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New Articles for February 17 - 23

Monday, February 24, 2020
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg

New Articles for February 17 - 23


Sworobowicz, L., T. Mamos, M. Grabowski, and A. Wysocka. Lasting through the ice age: The role of the proglacial refugia in the maintenance of genetic diversity, population growth, and high dispersal rate in a widespread freshwater crustacean. Freshwater Biology.


Beutel, M., B. Fuhrmann, G. Herbon, A. Chow, S. Brower, and J. Pasek. Cycling of methylmercury and other redox-sensitive compounds in the profundal zone of a hypereutrophic water supply reservoir. Hydrobiologia.

Carbon Uptake

Ros, M., E. F. Camp, D. J. Hughes, J. R. Crosswell, M. E. Warner, W. P. Leggat, and D. J. Suggett. Unlocking the black-box of inorganic carbon-uptake and utilization strategies among coral endosymbionts (Symbiodiniaceae). Limnology and Oceanography.

Woosley, R. J., and F. J. Millero. Freshening of the western Arctic negates anthropogenic carbon uptake potential. Limnology and Oceanography.

Climate Change

Urrutia-Cordero, P., H. Zhang, F. Chaguaceda, H. Geng, and L.-A. Hansson. Climate warming and heat waves alter harmful cyanobacterial blooms along the benthic-pelagic interface. Ecology :e03025.


Musetta-Lambert, J. L., D. P. Kreutzweiser, and P. K. Sibley. Assessing the influence of wildfire on leaf decomposition and macroinvertebrate communities in boreal streams using mixed-species leaf packs. Freshwater Biology.


Lohrer, A. M., F. Stephenson, E. J. Douglas, and M. Townsend. Mapping the estuarine ecosystem service of pollutant removal using empirically validated boosted regression tree models. Ecological Applications.


Barbarossa, V., R. J. P. Schmitt, M. A. J. Huijbregts, C. Zarfl, H. King, and A. M. Schipper. Impacts of current and future large dams on the geographic range connectivity of freshwater fish worldwide. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117:3648 LP – 3655.

Fatsi, P. S. K., S. Hashem, A. Kodama, E. K. Appiah, H. Saito, and K. Kawai. Population genetics and taxonomic signatures of wild Tilapia in Japan based on mitochondrial DNA control region analysis. Hydrobiologia.

Nakamura, M., M. Yoneda, T. Ishimura, K. Shirai, M. Tamamura, and K. Nishida. Temperature dependency equation for chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) identified by a laboratory rearing experiment and microscale analysis. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Tsuboi, J., K. Morita, Y. Koseki, S. Endo, G. Sahashi, D. Kishi, T. Kikko, D. Ishizaki, M. Nunokawa, and Y. Kanno. Spatial covariation of fish population vital rates in a stream network. Oikos.

Food Web Dynamics

Kiljunen, M., H. Peltonen, M. Lehtiniemi, L. Uusitalo, T. Sinisalo, J. Norkko, M. Kunnasranta, J. Torniainen, A. J. Rissanen, and J. Karjalainen. Benthic-pelagic coupling and trophic relationships in northern Baltic Sea food webs. Limnology and Oceanography.


Salas, E. A. L., and S. K. Subburayalu. Analysis of phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations in the Great Miami and Little Miami basins in Ohio, USA from 2015 to 2017. River Research and Applications.


Afonina, E. Y., and N. A. Tashlykova. Fluctuations in plankton community structure of endorheic soda lakes of southeastern Transbaikalia (Russia). Hydrobiologia.

Ghedini, G., M. Loreau, and D. J. Marshall. Community efficiency during succession: a test of MacArthur’s minimization principle in phytoplankton communities. Ecology :e03015.

Grosbois, G., D. Vachon, P. del Giorgio, and M. Rautio. Efficiency of crustacean zooplankton in transferring allochthonous carbon in a boreal lake. Ecology :e03013.

Loewen, C. J. G., F. R. Wyatt, C. A. Mortimer, R. D. Vinebrooke, and R. W. Zurawell. Multiscale drivers of phytoplankton communities in north-temperate lakes. Ecological Applications.

Riparian Regions

Thomas, F. M., and P. Lang. Growth and water relations of riparian poplar forests under pressure in Central Asia’s Tarim River Basin. River Research and Applications.

River Flow

Rodríguez, P., G. González Garraza, V. García, M. Granitto, and J. Escobar. Beaver dam effect on phytoplankton and periphyton composition and hydrology in streams from Tierra del Fuego (Argentina). Hydrobiologia.

Tegegne, G., and Y.-O. Kim. Strategies to enhance the reliability of flow quantile prediction in the gauged and ungauged basins. River Research and Applications.

Wu, X., G. P. Lenon, and Y. Dong. The calculation of riverine ecological instream flows and runoff profit-loss analysis in a coal mining area of northern China. River Research and Applications.