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New Articles February 11 - 17

Thursday, February 21, 2019
Kasey Fralick
Whitney Beck

Freshwater Specific Journals (7): Freshwater Science (5), Freshwater Biology (2), Hydrobiologia (8), Limnology and Oceanography (3), River Research and Applications (3), Marine and Freshwater Research (2), Limnology and Oceanography Letters (1).

Broad-Based Journals (5): Trends in Ecology and Evolution (1), Nature (1), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (3), Oikos (1), Journal of Applied Ecology (1)


Cao, Y., C. P. Hawkins. Weighting effective number of species measures by abundance weakens detection of diversity responses. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Climate Change

Ferreira-Rodríguez N. Spatial aggregation of native with non-native freshwater bivalves and activity depletion under summer heat waves: ‘dangerous liaisons’ in a climate change context. Hydrobiologia.

Lupon A., Denfeld B.A., Laudon H., Leach J., Karlsson J., & Sponseller R.A. Groundwater inflows control patterns and sources of greenhouse gas emissions from streams. Limnology and Oceanography.

Ruaro, R., Conceição, E.O., Silva, J.C. et al. Climate change will decrease the range of a keystone fish species in La Plata River Basin, South America. Hydrobiologia.

Ecosystem Services

Schmidt K., Pearson R.G., Alford R.A., & Puschendorf R. Tadpole species have variable roles in litter breakdown, sediment removal, and nutrient cycling in a tropical stream. Freshwater Science.

Evolutionary Biology

Leibold, M. A., M. C. Urban, L. De Meester, C. A. Klausmeier, J. Vanoverbeke. Regional neutrality evolves through local adaptive niche evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Van de Waal D.B., Brandenber K.M., Keuskamp J., Trimborn S., Rokitta S., Kranz S., & Rost B.Highest plasticity of carbon‐concentrating mechanisms in earliest evolved phytoplankton. Limnology and Oceanography.

Fish Ecology

de Barros T.F., Louvise J., & Caramaschi É.P. Flow gradient drives morphological divergence in an Amazon pelagic stream fish. Hydrobiologia.

Gido K.B., Propst D.L., Whitney J.E., Hedden S.C., Turner T.F., & Pilger T.J. Pockets of resistance: Response of arid‐land fish communities to climate, hydrology, and wildfire. Freshwater Biology.

Smith S.C.F., Colombo R.E., Thomas T. & Keeney D.B. Dissimilar effects of low-head dams on the genetic structure of riverine fishes. Freshwater Science.

Tuya F., Asensio M., Bosch N.E., García A., & Navarro A. Partitioning multiple diversity dimensions of nearshore fish assemblages within a coastal seascape. Hydrobiologia.

Food Webs

Sampson A., Ings N., Shelley F., Tuffin S., Grey J., Trimmer M., Woodward G., & Hildrew A.G. Geographically widespread 13C‐depletion of grazing caddis larvae: A third way of fuelling stream food webs?. Freshwater Biology.

Freshwater Mammals

Crema L.C., da Silva V.M.F., Botta S., Trumbore S., & Piedade M.D.F. Does water type influence diet composition in Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis)? A case study comparing black and clearwater rivers. Hydrobiologia.

Groundwater Ecosystems

Devitt, T. J., A. M. Wright, D. C. Cannatella, D. M. Hillis. Species delimitation in endangered groundwater salamanders: Implications for aquifer management and biodiversity conservation, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Kolbe, T., J.-R. de Dreuzy, B. W. Abbott, L. Aquilina, T. Babey, C. T. Green, J. H. Fleckenstein, T. Labasque, A. M. Laverman, J. Marcais, S. Peiffer, Z. Thomas, G. Pinay. Stratification of reactivity determines nitrate removal in groundwater. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Biswas P. & Barbhuiya A.K. Effect of submerged vane on three dimensional flow dynamics and bed morphology in river bend. River Research and Applications.

Invertebrate Ecology

Canning A.D., Death R.G., & Gardner E.M. Forest canopy affects stream macroinvertebrate assemblage structure but not trophic stability. Freshwater Science.

Lorenz S. & Wolter C. Quantitative response of riverine benthic invertebrates to sediment grain size and shear stress. Hydrobiologia.

Musetta-Lambert J., Kreutzweiser D., & Sibley P. Influence of wildfire and harvesting on aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate drift patterns in boreal headwater streams. Hydrobiologia.


Simpson L.T., Stein C.M., Osborne T.C., & Feller I.C. Mangroves dramatically increase carbon storage after 3 years of encroachment. Hydrobiologia.

Marine Biology

Manel, S., N. Loiseau, M. Andrello, K. Fietz, R. Goni, A. Forcada, P. Lenfant, S. Kininmonth, C. Marcos, V. Marques, S. Mallol, A. Perez-Ruzafa, C. Breusing, O. Puebla, D. Mouillot. Long-distance benefits of marine reserves: myth or reality? Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

Wang, W.-L., J. K. Moore, A. C. Martiny, F. W. Primeau. Convergent estimates of marine nitrogen fixation. Nature.

Microbial Communities

Cadier, M., K. H. Andersen, A. W. Vixxer, T. Kiorboe. Competition–defense tradeoff increases the diversity of microbial plankton communities and dampens trophic cascades. Oikos.

Cruaud P., Vigneron A., Fradette M-S., Dorea C.C., Culley A.I., Rodriguez M.J., & Charette S.J. Annual bacterial community cycle in a seasonally ice‐covered river reflects environmental and climatic conditions. Limnology and Oceanography.

Zeglin L.H., Crenshaw C.L., Dahm C.N., Sheibley R.W., & Takacs-Vesbach C.D. Watershed hydrology and salinity, but not nutrient chemistry, are associated with arid-land stream microbial diversity. Freshwater Science.


Unmack P.J., Young M.J., Gruber P., White D., Kilian A., Zhang X., & Georges A. Phylogeography and species delimitation of Cherax destructor (Decapoda: Parastacidae) using genome-wide SNPs. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Sediment Dynamics

Nosrati K. & Collins A.L. Fingerprinting the contribution of quarrying to fine‐grained bed sediment in a mountainous catchment, Iran. River Research and Applications.

Urban Streams

Marques P.A., Manna L.R., Mazzoni R., & El-Sabaawi R. Intraspecific trait variation in urban stream ecosystems: toward understanding the mechanisms shaping urban stream communities. Freshwater Science.

Yang S., Pan T., Wang X., Sun Y., Zhang Y., Zhao C., Gai Y., Wang Z., & Zhang H. Dominant aquatic species and their hydrological niches in freshwater ecosystems in a developing city. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Water Quality

Chua E.M. Wilson S.P., Vink S., & Flint N. The influence of riparian vegetation on water quality in a mixed land use river basin. River Research and Applications.

Kopácek J., Kana J., Porcal P., Vrba J., & Norton S.A.Effects of tree dieback on lake water acidity in the unmanaged catchment of Plešné Lake, Czech Republic. Limnology and Oceanography.

Stanley E.H., Collins S.M., Lottif N.R., Oliver S.K., Webster K.E., Cheruvelil K.S., & Soranno P.A. Biases in lake water quality sampling and implications for macroscale research. Limnology and Oceanography.