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New Articles for December 23- January 6

Monday, January 6, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (5): Freshwater Biology (8), Hydrobiologia (8), Limnology and Oceanography (3), River Research and Applications (12), Limnology and Oceanography Letters (3).

Broad-Based Journals (2): Nature (1), Ecological Applications (1).



Duarte R.C. de S., de Barros G., Milesi S.V. & Dias T.L.P. Influence of macroalgal morphology on the functional structure of molluscan community from hypersaline estuary. Hydrobiologia.


Hamilton T.L., Corman J.R. & Havig J.R. Carbon and nitrogen recycling during cyanoHABs in dreissenid-invaded and non-invaded US midwestern lakes and reservoirs. Hydrobiologia.


Vuorio K., Järvinen M. & Kotamäki N. Phosphorus thresholds for bloom-forming cyanobacterial taxa in boreal lakes. Hydrobiologia.


West D.C., Balik J.A., Owens M. & Taylor B.W. Didymosphenia geminata blooms are not exclusively driven by low phosphorus under experimental conditions. Hydrobiologia.



Aquatic Plants

Burge O.R., Clarkson B.R., Bodmin K.A., Bartlam S., Robertson H.A., Sukias J.P.S., et al. Plant responses to nutrient addition and predictive ability of vegetation N:P ratio in an austral fen. Freshwater Biology.


Gillard M.B., Aroviita J. & Alahuhta J. Same species, same habitat preferences? The distribution of aquatic plants is not explained by the same predictors in lakes and streams. Freshwater Biology.


Lindholm M., Alahuhta J., Heino J., Hjort J. & Toivonen H. Changes in the functional features of macrophyte communities and driving factors across a 70-year period. Hydrobiologia.


Verhoeven M.R., Larkin D.J. & Newman R.M. Constraining invader dominance: Effects of repeated herbicidal management and environmental factors on curlyleaf pondweed dynamics in 50 Minnesota lakes. Freshwater Biology.



Ecosystem Management

Santiago L. & Hong C.-Y. Regaining tractability through reframing of a watershed management conflict: A case of southwestern Puerto Rico. River Research and Applications.


Wagner T., Lottig N.R., Bartley M.L., Hanks E.M., Schliep E.M., Wikle N.B., et al. Increasing accuracy of lake nutrient predictions in thousands of lakes by leveraging water clarity data. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.




Dizabadi S. & Azimi A.H. Hydraulic and turbulence structure of triangular labyrinth weir-pool fishways. River Research and Applications.


Ferreira K., Lopes T.M., Affonso I. de P., Agostinho A.A. & Gomes L.C. Dam reverse flow events influence limnological variables and fish assemblages of a downstream tributary in a Neotropical floodplain. River Research and Applications.


Gutmann Roberts C., Bašić T., Britton J.R., Rice S. & Pledger A.G. Quantifying the habitat and zoogeomorphic capabilities of spawning European barbel Barbus barbus, a lithophilous cyprinid. River Research and Applications.


Hwan J.L. & Holmes R.W. Flow regimes in coastal California steelhead trout streams: Spatiotemporal patterns in magnitude, duration and timing. River Research and Applications.


Larocque S.M., Johnson T.B. & Fisk A.T. Survival and migration patterns of naturally and hatchery-reared Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts in a Lake Ontario tributary using acoustic telemetry. Freshwater Biology.


Peoples B.K., Davis A.J.S., Midway S.R., Olden J.D. & Stoczynski L. Landscape-scale drivers of fish faunal homogenization and differentiation in the eastern United States. Hydrobiologia.


Xu J., Lin C., Dai H., Mao J., Ke S., Yin R., et al. Influence of low-intensity light on phototactic behaviour of Schizothorax oconnori Lloyd. River Research and Applications.


Yamamoto S., Morita K., Kikko T., Kawamura K., Sato S. & Gwo J.-C. Phylogeography of a salmonid fish, masu salmon Oncorhynchus masou subspecies-complex, with disjunct distributions across the temperate northern Pacific. Freshwater Biology.



Green Infrastructure

Nakamura F., Ishiyama N., Yamanaka S., Higa M., Akasaka T., Kobayashi Y., et al. Adaptation to climate change and conservation of biodiversity using green infrastructure. River Research and Applications.



Historical Measurements

García J.H., Dunesme S. & Piégay H. Can we characterize river corridor evolution at a continental scale from historical topographic maps? A first assessment from the comparison of four countries. River Research and Applications.


Yang X., Pavelsky T.M. & Allen G.H. The past and future of global river ice. Nature.



Leaf Litter

Eckert R.A., Halvorson H.M., Kuehn K.A. & Lamp W.O. Macroinvertebrate community patterns in relation to leaf-associated periphyton under contrasting light and nutrient conditions in headwater streams. Freshwater Biology.


Pope C.A., Halvorson H.M., Findlay R.H., Francoeur S.N. & Kuehn K.A. Light and temperature mediate algal stimulation of heterotrophic activity on decomposing leaf litter. Freshwater Biology.




Barnett Z.C., Adams S.B., Ochs C.A. & Garrick R.C. Crayfish populations genetically fragmented in streams impounded for 36–104 years. Freshwater Biology.


Larson E.R. & Pool T.K. Biological invasions drive biotic homogenization of North American crayfishes. Hydrobiologia.


Rosero-López D., Knighton J., Lloret P. & Encalada A.C. Invertebrate response to impacts of water diversion and flow regulation in high-altitude tropical streams. River Research and Applications.




Cabello-Yeves P.J., Zemskaya T.I., Zakharenko A.S., Sakirko M. V, Ivanov V.G., Ghai R., et al. Microbiome of the deep Lake Baikal, a unique oxic bathypelagic habitat. Limnology and Oceanography.


Mazzei V., Wilson B.J., Servais S., Charles S.P., Kominoski J.S. & Gaiser E.E. Periphyton as an indicator of saltwater intrusion into freshwater wetlands: insights from experimental manipulations. Ecological Applications.


Soria-Píriz S., Lara M., Jiménez-Arias J.L., Papaspyrou S., Úbeda B., García-Robledo E., et al. What supports the deep chlorophyll maximum in acidic lakes? The role of the bacterial CO2 production in the hypolimnion. Limnology and Oceanography.




Horn D., Granek E.F. & Steele C.L. Effects of environmentally relevant concentrations of microplastic fibers on Pacific mole crab (Emerita analoga) mortality and reproduction. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.


Simmerman C.B. & Coleman Wasik J.K. The effect of urban point source contamination on microplastic levels in water and organisms in a cold-water stream. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.




Anderson R. & Hansen P.J. Meteorological conditions induce strong shifts in mixotrophic and heterotrophic flagellate bacterivory over small spatio-temporal scales. Limnology and Oceanography.


Florencio M., Fernández-Zamudio R., Lozano M. & Díaz-Paniagua C. Interannual variation in filling season affects zooplankton diversity in Mediterranean temporary ponds. Hydrobiologia.




Courtice G. & Naser G. In-stream construction-induced suspended sediment in riverine ecosystems. River Research and Applications.


Dou S., Yu X., Zhang J., Xie W., Wang W. & Du X. Process-based modelling of tributary mouth sandbar evolution in a high sediment-load reservoir. River Research and Applications.


Gibson A. & Hancock G. Suspended sediment load estimation in an ungauged river in south-eastern Australia. River Research and Applications.