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New Articles for December 17-23

Monday, December 23, 2019
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based (6): Freshwater Biology (13), Hydrobiologia (8), Limnology and Oceanography (1), River Research and Applications (2), Marine and Freshwater Research (1), Limnology and Oceanography Letters (1).


Broad-Based (6): Trends in Ecology and Evolution (1), Nature (2), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1), Ecology Letters (1), Ecological Applications (1), Journal of Applied Ecology (2).



Stadig M.H., Collingsworth P.D., Lesht B.M. & Höök T.O. Spatially heterogeneous trends in nearshore and offshore chlorophyll a concentrations in lakes Michigan and Huron (1998–2013). Freshwater Biology.


Zhang J., Shu X., Zhang Y., Tan X. & Zhang Q. The responses of epilithic algal community structure and function to light and nutrients and their linkages in subtropical rivers. Hydrobiologia.




Soria M., Gutiérrez-Cánovas C., Bonada N., Acosta R., Rodríguez-Lozano P., Fortuño P., et al. Natural disturbances can produce misleading bioassessment results: Identifying metrics to detect anthropogenic impacts in intermittent rivers. Journal of Applied Ecology.




da Silva E.P., Borba G.C., Magalhães C., Zuanon J. & Magnusson W.E. Habitat segregation among freshwater shrimp species in an Amazonian rainforest stream system. Freshwater Biology.


Johović I., Verrucchi C., Inghilesi A.F., Scapini F. & Tricarico E. Managing the invasive crayfish Procambarus clarkii: Is manual sterilisation the solution? Freshwater Biology.


Linzmaier S.M. & Jeschke J.M. Towards a mechanistic understanding of individual-level functional responses: Invasive crayfish as model organisms. Freshwater Biology.



Diel Patterns

Cyronak T., Takeshita Y., Courtney T.A., DeCarlo E.H., Eyre B.D., Kline D.I., et al. Diel temperature and pH variability scale with depth across diverse coral reef habitats. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.



Ecosystem Structure

Kivilä E.H., Luoto T.P., Rantala M. V & Nevalainen L. Late-Holocene variability in chironomid functional assemblages and carbon utilization in a tundra lake food web. Hydrobiologia.


Rudolf V.H.W. A multivariate approach reveals diversity of ontogenetic niche shifts across taxonomic and functional groups. Freshwater Biology.




Cattelan S., Evans J.P., Garcia-Gonzalez F., Morbiato E. & Pilastro A. Dietary stress increases the total opportunity for sexual selection and modifies selection on condition-dependent traits. Ecology Letters.


Coulter A.A., Brey M.K., Lamer J.T., Whitledge G.W. & Garvey J.E. Early generation hybrids may drive range expansion of two invasive fishes. Freshwater Biology.


Ishiyama N., Miura K., Yamanaka S., Negishi J.N. & Nakamura F. Contribution of small isolated habitats in creating refuges from biological invasions along a geomorphological gradient of floodplain waterbodies. Journal of Applied Ecology.


Lincoln A.E., Hilborn R., Wirsing A.J. & Quinn T.P. Managing salmon for wildlife: Do fisheries limit salmon consumption by bears in small Alaskan streams? Ecological Applications.


Ragauskas A., Butkauskas D., Prakas P., Gadliauskienė K., Gajduchenko H. & Grauda D. Complex phylogeographic relationships among the Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis) populations in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea Region. Hydrobiologia.


Raut S., Gupta N., Nautiyal P. & Everard M. Re-establishment of fish passage for conserving threatened migratory species of West-Indian Himalayas. River Research and Applications.


Scherelis C., Zydlewski G.B. & Brady D.C. Using hydroacoustics to relate fluctuations in fish abundance to river restoration efforts and environmental conditions in the Penobscot River, Maine. River Research and Applications.



Green Energy

Wright A.J., Araújo-Wang C., Wang J.Y., Ross P.S., Tougaard J., Winkler R., et al. How ‘Blue’ Is ‘Green’ Energy? Trends in Ecology & Evolution.




Carreira B.M., Segurado P., Laurila A. & Rebelo R. Heat waves trigger swift changes in the diet and life-history of a freshwater snail. Hydrobiologia.


McLean K.I., Mushet D.M., Sweetman J.N., Anteau M.J. & Wiltermuth M.T. Invertebrate communities of Prairie-Pothole wetlands in the age of the aquatic Homogenocene. Hydrobiologia.


Nichols S.J., Kefford B.J., Campbell C.D., Bylemans J., Chandler E., Bray J.P., et al. Towards routine DNA metabarcoding of macroinvertebrates using bulk samples for freshwater bioassessment: Effects of debris and storage conditions on the recovery of target taxa. Freshwater Biology.


Scotti A., Füreder L., Marsoner T., Tappeiner U., Stawinoga A.E. & Bottarin R. Effects of land cover type on community structure and functional traits of alpine stream benthic macroinvertebrates. Freshwater Biology.




Toyama H., Bessho K., Huang L., Hirota S.K., Kano Y., Mase K., et al. The effects of water pollution on the phylogenetic community structure of aquatic plants in the East Tiaoxi River, China. Freshwater Biology.


Zhang D., Zhang M., Tong S., Qi Q., Wang X. & Lu X. Growth and physiological responses of Carex schmidtii to water-level fluctuation. Hydrobiologia.


Zhang L., Chen F., Zhang X., Li Z., Zhao Y., Lohaus R., et al. The water lily genome and the early evolution of flowering plants. Nature.



Organic Matter

Laurenceau-Cornec E.C., Le Moigne F.A.C., Gallinari M., Moriceau B., Toullec J., Iversen M.H., et al. New guidelines for the application of Stokes’ models to the sinking velocity of marine aggregates. Limnology and Oceanography.


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Gilbert J.J. Variation in the life cycle of monogonont rotifers: Commitment to sex and emergence from diapause. Freshwater Biology.


Manzi F., Agha R., Lu Y., Ben-Ami F. & Wolinska J. Temperature and host diet jointly influence the outcome of infection in a Daphnia-fungal parasite system. Freshwater Biology.


Patelli M., Leoni B. & Lepori F. Causes of Daphnia midsummer decline in two deep meromictic subalpine lakes. Freshwater Biology.


Rebecchi L., Boschetti C. & Nelson D.R. Extreme-tolerance mechanisms in meiofaunal organisms: a case study with tardigrades, rotifers and nematodes. Hydrobiologia.



Satellite Data

Feng S., Liu S., Huang Z., Jing L., Zhao M., Peng X., et al. Inland water bodies in China: Features discovered in the long-term satellite data. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.




Brandis K.J., Spencer J., Wolfenden B. & Palmer D. Avian-botulism risk in waterbird breeding colonies and implications for environmental water management. Marine and Freshwater Research.