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New Articles January 7-13

Monday, January 14, 2019
Whitney Beck

New Articles January 6-13


Climate Change

Cheng, L., J. Abraham, Z. Hausfather, K. E. Trenberth. How fast are the oceans warming? Science.

Li, Y., W. A. Pizer, L. Wu. Climate change and residential electricity consumption in the Yangtze River Delta, China. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Walsh, B. S., S. R. Parratt, A. A. Hoffmann, D. Atkinson, R. R. Snook, A. Bretman, T. A. R. Price. The Impact of Climate Change on Fertility. Trends in Ecology and Evolution.


Arafeh-Dalmau, N., C. Linares, B. Hereu, H. Caceres-Escobar, D. Biggs, H. Possingham. Protect Catalonia's corals despite politics. Science.

Tekwa, E. W., E. P. Fenichel, S. A. Levin, M. L. Pinsky. Path-dependent institutions drive alternative stable states in conservation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Kaylor, M. J., B. J. VerWey, A. Cortes, D. R. Warren. Drought impacts to trout and salamanders in cool, forested headwater ecosystems in the western Cascade Mountains, OR. Hydrobiologia.


Khosravinia, P., M. R. Nikpour, A. Malekpour, A. H. Dalir. Effect of side slope of main channels on formation and penetration of scour hole in confluences. River Research and Applications.

Human-Wildlife Conflict

Garcia-Grajales, J., A. Buenrostro-Silva. Assessment of human-crocodile conflict in Mexico: patterns, trends and hotspots areas. Marine and Freshwater Research


Fu, Q., R. Shi, R. Li, Y. Sun, D. Liu, S. Cui, R. Hou. Effects of land‐use change and climate variability on streamflow in the Woken River basin in Northeast China. River Research and Applications.

O'Sullivan, M., D. O. hUallachain, P. O. Antunes, E. Jennings, M. Kelly-Quinn. The impacts of cattle access points on deposited sediment levels in headwater streams in Ireland. River Research and Applications.

Stefankiv, O., T. J. Beechie, J. E. Hall, G. R. Pess, B. Timpane-Padgham. Influences of valley form and land use on large river and floodplain habitats in Puget Sound. River Research and Applications.

Life History

Kasten, P., S. R. Jenkins, R. Tremblay, A. A. V. Flores. Evidence for enhanced late-stage larval quality, not survival, through maternal carry-over effects in a space monopolizing barnacle. Hydrobiologia.

Marshall, D. J., C. R. White. Aquatic Life History Trajectories Are Shaped by Selection, Not Oxygen Limitation. Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

Long-Term Studies

Xenopoulos, M. A. Editorial: Long-term studies in limnology and oceanography. Limnology and Oceanography.

Population Ecology

Sarma, S. S. S., S. Nandini. Comparative population dynamics of six brachionid rotifers (Rotifera) fed seston from a hypertrophic, high altitude shallow waterbody from Mexico. Hydrobiologia.

Tenan, S., G. Tavecchia, D. Oro, R. Pradel. Assessing the effect of density on population growth when modeling individual encounter data. Ecology.


Glon, H., Y. Haruka, M. Daly, M. Nakaoka. Temperature and salinity survival limits of the fluffy sea anemone, Metridium senile (L.), in Japan. Hydrobiologia.

Horne, C. R., A. G. Hirst, D. Atkinson, R. Almeda, T. Korboe. Rapid shifts in the thermal sensitivity of growth but not development rate causes temperature‐size response variability during ontogeny in arthropods. Oikos.

Lemoine, N.P. Considering the effects of temperature x nutrient interactions on the thermal response curve of carrying capacity. Ecology.

Muth, A. F., M. H. Graham, C. E. Lane, C. D. G. Harley. Recruitment tolerance to increased temperature present across multiple kelp clades. Ecology.

Pettersen, A. K., C. R. White, R. J. Bryson-Richardson, D. J. Marshall. Linking life‐history theory and metabolic theory explains the offspring size‐temperature relationship. Ecology Letters.

Trophic Dynamics

MacNeil, C. Predatory impacts of the invasive ‘killer shrimp’ Dikerogammarus villosus on a resident amphipod and isopod (Crustacea: Malacostraca) are influenced by water quality and habitat type. Hydrobiologia.

Morra, K. E., Y. Chikaraishi, H. Gandhi, H. F. James, S. Rossman, A. E. Wiley, A. F. Raine, J. Beck, P. H. Ostrom. Trophic declines and decadal-scale foraging segregation in three pelagic seabirds. Oecologia.

Stamou, G., M. Katsiapi, M. Moustaka-Gouni, E. Michaloudi. Trophic state assessment based on zooplankton communities in Mediterranean lakes. Hydrobiologia.