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New Articles for January 13-20

Monday, January 20, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (6): Freshwater Biology (2), Hydrobiologia (5), Limnology and Oceanography (5), River Research and Applications (1), Marine and Freshwater Research (2), Limnology and Oceanography Letters (3).

Broad-Based Journals (3): Ecology (1), Oecologia (4), Oikos (1).



Addis B.R. & Lowe W.H. Long-term survival probability, not current habitat quality, predicts dispersal distance in a stream salamander. Ecology.



Aquatic Plants

Berger A.C., Berg P., McGlathery K.J. & Delgard M.L. Long-term trends and resilience of seagrass metabolism: A decadal aquatic eddy covariance study. Limnology and Oceanography.


Wang M., Wang S., Wang G. & Jiang M. Soil seed banks and restoration potential of tussock sedge meadows after farming in Changbai Mountain, China. Marine and Freshwater Research.




Altermatt F., Little C.J., Mächler E., Wang S., Zhang X. & Blackman R.C. Uncovering the complete biodiversity structure in spatial networks – the example of riverine systems. Oikos.


Lau D.C.P., Christoffersen K.S., Erkinaro J., Hayden B., Heino J., Hellsten S., et al. Multitrophic biodiversity patterns and environmental descriptors of sub-Arctic lakes in northern Europe. Freshwater Biology.



Dissolved Carbon

Lewington-Pearce L., Parker B., Narwani A., Nielsen J.M. & Kratina P. Diversity and temperature indirectly reduce CO2 concentrations in experimental freshwater communities. Oecologia.


Robbins C.J., Yeager A.D., Cook S.C., Doyle R.D., Maurer J.R., Walker C.M., et al. Low-level dissolved organic carbon subsidies drive a trophic upsurge in a boreal stream. Freshwater Biology.


Sankar M.S., Dash P., Lu Y., Mercer A.E., Turnage G., Shoemaker C.M., et al. Land use and land cover control on the spatial variation of dissolved organic matter across 41 lakes in Mississippi, USA. Hydrobiologia.


Stadler M., Ejarque E. & Kainz M.J. In-lake transformations of dissolved organic matter composition in a subalpine lake do not change its biodegradability. Limnology and Oceanography.



Freshwater-Saltwater Boundaries

Cael B.B. & Jansen M.F. On freshwater fluxes and the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.


Howard R.J., From A.S., Krauss K.W., Andres K.D., Cormier N., Allain L., et al. Soil surface elevation dynamics in a mangrove-to-marsh ecotone characterized by vegetation shifts. Hydrobiologia.


Yao H., McCutcheon M.R., Staryk C.J. & Hu X. Hydrologic controls on CO2 chemistry and flux in subtropical lagoonal estuaries of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Limnology and Oceanography.




Garwood J.C., Lucas A.J., Naughton P., Alford M.H., Roberts P.L.D., Jaffe J.S., et al. A novel cross-shore transport mechanism revealed by subsurface, robotic larval mimics: Internal wave deformation of the background velocity field. Limnology and Oceanography.


L’Hommedieu W., Tullos D. & Jones J. Effects of an engineered log jam on spatial variability of the flow field across submergence depths. River Research and Applications.




Lancaster J., Downes B.J., Lester R.E. & Rice S.P. Avoidance and aggregation create consistent egg distribution patterns of congeneric caddisflies across spatially variable oviposition landscapes. Oecologia.


Manglicmot C., Oceguera-Figueroa A. & Kvist S. Bacterial endosymbionts of Placobdella (Annelida: Hirudinea: Glossiphoniidae): phylogeny, genetic distance, and vertical transmission. Hydrobiologia.


Raffard A., Therry L., Finn F., Koch K., Brodin T., Blanchet S., et al. Does range expansion modify trait covariation? A study of a northward expanding dragonfly. Oecologia.


Sperfeld E., Nilssen J.P., Rinehart S., Schwenk K. & Hessen D.O. Ecology of predator-induced morphological defense traits in Daphnia longispina (Cladocera, Arthropoda). Oecologia.



Microbial Communities

Burrows R.M., Beesley L., Douglas M.M., Pusey B.J. & Kennard M.J. Water velocity and groundwater upwelling influence benthic algal biomass in a sandy tropical river: implications for water-resource development. Hydrobiologia.


Lima M.S., Schneck F., Haig They N., Oliveira Crossetti L., Bohnenberger J.E., McMahon K.D., et al. Turnover is replaced by nestedness with increasing geographical distance in bacterial communities of coastal shallow lakes. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Orcutt B.N., Bradley J.A., Brazelton W.J., Estes E.R., Goordial J.M., Huber J.A., et al. Impacts of deep-sea mining on microbial ecosystem services. Limnology and Oceanography.


Raffoul M.H., Enanga E.M., E Senar O., Creed I.F. & Trick C.G. Assessing the potential health risk of cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins in Lake Naivasha, Kenya. Hydrobiologia.




Granek E.F., Brander S.M. & Holland E.B. Microplastics in aquatic organisms: Improving understanding and identifying research directions for the next decade. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.




Smits A.P., MacIntyre S. & Sadro S. Snowpack determines relative importance of climate factors driving summer lake warming. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.