-based management research. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Riparian Vegetation

Abdolahpour M., Ghisalberti M., McMahon K. & Lavery P.S. The impact of flexibility on flow, turbulence, and vertical mixing in coastal canopies. Limnology and Oceanography.