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New Articles for January 6 - 12

Monday, January 13, 2020
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg

New Articles for January 6 - 12


Xu, X., Z. Yu, L. He, X. Cao, N. Chen, and X. Song. 2020. Metabolic analyses by metatranscriptomics highlight plasticity in phosphorus acquisition during monospecific and multispecies algal blooms. Hydrobiologia.

Anthropogenic Change

Clark, T. D., G. D. Raby, D. G. Roche, S. A. Binning, B. Speers-Roesch, F. Jutfelt, and J. Sundin. 2020. Ocean acidification does not impair the behaviour of coral reef fishes. Nature.

Zhang, P., Y. Cai, W. Yang, Y. Yi, and Z. Yang. 2020. Climatic and anthropogenic impacts on water and sediment generation in the middle reach of the Jinsha River Basin. River Research and Applications.


Blowes, S. A., J. M. Chase, A. Di Franco, O. Frid, N. J. Gotelli, P. Guidetti, T. M. Knight, F. May, D. J. McGlinn, F. Micheli, E. Sala, and J. Belmaker. 2020. Mediterranean marine protected areas have higher biodiversity via increased evenness, not abundance. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Carbon Cycling

Zhao, Y., J. Liu, K. Uthaipan, X. Song, Y. Xu, B. He, H. Liu, J. Gan, and M. Dai. 2020. Dynamics of inorganic carbon and pH in a large subtropical continental shelf system: Interaction between eutrophication, hypoxia, and ocean acidification. Limnology and Oceanography.

Coastal Ecosystems

Dissanayake, N. G., C. L. J. Frid, and B. A. Caswell. 2020. Biodiversity, trait composition and ecological functioning: impacts of coastal urbanisation on subtropical mudflats. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Erftemeijer, P. L. A., T. Agastian, H. Yamamoto, M. L. Cambridge, R. Hoekstra, G. Toms, and S. Ito. 2020. Mangrove planting on dredged material: three decades of nature-based coastal defence along a causeway in the Arabian Gulf. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Ecosystem Ecology

Gossiaux, A., M. Rollin, F. Guérold, V. Felten, M. Laviale, Q. Bachelet, P. Poupin, E. Chauvet, A. Bec, and M. Danger. 2020. Temperature and nutrient effects on the relative importance of brown and green pathways for stream ecosystem functioning: A mesocosm approach. Freshwater Biology.

Lancaster, J., B. J. Downes, and G. K. Dwyer. 2020. Terrestrial–aquatic transitions: Local abundances and movements of mature female caddisflies are related to oviposition habits but not flight capability. Freshwater Biology.

Silknetter, S., R. P. Creed, B. L. Brown, E. A. Frimpong, J. Skelton, and B. K. Peoples. 2020. Positive biotic interactions in freshwaters: A review and research directive. Freshwater Biology.

Wisnoski, N. I., M. E. Muscarella, M. L. Larsen, A. L. Peralta, and J. T. Lennon. 2020. Metabolic insight into bacterial community assembly across ecosystem boundaries. Ecology:e02968.


Bolnick, D. I., and K. M. Ballare. 2020. Resource diversity promotes among-individual diet variation, but not genomic diversity, in lake stickleback. Ecology Letters n/a.

Cano-Barbacil, C., J. Radinger, and E. García-Berthou. 2020. Reliability analysis of fish traits reveals discrepancies among databases. Freshwater Biology.

Easter, E. E., M. S. Adreani, S. L. Hamilton, M. A. Steele, S. Pang, and J. W. White. 2020. Influence of protogynous sex change on recovery of fish populations within marine protected areas. Ecological Applications.

Krueck, N. C., E. A. Treml, D. J. Innes, and J. R. Ovenden. 2020. Ocean currents and the population genetic signature of fish migrations. Ecology:e02967.

Food Web Dynamics

Allen, J., M. Laviale, M. Cellamare, Q. Bachelet, V. Felten, and M. Danger. 2020. Do leaf-litter decomposers control biofilm primary production and benthic algal community structure in forest streams? Insights from an outdoor mesocosm experiment. Freshwater Biology.

Cade, D. E., N. Carey, P. Domenici, J. Potvin, and J. A. Goldbogen. 2020. Predator-informed looming stimulus experiments reveal how large filter feeding whales capture highly maneuverable forage fish. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117:472 LP – 478.

Reis, A. da S., M. P. Albrecht, and S. E. Bunn. 2020. Food web pathways for fish communities in small tropical streams. Freshwater Biology.


Bateman, H. L., and S. B. Riddle. 2020. Reptile community responses to native and non-native riparian forests and disturbance along two rivers in Arizona. River Research and Applications.


Yarnell, S. M., E. D. Stein, J. A. Webb, T. Grantham, R. A. Lusardi, J. Zimmerman, R. A. Peek, B. A. Lane, J. Howard, and S. Sandoval-Solis. 2020. A functional flows approach to selecting ecologically relevant flow metrics for environmental flow applications. River Research and Applications.


Jermacz, Ł., A. Nowakowska, H. Kletkiewicz, and J. Kobak. 2020. Experimental evidence for the adaptive response of aquatic invertebrates to chronic predation risk. Oecologia.


Deemer, B. R., E. G. Stets, and C. B. Yackulic. 2020. Calcite precipitation in Lake Powell reduces alkalinity and total salt loading to the Lower Colorado River Basin. Limnology and Oceanography.


Lester, R. E., H. M. McGinness, A. E. Price, A. Macqueen, N. L. Poff, and B. Gawne. 2020. Identifying multiple factors limiting long-term success in environmental watering. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Novel Pollutants

Athey, S. N., S. D. Albotra, C. A. Gordon, B. Monteleone, P. Seaton, A. L. Andrady, A. R. Taylor, and S. M. Brander. 2020. Trophic transfer of microplastics in an estuarine food chain and the effects of a sorbed legacy pollutant. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Dudek, K. L., B. N. Cruz, B. Polidoro, and S. Neuer. 2020. Microbial colonization of microplastics in the Caribbean Sea. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Hurt, R., C. M. O’Reilly, and W. L. Perry. 2020. Microplastic prevalence in two fish species in two U.S. reservoirs. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Not, C., C. Y. I. Lui, and S. Cannicci. 2020. Feeding behavior is the main driver for microparticle intake in mangrove crabs. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Waddell, E. N., N. Lascelles, and J. L. Conkle. 2020. Microplastic contamination in Corpus Christi Bay blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Zhang, W., W. Huang, X. Chen, X. Yang, and X. Yang. 2020. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope evidence for the low biomagnification of mercury in marine fish from the South China Sea. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Nutrient Dynamics

Gautreau, E., L. Volatier, G. Nogaro, E. Gouze, and F. Mermillod-Blondin. 2020. The influence of bioturbation and water column oxygenation on nutrient recycling in reservoir sediments. Hydrobiologia.

Nguyen, T. T. N., J. Némery, N. Gratiot, J. Garnier, E. Strady, D. P. Nguyen, V. Q. Tran, A. T. Nguyen, S. T. Cao, and T. P. T. Huynh. 2020. Nutrient budgets in the Saigon–Dongnai River basin: Past to future inputs from the developing Ho Chi Minh megacity (Vietnam). River Research and Applications.


Bestion, E., S. Barton, F. C. García, R. Warfield, and G. Yvon-Durocher. 2020. Abrupt declines in marine phytoplankton production driven by warming and biodiversity loss in a microcosm experiment. Ecology Letters.

dos Santos, T. R., M. C. Castilho, R. Henry, and C. Ferragut. 2020. Relationship between epipelon, epiphyton and phytoplankton in two limnological phases in a shallow tropical reservoir with high Nymphaea coverage. Hydrobiologia.

Godrijan, J., D. Drapeau, and W. M. Balch. 2020. Mixotrophic uptake of organic compounds by coccolithophores. Limnology and Oceanography.


Liu, W., X. Chen, D. R. Strong, S. C. Pennings, M. L. Kirwan, X. Chen, and Y. Zhang. 2020. Climate and geographic adaptation drive latitudinal clines in biomass of a widespread saltmarsh plant in its native and introduced ranges. Limnology and Oceanography.