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New Articles for July 27- August 2

Monday, August 3, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Aquatic-Specific (8): Aquatic Ecology (2), Aquatic Sciences (1), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (2), Freshwater Biology (1), Hydrobiologia (9), Limnology and Oceanography (6), River Research and Applications (4), Water Resources Research (13).

Broad-Based (4): BioScience (3), Ecology (3), Oecologia (4), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1).

OA= Open Access Article



Moore M.P., Pechmann J.H.K. & Whiteman H.H. Relative size underlies alternative morph development in a salamander. Oecologia.



Conductivity and Dissolved Minerals

Botter M., Li L., Hartmann J., Burlando P. & Fatichi S. Depth of solute generation is a dominant control on concentration-discharge relations. Water Resources Research.


Jung H., Malenda M., Worts N., Squier J., Gorman B.P. & Navarre-Sitchler A. The fabrication of plagioclase feldspar microdevices: an experimental tool for pore scale mineral dissolution studies. Water Resources Research.


Xu T., Reuschen S., Nowak W. & Hendricks Franssen H.-J. Preconditioned Crank-Nicolson Markov chain Monte Carlo coupled with parallel tempering: An efficient method for Bayesian Inversion of multi-Gaussian log-hydraulic conductivity fields. Water Resources Research.




Eliason E.J., Dick M., Patterson D.A., Robinson K.A., Lotto J., Hinch S.G., et al. Sex-specific differences in physiological recovery and short-term behaviour following fisheries capture in adult sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.


Zeni J.O., Hoeinghaus D.J., Roa-Fuentes C.A. & Casatti L. Stochastic species loss and dispersal limitation drive patterns of spatial and temporal beta diversity of fish assemblages in tropical agroecosystem streams. Hydrobiologia.



Florida Everglades

Yao Q., Liu K., Rodrigues E., Bianchette T., Aragón-Moreno A.A. & Zhang Z. A Geochemical Record of Late-Holocene Hurricane Events from the Florida Everglades. Water Resources Research.



Flow and Hydrology

Liu J. & Tokunaga T. Regime identification, dimensionless numbers, and parameter sensitivity of variable-density flow in porous media based on numerical simulations. Water Resources Research.


Xue S., Yang Z., Hu R. & Chen Y.-F. Splitting Dynamics of Liquid Slugs at a T-Junction. Water Resources Research.



Human Alteration

Bradford M.J. Assessment and management of effects of large hydropower projects on aquatic ecosystems in British Columbia, Canada. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Chhor A.D., Glassman D.M., Smol J.P., Vermaire J.C. & Cooke S.J. Ecological consequences of shoreline armoring on littoral fish and benthic macroinvertebrate communities in an Eastern Ontario lake. Aquatic Sciences.


Lenzewski N., Jensen K. & Ludewig K. Seed bank has the potential for re-colonising urban stormwater ponds after reconstruction. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Marteau B., Gibbins C., Vericat D. & Batalla R.J. Geomorphological response to system-scale river rehabilitation I: Sediment supply from a reconnected tributary. River Research and Applications. (OA)


Marteau B., Gibbins C., Vericat D. & Batalla R.J. Geomorphological response to system-scale river rehabilitation II: Main-stem channel adjustments following reconnection of an ephemeral tributary. River Research and Applications. (OA)



Inclusion and Collaboration

Clark S.E., Magrane E., Baumgartner T., Bennett S.E.K., Bogan M., Edwards T., et al. 6&6: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Art–Science Collaboration. BioScience.


Kranzfelder P., Bankers-Fulbright J.L., García-Ojeda M.E., Melloy M., Mohammed S. & Warfa A.-R.M. Undergraduate Biology Instructors Still Use Mostly Teacher-Centered Discourse Even When Teaching with Active Learning Strategies. BioScience.


RissleR L.J., Hale K.L., Joffe N.R. & Caruso N.M. Gender Differences in Grant Submissions across Science and Engineering Fields at the NSF. BioScience. (OA)




Franceschini M.C., Murphy K.J., Moore I., Kennedy M.P., Martínez F.S., Willems F., et al. Impacts on freshwater macrophytes produced by small invertebrate herbivores: Afrotropical and Neotropical wetlands compared. Hydrobiologia.


Giehl N.F. da S., Cabette H.S.R., Dias-Silva K., Juen L., Moreira F.F.F., de Castro L.A., et al. Variation in the diversity of semiaquatic bugs (Insecta: Heteroptera: Gerromorpha) in altered and preserved veredas. Hydrobiologia.


Potts L.J., Gantz J.D., Kawarasaki Y., Philip B.N., Gonthier D.J., Law A.D., et al. Environmental factors influencing fine-scale distribution of Antarctica’s only endemic insect. Oecologia. (OA)


Prater C., Bumpers P.M., Demi L.M., Rosemond A.D. & Jeyasingh P.D. Differential responses of macroinvertebrate ionomes across experimental N:P gradients in detritus-based headwater streams. Oecologia. (OA)


Verhaegen G., von Jungmeister K. & Haase M. Life history variation in space and time: environmental and seasonal responses of a parthenogenetic invasive freshwater snail in northern Germany. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


von Proschwitz T. & Wengström N. Zoogeography, ecology, and conservation status of the large freshwater mussels in Sweden. Hydrobiologia. (OA)




Macrophytes and Vegetation

García-Girón J., Heino J., Baastrup-Spohr L., Clayton J., de Winton M., Feldmann T., et al. Elements of lake macrophyte metacommunity structure: Global variation and community-environment relationships. Limnology and Oceanography.


Gufu G.D., Manea A. & Leishman M.R. Responses of five naturalised ornamental freshwater plant species to elevated carbon dioxide concentration and nutrient enrichment. Hydrobiologia.


Gurnell A.M. & Bertoldi W. Extending the conceptual model of river island development to incorporate different tree species and environmental conditions. River Research and Applications. (OA)


Malhotra A., Brice D.J., Childs J., Graham J.D., Hobbie E.A., Vander Stel H., et al. Peatland warming strongly increases fine-root growth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (OA)


Moore T.P., Clearwater S.J., Duggan I.C. & Collier K.J. Invasive macrophytes induce context-specific effects on oxygen, pH, and temperature in a hydropeaking reservoir. River Research and Applications.


Solohin E., Widney S.E. & Craft C.B. Declines in plant productivity drive loss of soil elevation in a tidal freshwater marsh exposed to saltwater intrusion. Ecology.


Tan X., Liu B. & Tan X. Global changes in baseflow under the impacts of changing climate and vegetation. Water Resources Research.


Vivian L.M., Greet J. & Jones C.S. Responses of grasses to experimental submergence in summer: implications for the management of unseasonal flows in regulated rivers. Aquatic Ecology. (OA)




Brand M.W., Gudiño-Elizondo N., Allaire M., Wright S., Matson W., Saksa P., et al. Stochastic hydro-financial watershed modeling for environmental impact bonds. Water Resources Research.


Enemark T., Peeters L., Mallants D., Flinchum B. & Batelaan O. A Systematic Approach to Hydrogeological Conceptual Model Testing, Combining Remote Sensing and Geophysical data. Water Resources Research.


Gao W., Nienhuis J., Nardin W., Wang Z.B., Shao D., Sun T., et al. Wave Controls on Deltaic Shoreline-Channel Morphodynamics: Insights from a Coupled Model. Water Resources Research.


Taverniers S., Bosma S.B.M. & Tartakovsky D.M. Accelerated multilevel Monte Carlo with kernel-based smoothing and Latinized stratification. Water Resources Research.



Nutrient Cycling

Bell D.W., Pellechia P.J., Ingall E.D. & Benitez-Nelson C.R. Resolving marine dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP) composition in a coastal estuary. Limnology and Oceanography.

Knights D., Sawyer A.H., Barnes R.T., Piliouras A., Schwenk J., Edmonds D.A., et al. Nitrate removal across ecogeomorphic zones in Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana (USA). Water Resources Research.


Palmer M.J., Chételat J., Jamieson H.E., Richardson M. & Amyot M. Hydrologic control on winter dissolved oxygen mediates arsenic cycling in a small subarctic lake. Limnology and Oceanography.


Yang B., Wells M.G., Li J. & Young J. Mixing, stratification, and plankton under lake-ice during winter in a large lake: Implications for spring dissolved oxygen levels. Limnology and Oceanography.




Sha Y., Tesson S. & Hansson L.-A. Diverging responses to threats across generations in zooplankton. Ecology. (OA)


Sterner R.W., Reinl K.L., Lafrancois B.M., Brovold S. & Miller T.R. A first assessment of cyanobacterial blooms in oligotrophic Lake Superior. Limnology and Oceanography. (OA)



River Continuum Concept

Doretto A., Piano E. & Larson C.E. The River Continuum Concept: lessons from the past and perspectives for the future. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.



Shallow Ecosystems

Janssen A.B.G., Hilt S., Kosten S., de Klein J.J.M., Paerl H.W. & Van de Waal D.B. Shifting states, shifting services: Linking regime shifts to changes in ecosystem services of shallow lakes. Freshwater Biology.


Puche E., Rojo C. & Rodrigo M.A. Multi-interaction network performance under global change: a shallow ecosystem experimental simulation. Hydrobiologia.




Barnhart T.B., Tague C.N.L. & Molotch N.P. The Counteracting Effects of Snowmelt Rate and Timing on Runoff. Water Resources Research.




Isles P.D.F. The misuse of ratios in ecological stoichiometry. Ecology.


Julian P., Gerber S., Bhomia R.K., King J., Osborne T.Z. & Wright A.L. Understanding stoichiometric mechanisms of nutrient retention in wetland macrophytes: stoichiometric homeostasis along a nutrient gradient in a subtropical wetland. Oecologia.


Qin Y.-Y., Luo M.-R., Liang M.-Z., Shen Z.-J., Gao G.-F., Hu G., et al. Changes in functional traits and stoichiometry of Aegiceras corniculatum propagule in three shrimp aquaculture effluent regions. Aquatic Ecology.


Tsunogai U., Miyoshi Y., Matsushita T., Komatsu D.D., Ito M., Sukigara C., et al. Dual stable isotope characterization of excess methane in oxic waters of a mesotrophic lake. Limnology and Oceanography. (OA)