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New Articles for December 3-9

Monday, December 9, 2019
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (6): Freshwater Biology (10), Hydrobiologia (7), Limnology and Oceanography (1), River Research and Applications (5), Marine and Freshwater Research (4), Limnology and Oceanography Letters (1).

Broad-Based Journals (1): Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2).



Forbes J.P., Todd C.R., Baumgartner L.J., Watts R.J., Robinson W.A., Steffe A.S., et al. Simulation of different fishery regulations to prevent population decline in a large freshwater invertebrate, the Murray crayfish (Euastacus armatus). Marine and Freshwater Research.


Reisinger L.S., Glon M.G. & Pintor L.M. Divergence in foraging and predator avoidance behavior across the geographic range of native and non-native crayfish. Hydrobiologia.


Zhang Z., Capinha C., Usio N., Weterings R., Liu X., Li Y., et al. Impacts of climate change on the global potential distribution of two notorious invasive crayfishes. Freshwater Biology.



Community and Nutrient Dynamics

Hopper G.W., Gido K.B., Pennock C.A., Hedden S.C., Guinnip J.P., Fisher M.A., et al. Biomass loss and change in species dominance shift stream community excretion stoichiometry during severe drought. Freshwater Biology.




Embke H.S., Rypel A.L., Carpenter S.R., Sass G.G., Ogle D., Cichosz T., et al. Production dynamics reveal hidden overharvest of inland recreational fisheries. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Guivier E., Pech N., Chappaz R. & Gilles A. Microbiota associated with the skin, gills, and gut of the fish Parachondrostoma toxostoma from the Rhône basin. Freshwater Biology.


Hackradt C.W., Félix-Hackradt F.C., Treviño-Otón J., Pérez-Ruzafa Á. & García-Charton J.A. Density-driven habitat use differences across fishing zones by predator fishes (Serranidae) in south-western Mediterranean rocky reefs. Hydrobiologia.


Hauser M., Duponchelle F., Hermann T.W., Limburg K.E., Castello L., Stewart D.J., et al. Unmasking continental natal homing in goliath catfish from the upper Amazon. Freshwater Biology.


Mochnacz N.J., Ghamry H.K., Enders E.C., Watkinson D.A., Gallagher C.P. & Reist J.D. Flow and spawning habitat relationships for Dolly Varden: Understanding habitat–population dynamics in the Canadian Western Arctic. River Research and Applications.


Syrjänen J.T., Sivonen K., Räihä V., Kivinen J., Sivonen O. & Haapsalo M. Redds of brown trout in the deep channels of a hydroelectric power station. River Research and Applications.



Lake Dynamics

Cichy A., Marszewska A., Ciapka P. & Żbikowska E. Different thermal conditions of lakes affect host–parasite systems: A case study of Viviparus contectus (Millet, 1813) and digenean trematodes. Freshwater Biology.


Stage Sø J., Sand-Jensen K. & Baastrup-Spohr L. Temporal development of biodiversity of macrophytes in newly established lakes. Freshwater Biology.



Leaf Litter

Bastias E., Bolivar M., Ribot M., Peipoch M., Thomas S.S.A., Sabater F., et al. Spatial heterogeneity in water velocity drives leaf litter dynamics in streams. Freshwater Biology.


DeGasparro S.D., Beresford D. V, Prater C. & Frost P.C. Leaf litter decomposition in boreal lakes: variable mass loss and nutrient release ratios across a geographic gradient. Hydrobiologia.




Doretto A., Bona F., Falasco E., Morandini D., Piano E. & Fenoglio S. Stay with the flow: How macroinvertebrate communities recover during the rewetting phase in Alpine streams affected by an exceptional drought. River Research and Applications.


Lesser M.P., Mueller B., Pankey M.S., Macartney K.J., Slattery M. & de Goeij J.M. Depth-dependent detritus production in the sponge, Halisarca caerulea. Limnology and Oceanography.


McKenzie M., Mathers K.L., Wood P.J., England J., Foster I., Lawler D., et al. Potential physical effects of suspended fine sediment on lotic macroinvertebrates. Hydrobiologia.



Microbial Communities

Parr T.B., Vaughn C.C. & Gido K.B. Animal effects on dissolved organic carbon bioavailability in an algal controlled ecosystem. Freshwater Biology.


Tanentzap A.J., Fitch A., Orland C., Emilson E.J.S., Yakimovich K.M., Osterholz H., et al. Chemical and microbial diversity covary in fresh water to influence ecosystem functioning. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Vigneron A., Cruaud P., Langlois V., Lovejoy C., Culley A.I. & Vincent W.F. Ultra-small and abundant: Candidate phyla radiation bacteria are potential catalysts of carbon transformation in a thermokarst lake ecosystem. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.




Labecka A.M. & Czarnoleski M. Patterns of growth, brooding and offspring size in the invasive mussel Sinanodonta woodiana (Lea, 1834) (Bivalvia: Unionidae) from an anthropogenic heat island. Hydrobiologia.


Strayer D.L., Fischer D.T., Hamilton S.K., Malcom H.M., Pace M.L. & Solomon C.T. Long-term variability and density dependence in Hudson River Dreissena populations. Freshwater Biology.



Population Modeling

Ma C., Shen Y., Bearup D., Fagan W.F. & Liao J. Spatial variation in branch size promotes metapopulation persistence in dendritic river networks. Freshwater Biology.



Reproductive Behavior

Cuthbert R.N., Dalu T., Wasserman R.J., Weyl O.L.F., Froneman P.W., Callaghan A., et al. Sex demographics alter the effect of habitat structure on predation by a temporary pond specialist. Hydrobiologia.


Haltiner L., Hänggi C., Spaak P. & Dennis S.R. Sex in crowded places: population density regulates reproductive strategy. Hydrobiologia.



Sediment Transport

Barkdoll B.D., Tyrrell J., She Y. & Patankar J. Sensitivity of river sediment transport and bridge scour to effects of flow, temperature, and sea level. River Research and Applications.



Water Policy

Acharya V., Halanaik B., Ramaprasad A., Swamy T.R.K., Singai C.B. & Syn T. Transboundary sharing of river water: Informating the policies. River Research and Applications.




Davidson N.C., Dinesen L., Fennessy S., Finlayson C.M., Grillas P., Grobicki A., et al. A review of the adequacy of reporting to the Ramsar Convention on change in the ecological character of wetlands. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Davidson N.C., Dinesen L., Fennessy S., Finlayson C.M., Grillas P., Grobicki A., et al. Trends in the ecological character of the world’s wetlands. Marine and Freshwater Research.



Women in Freshwater Science

Waterton C.F.J., Toogood M.D. & Heim M.W. Women in freshwater science: invisible histories? Marine and Freshwater Research.