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New Articles for January 4 - 17, 2021

Monday, January 18, 2021
Ashlynn Boedecker


New Articles for January 4 - 17. 2021


AQUATIC SPECIFIC (42): Aquatic Ecology (6), Aquatic Sciences (6), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (7), Freshwater Biology (2), Hydrobiologia (8), Journal of Freshwater Ecology (1), Journal of Great Lakes Research (3), Limnology and Oceanography (3), River Research Applications (1), Water Resources Research (5)

BROAD-BASED (3): Ecology (1), Ecological Applications (1), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1)

OA = Open Access




Zhang L., Zhou Y., Cheng Y., Lu W. & Liang Y. (2021). Effect of different types of industrial wastewater on the bacterial community of urban rivers. Journal of Freshwater Ecology, 31–48. (OA)



Jung H., Senf C., Beudert B. & Krueger T. (2021). Bayesian hierarchical modeling of nitrate concentration in a forest stream affected by large-scale forest dieback. Water Resources Research. (OA)

Palmia B., Leonardi S., Viaroli P. & Bartoli M. (2021). Regulation of CO2 fluxes along gradients of water saturation in irrigation canal sediments. Aquatic Sciences 83, 18. (OA)


Climate Change

Hamdan M., Byström P., Hotchkiss E.R., Al-Haidarey M.J. & Karlsson J. (2021). An experimental test of climate change effects in northern lakes: Increasing allochthonous organic matter and warming alters autumn primary production. Freshwater Biology.

Mari L., Daufresne M., Guillard J., Evanno G. & Lasne E. (2021). Elevated temperature and deposited sediment jointly affect early life history traits in southernmost arctic charr populations. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.



Fisher M.C., Moore S.K., Jardine S.L., Watson J.R. & Samhouri J.F. (2021). Climate shock effects and mediation in fisheries. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118.

Biro P.A., Post J.R. & Beckmann C. (2021). Autumn lipid reserves, overwinter lipid depletion, and high winter mortality of rainbow trout in experimental lakes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Gatch A., Gorsky D., Biesinger Z., Bruestle E., Lee K., Karboski C., et al. (2021). Evidence of successful river spawning by lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) in the Lower Niagara River, Lake Ontario. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Gíslason D., McLaughlin R.L. & Robinson B.W. (2021). Synchronous changes in length at maturity across four species of Lake Erie fish with different harvest histories. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Hasegawa K., Honda K., Yoshiyama T., Suzuki K. & Fukui S. (2021). Small biased body size of salmon fry preyed upon by piscivorous fish in riverine and marine habitats. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Hinch S.G., Bett N.N., Eliason E.J., Farrell A.P., Cooke S.J. & Patterson D.A. (2021). Exceptionally high mortality of adult female salmon: a large-scale pattern and a conservation concern. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. (OA)

Loughin T.M., Bennett S.N. & Bouwes N. (2021). Comparison of staircase and asymmetrical before-after control impact (aBACI) experimental designs to test the effectiveness of stream restoration at increasing juvenile steelhead density. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Ransom A.L., Houghton C.J., Hanson S.D., Hansen S.P., Doerr L.R. & Forsythe P.S. (2021). Recolonization of lake whitefish river spawning ecotypes and estimates of riverine larval production in Green Bay, Lake Michigan. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Ratcliffe F.C., Uren Webster T.M., Rodriguez-Barreto D., O’Rorke R., Garcia de Leaniz C. & Consuegra S. (2021). Quantitative assessment of fish larvae community composition in spawning areas using metabarcoding of bulk samples. Ecological Applications. (OA)



Liu W., Yang T., Sun F., Wang H., Feng Y. & Du M. (2021). Observation-constrained projection of global flood magnitudes with anthropogenic warming. Water Resources Research.


Food Webs

Lansac-Tôha F.M., Quirino B.A., Souza Y.R., Lansac-Tôha F.A., Velho L.F.M. & Baumgartner M.T. (2021). The commonality of core biological groups across freshwater food webs. Limnology and Oceanography.

Urrutia Cordero P., Langenheder S., Striebel M., Eklöv P., Angeler D.G., Bertilsson S., et al. (2021). Functionally reversible impacts of disturbances on lake food webs linked to spatial and seasonal dependencies. Ecology.


Instrumentation and Methodology

Beecraft L., Watson S.B. & Smith R.E.H. (2021). Quantifying the uncertainties in multi-wavelength PAM fluorometry due to innate and irradiance-induced variability of fluorescence spectra. Aquatic Ecology.

Rodellas V., Stieglitz T.C., Tamborski J.J., van Beek P., Andrisoa A. & Cook P.G. (2021). Conceptual uncertainties in groundwater and porewater fluxes estimated by radon and radium mass balances. Limnology and Oceanography. (OA)

Zhan X., Zhao J., Zhu-Barker X., Shui J., Liu B. & Guo M. (2021). An instrument with constant volume approach for in-situ measurement of surface runoff and suspended sediment concentration. Water Resources Research.


Invasive Species

Bolpagni R. (2021). Towards global dominance of invasive alien plants in freshwater ecosystems: the dawn of the Exocene? Hydrobiologia.

Hoffman J., Meredith C., Pilgrim E., Trebitz A.S., Hatzenbuhler C., Kelly J.R., et al. (2021). Comparison of Larval Fish Detections Using Morphology-Based Taxonomy versus High-Throughput Sequencing for Invasive Species Early Detection. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.



Feio M.J., R. Q. Serra S. & M. Neto J. (2021). From headwaters into the estuarine zone: changes in processes and invertebrate communities in response to abiotic conditions. Aquatic Ecology.

Manoel P.S. & Uieda V.S. (2021). Impacts of different monoculture types on stream benthic macroinvertebrate and fish communities. Hydrobiologia.


Lake Dynamics

Zhao J., Valipour R., León L.F. & Rao Y.R. (2021). High-resolution hydrodynamic modelling to study year-round circulations and inter-basin exchanges in Lake Winnipeg. Journal of Great Lakes Research.



Nonato F.A.S., Michelan T.S., Freitas P.V., Maia C. & Montag L.F. de A. (2021). Heterogeneity of macrophyte banks affects the structure of fish communities in flooded habitats of the Amazon Basin. Aquatic Ecology.

Peng H., Ge D., Yuan G., Zou D., Fu H. & Jeppesen E. (2021). Effect of clonal fragmentation on the growth of Vallisneria natans (Lour.) Hara at contrasting nutrient and light conditions. Hydrobiologia.

Quirino B.A., Lansac-Tôha F.M., Thomaz S.M., Heino J. & Fugi R. (2021). Macrophyte stand complexity explains the functional α and β diversity of fish in a tropical river-floodplain. Aquatic Sciences 83, 12.

Velle G., Skoglund H. & Barlaup B.T. (2021). Effects of nuisance submerged vegetation on the fauna in Norwegian rivers. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

Yofukuji K.Y., Cardozo A.L.P., Quirino B.A., Aleixo M.H.F. & Fugi R. (2021). Macrophyte diversity alters invertebrate community and fish diet. Hydrobiologia.

Yuan L.L. (2021). Continental-scale effects of phytoplankton and non-phytoplankton turbidity on macrophyte occurrence in shallow lakes. Aquatic Sciences 83, 14.



Shuvo A., O’Reilly C.M., Blagrave K., Ewins C., Filazzola A., Gray D., et al. (2021). Total phosphorus and climate are equally important predictors of water quality in lakes. Aquatic Sciences 83, 16.



Chen J., Sun S., Wang P., Wang C., Wang X., Gao H., et al. (2021). Sedimentary microeukaryotes reveal more dispersal limitation and form networks with less connectivity than planktonic microeukaryotes in a highly regulated river. Freshwater Biology. (OA)



Pathak D., Hutchins M., Brown L., Loewenthal M., Scarlett P., Armstrong L., et al. (2021). Hourly Prediction of Phytoplankton Biomass and its Environmental Controls in Lowland Rivers. Water Resources Research.

Arnott R.N., Cherif M., Bryant L.D. & Wain D.J. (2021). Artificially generated turbulence: a review of phycological nanocosm, microcosm, and mesocosm experiments. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

Laird K.R., Barouillet C., Cumming B.F., Perrin C.J. & Selbie D.T. (2021). Influence of glacial turbidity and climate on diatom communities in two Fjord Lakes (British Columbia, Canada). Aquatic Sciences 83, 13.

Loewen C.J.G., Vinebrooke R.D. & Zurawell R.W. (2021). Quantifying seasonal succession of phytoplankton trait-environment associations in human-altered landscapes. Limnology and Oceanography. (OA)

Vanderley R.F., Ger K.A., Becker V., Bezerra M.G.T.A. & Panosso R. (2021). Abiotic factors driving cyanobacterial biomass and composition under perennial bloom conditions in tropical latitudes. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Stream/River Dynamics

Jurotich M., Cardona N., Vázquez B., Wetzel R., Cowman T. & Sweeney M. (2021). Contributions of suspended load from Missouri River tributaries, southeast South Dakota, and northeast Nebraska: Building a sediment budget. River Research and Applications.

Piazzi G., Thirel G., Perrin C. & Delaigue O. (2021). Sequential data assimilation for streamflow forecasting: assessing the sensitivity to uncertainties and updated variables of a conceptual hydrological model at basin scale. Water Resources Research.



Montez R.D., Saenz D., Martynova-Van Kley A., Van Kley J., Nalian A. & Farrish K. (2021). The influence of Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera) leaf litter on water quality and microbial community composition. Aquatic Ecology.



Duda M.P., Michelutti N., Wang X. & Smol J.P. (2021). Categorizing the influences of two large seabird colonies on island freshwater ecosystems in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Hydrobiologia.



Yang M., Wei J., Wang Y., Shen C. & Xie X. (2021). Short‐term starvation affects fatty acid metabolism of Daphnia magna neonates and juveniles. Aquatic Sciences 83, 15.

Meyer-Milne E., Brendonck L. & Pinceel T. (2021). Egg morphology may underpin the successful distribution of large branchiopods in temporary waters. Aquatic Ecology.

Wallace R.L., Walsh E.J., Nandini S. & Sarma S.S.S. (2021). A meta-analysis of benthic rotifer community structure as a function of lake trophic state. Aquatic Ecology.