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New Articles July 2 - 8

Monday, July 9, 2018
Katherine O'Reilly
Allyn Dodd

New Articles July 2-8

Freshwater-specific journals (6): Freshwater Biology, Freshwater Science, Hydrobiologia, Limnology and Oceanography Letters, Marine and Freshwater Research, River Research and Applications

Broad-based journals (4): Ecology Letters, Oecologia, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Trends in Ecology & Evolution


H., L. W., R., A. B., R., S. M., & M., D. J. The spatial structure of variation in salamander survival, body condition and morphology in a headwater stream network. Freshwater Biology.


Graham C.H. & Weinstein B.G. Towards a predictive model of species interaction beta diversity. Ecology Letters.

Kindsvater H.K., Dulvy N.K., Horswill C., Juan-Jordá M.-J., Mangel M. & Matthiopoulos J. Overcoming the Data Crisis in Biodiversity Conservation. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

Krasznai-K, E. Á., Boda, P., Borics, G., Lukács, B. A., & Várbíró, G. Dynamics in the effects of the species–area relationship versus local environmental factors in bomb crater ponds. Hydrobiologia.


E., B. C., M., M. S., & L., H. S. Predicting suspended sediment concentration from nephelometric turbidity in organic-rich waters. River Research and Applications.

J., K. T., F., S. L., Daniel, L., E., B. J., & M., M. D. Catch and release: Hyporheic retention and mineralization of N-fixing Nostoc sustains downstream microbial mat biomass in two polar desert streams. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Lenton T.M., Daines S.J., Dyke J.G., Nicholson A.E., Wilkinson D.M. & Williams H.T.P. Selection for Gaia across Multiple Scales. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

Mestre M., Ruiz-González C., Logares R., Duarte C.M., Gasol J.M. & Sala M.M. Sinking particles promote vertical connectivity in the ocean microbiome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

P., P., & J., M. Z. Enzymatic biodegradation of high molecular weight polymers in the sediment–water interface in the coastal river estuary. River Research and Applications.


Abehsera, S., Weil, S., Manor, R., & Sagi, A. The search for proteins involved in the formation of crustacean cuticular structures. Hydrobiologia.

Nguyen, T. V., Jung, H., Rotllant, G., Hurwood, D., Mather, P., & Ventura, T. Guidelines for RNA-seq projects: applications and opportunities in non-model decapod crustacean species. Hydrobiologia.

Rahi, M. L., Moshtaghi, A., Mather, P. B., & Hurwood, D. A. Osmoregulation in decapod crustaceans: physiological and genomic perspectives. Hydrobiologia.


Hamre, K. D., Lofton, M. E., McClure, R. P., Munger, Z. W., Doubek, J. P., Gerling, A. B., … Carey, C. C. In situ fluorometry reveals a persistent, perennial hypolimnetic cyanobacterial bloom in a seasonally anoxic reservoir. Freshwater Science.

Pei, Y., Liu, L., Hilt, S., Xu, R., Wang, B., Li, C., & Chang, X. Root exudated algicide of Eichhornia crassipes enhances allelopathic effects of cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa on green algae. Hydrobiologia.

Yema, L., Kremer, C. T., O’Farrell, I., & de Tezanos Pinto, P. Assessing patterns of morphological and physiological trait variations across heterocytous cyanobacteria at cellular and population levels. Hydrobiologia.

Zhang, P., Chen, M., Zhang, Y., Li, Y., Lu, S., & Li, P. Autoaggregation and adhesion abilities in bacteria associated with colonies of Microcystis. Hydrobiologia.

Zhu, W., Zhou, X., Chen, H., & Li, M. Sequence of Microcystis colony formation during recruitment under natural conditions. Hydrobiologia.


Allison E.H. & Mills D.J. Counting the fish eaten rather than the fish caught. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Curtis, W. J., Gebhard, A. E., & Perkin, J. S. The river continuum concept predicts prey assemblage structure for an insectivorous fish along a temperate riverscape. Freshwater Science.

E.C., I., & D.L., P. Seasonal movements of shortnose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum) in the Altamaha River, Georgia. River Research and Applications.

Esin, E. V, Nikiforova, A. I., Shulgina, E. V, Metal’nikova, K. V, Novosadova, A. V, Zlenko, D. V, … Leman, V. N. Unspecific histological and hematological alterations in anadromous and resident Salvelinus malma induced by volcanogenic pollution. Hydrobiologia.

J., S. J., A., P. M., P., P., & J., R. Diversity of river fishes influenced by habitat heterogeneity across hydrogeomorphic divisions. River Research and Applications.

Levin, B., Simonov, E., Rastorguev, S., Boulygina, E., Sharko, F., Tsygankova, S., … Nedoluzhko, A. High-throughput sequencing of the mitochondrial genomes from archived fish scales: an example of the endangered putative species flock of Sevan trout Salmo ischchan. Hydrobiologia.

Matschiner, M. Gondwanan vicariance or trans-Atlantic dispersal of cichlid fishes: a review of the molecular evidence. Hydrobiologia.

Montorio L., Evanno G. & Nevoux M. Intra- and interspecific densities shape life-history traits in a salmonid population. Oecologia.

Moore, G. I., Humphreys, W. F., & Foster, R. New populations of the rare subterranean blind cave eel Ophisternon candidum (Synbranchidae) reveal recent historical connections throughout north-western Australia. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Paul, M., Silke, D., Daniela, H., Stephanie, G., Susanne, K., Pablo, R., … Herwig, W. Species-specific fish larvae drift in anthropogenically constructed riparian zones on the Vienna impoundment of the River Danube, Austria: Species occurrence, frequencies, and seasonal patterns based on DNA barcoding. River Research and Applications.

Trujillo-Olvera, A., Ortega-García, S., Tripp-Valdez, A., Escobar-Sánchez, O., & Acosta-Pachón, T. A. Feeding habits of the swordfish (Xiphias gladius Linnaeus, 1758) in the subtropical northeast Pacific. Hydrobiologia.

Invasive Species

Guo W.-Y., Kleunen M., Winter M., Weigelt P., Stein A., Pierce S., et al. The role of adaptive strategies in plant naturalization. Ecology Letters.

Horváth, Z., Lejeusne, C., Amat, F., Sánchez-Fontenla, J., Vad, C. F., & Green, A. J. Eastern spread of the invasive Artemia franciscana in the Mediterranean Basin, with the first record from the Balkan Peninsula. Hydrobiologia.

Liu Y., Liu M., Xu X., Tian Y., Zhang Z. & van Kleunen M. The effects of changes in water and nitrogen availability on alien plant invasion into a stand of a native grassland species. Oecologia.

Penk, M. R., Donohue, I., & Irvine, K. Temporally variable niche overlap and competitive potential of an introduced and a native mysid shrimp. Hydrobiologia.


Feniova, I., Dawidowicz, P., Ejsmont-Karabin, J., Gladyshev, M., Kalinowska, K., Karpowicz, M., … Dzialowski, A. R Effects of zebra mussels on cladoceran communities under eutrophic conditions. Hydrobiologia.

Trivellini, M. M., Van der Molen, S., & Márquez, F. Fluctuating asymmetry in the shell shape of the Atlantic Patagonian mussel, Mytilus platensis, generated by habitat-specific constraints. Hydrobiologia.


P., G. M., Neal, M., Christopher, G., & P., S. J. Long-term limnological changes in the Ecuadorian páramo: Comparing the ecological responses to climate warming of shallow waterbodies versus deep lakes. Freshwater Biology.


Maurone, C., Suppa, A., & Rossi, V. Polymorphisms in predator induced defences of coexisting Daphnia pulex and D. longispina. Hydrobiologia.

Obertegger, U., & Flaim, G. Taxonomic and functional diversity of rotifers, what do they tell us about community assembly? Hydrobiologia.

Trophic Ecology

H., N. G., & Leopold, F. When the going gets tough, the tough get going: The enigma of survival strategies in harsh glacial stream environments. Freshwater Biology.


Ober, G. T., & Martin, R. M. Sea-level rise and macroalgal blooms may combine to exacerbate decline in Spartina patens and Spartina alterniflora marshes. Hydrobiologia.