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New Articles December 17-31

Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Whitney Beck
Kasey Fralick

New Articles December 17-31



Lampe R.H., Mann E.L., Cohen N.R., Till C.P., Thamatrakoln K., Brzezinski M.A., Bruland K.W., Twining B.S., & Marchetti A. Different iron storage strategies among bloom-forming diatoms. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.


Peláez, O. & Pavanelli C.S. Environmental heterogeneity and dispersal limitation explain different aspects of β‐diversity in Neotropical fish assemblages. Freshwater Biology.

Seeney A., Pattison Z., Willby N.J, Boon P.J., & Bull C.D. Stream invertebrate diversity reduces with invasion of river banks by non‐native plants. Freshwater Biology.


McDowell W.H., McDowell W.G., Potter J.D., & Ramírez A. Nutrient export and elemental stoichiometry in an urban tropical river. Ecological Applications.

Wang Q., Lyu Z., Omar S., Cornell S., Yang Z., & Montagnes D.J.S. Predicting temperature impacts on aquatic productivity: Questioning the metabolic theory of ecology's “canonical” activation energies. Limnology and Oceanography.

Coastal & Tidal Ecosystems

Murray N.J., Phinn S.R., DeWitt M., Ferrari R., Johnston R., Lyons M.B., Clinton N., Thau D., & Fuller R.A. The global distribution and trajectory of tidal flats. Nature.

Schaefer N., Dafforn K.A., Johnston E.L., & Mayer-Pinto M. Size, depth and position affect the diversity and structure of rock pool communities in an urban estuary. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Evolution & Genetics

Cook B.D., Kennard M.J., Adams M., Raadik T.A., Real K., Bunn S.E., & Hughes J.M. Hydrographic correlates of within‐river distribution and population genetic structure in two widespread species of mountain galaxias (Teleostei, Galaxiidae) in southern Australia. Freshwater Biology.

Nathan L.R., Welsh A.B., & Vokoun J.C. Watershed‐level brook trout genetic structuring: Evaluation and application of riverscape genetics models. Freshwater Biology.

Ríos N., Bouza C., & García G. Past hybridisation and introgression erased traces of mitochondrial lineages evolution in the Neotropical silver catfish Rhamdia quelen (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae). Hydrobiologia.

Rudolfsen T., Ruppert J.L.W., Taylor E.B., Davis C.S., Watkinson D.A., & Poesch M.S. Habitat use and hybridisation between the Rocky Mountain sculpin (Cottus sp.) and slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus). Freshwater Biology.


Fashae O.A., Olusola A.O., Ndubuisi I., & Udomboso C.G. Comparing ANN and ARIMA model in predicting the discharge of River Opeki from 2010 to 2020. River Research and Applications.

Kui L., Stella J.C., Diehl R.M., Wilcox A.C., Lightbody A., & Sklar L.S. Can environmental flows moderate riparian invasions? The influence of seedling morphology and density on scour losses in experimental floods. Freshwater Biology.

Invasive Species

Doherty-Bone T.M., Dunn A.M., Jackson F.L., & Brown L.E. Multi‐faceted impacts of native and invasive alien decapod species on freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Freshwater Biology.


Matsuzaki S-I.S., Shinohara R., Uchida K., & Sasaki T. Catch diversification provides multiple benefits in inland fisheries. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Metal Contaminants

Landers J., Sullivan S., Eby L., Wilcox A.C., & Langner H. Metal contamination and food web changes alter exposure to upper trophic levels in upper Blackfoot River basin streams, Montana. Hydrobiologia.


Leppänen, J.J. Establishing minimum counts for semiquantitative bank‐to‐bank river transect mussel studies in species‐poor rivers. River Research and Apllications.


Marino Jr. J.A., Peacor S.D., Bunnell D.B., Vanderploeg H.A., Pothoven S.A., Elgin A.K., Bence J.R., Jiao J., & Ionides E.L. Evaluating consumptive and nonconsumptive predator effects on prey density using field times series data. Ecology.


Uerling C.C., Hamel M.J., & Pegg M.A. Fish community response to habitat variables in two restored side channels of the lower Platte River, Nebraska. River Research and Applications.

Wildfire Impacts

Cunillera‐Montcusí D., Gascón S., Tornero I., Sala J., Ávila N., Quintana X.D., & Boix D.
Direct and indirect impacts of wildfire on faunal communities of Mediterranean temporary ponds. Freshwater Biology.