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New Articles January 21-27

Monday, January 28, 2019
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg

New Articles January 21-27

Community Ecology

Letten, A. D., and D. B. Stouffer. The mechanistic basis for higher-order interactions and non-additivity in competitive communities. Ecology Letters.


Vander Vorste, R., A. J. Timpano, C. Cappellin, B. D. Badgley, C. E. Zipper, and S. H. Schoenholtz. Microbial and macroinvertebrate communities, but not leaf decomposition, change along a mining-induced salinity gradient. Freshwater Biology.


Catlin, A. K., K. J. Collier, and I. C. Duggan. Diet of juvenile Galaxias maculatus (Galaxiidae) during the upstream migration period in the lower Waikato River, New Zealand. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Clarke, T. M., S. K. Whitmarsh, P. G. Fairweather, and C. Huveneers. Overlap in fish assemblages observed using pelagic and benthic baited remote underwater video stations. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Flávio, H., K. Aarestrup, N. Jepsen, and A. Koed. Naturalised Atlantic salmon smolts are more likely to reach the sea than wild smolts in a lowland fjord. River Research and Applications.

Morita, K., G. Sahashi, M. Miya, S. Kamada, T. Kanbe, and H. Araki. Ongoing localized extinctions of stream-dwelling white-spotted charr populations in small dammed-off habitats of Hokkaido Island, Japan. Hydrobiologia.

Walther, B. D. The art of otolith chemistry: interpreting patterns by integrating perspectives. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Schütz, S. A., and L. Füreder. Egg development and hatching success in alpine chironomids. Freshwater Biology.


Bannister, W., S. McGowan, A. C. Santos-Borja, J. Quak, L. S. Fong, M. Mendoza, R. D. S. Papa, and D. Taylor. Potential anthropogenic regime shifts in three freshwater lakes in Tropical East Asia. Freshwater Biology.


Day, J., J. A. Clark, J. E. Williamson, C. Brown, and M. Gillings. Population genetic analyses reveal female reproductive philopatry in the oviparous Port Jackson shark. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Harry, A. V, P. A. Butcher, W. G. Macbeth, J. A. T. Morgan, S. M. Taylor, and P. T. Geraghty. Life history of the common blacktip shark, Carcharhinus limbatus, from central eastern Australia and comparative demography of a cryptic shark complex. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Ingeman, K. E., J. F. Samhouri, and A. C. Stier. Ocean recoveries for tomorrow’s Earth: Hitting a moving target. Science 363:eaav1004.

Kelaher, B. P., A. P. Colefax, A. Tagliafico, M. J. Bishop, A. Giles, and P. A. Butcher. Assessing variation in assemblages of large marine fauna off ocean beaches using drones. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Silva, B. J., F. L. Gaspar, P. Tyaquiçã, N. Lefèvre, and M. J. Flores Montes. Carbon chemistry variability around a tropical archipelago. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Kiørboe, T., and K. H. Andersen. Nutrient affinity, half-saturation constants and the cost of toxin production in dinoflagellates. Ecology Letters.

Sarmento, H., I. Izaguirre, V. Becker, J. Padisák, L. Naselli-Flores, and V. L. M. Huszar. Phytoplankton and its biotic interactions: Colin Reynolds’ legacy to phytoplankton ecologists. Hydrobiologia.


Van Looy, K., J. D. Tonkin, M. Floury, C. Leigh, J. Soininen, S. Larsen, J. Heino, N. LeRoy Poff, M. Delong, S. C. Jähnig, T. Datry, N. Bonada, J. Rosebery, A. Jamoneau, S. J. Ormerod, K. J. Collier, and C. Wolter. The three Rs of river ecosystem resilience: Resources, recruitment, and refugia. River Research and Applications.

Fuller, I. C., D. J. Gilvear, M. C. Thoms, and R. G. Death. Framing resilience for river geomorphology: Reinventing the wheel? River Research and Applications.