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New Articles for July 30 - August 5

Monday, August 5, 2019
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Specific Journals (6): Freshwater Biology (4), Hydrobiologia (9), Limnology and Oceanography (2), Limnology and Oceanography Letters (1), Marine and Freshwater Research (5), River Research and Applications (4)



McGregor G.R. Climate and rivers. River Research and Applications.



Enache I., Florescu L.I., Moldoveanu M., Moza M.I., Parpală L., Sandu C., et al. Diversity and distribution of Daphnia across space and time in Danube Delta lakes explained by food quality and abundance. Hydrobiologia.


Isanta Navarro J., Fromherz M., Dietz M., Zeis B., Schwarzenberger A. & Martin-Creuzburg D. Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acid supply improves Daphnia performance at fluctuating temperatures, simulating diel vertical migration. Freshwater Biology.



Chowdhury M.M.R., Marjomäki T.J. & Taskinen J. Effect of glochidia infection on growth of fish: freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera and brown trout Salmo trutta. Hydrobiologia.


Conallin J.C., Baumgartner L.J., Lunn Z., Akester M., Win N., Tun N.N., et al. Migratory fishes in Myanmar rivers and wetlands: challenges for sustainable development between irrigation water control infrastructure and sustainable inland capture fisheries. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Dubois M.J., Akester M., Leemans K., Teoh S.J., Stuart A., Thant A.M., et al. Integrating fish into irrigation infrastructure projects in Myanmar: rice-fish what if…? Marine and Freshwater Research.


García D., Smith C., Machín E., Loureiro M. & Reichard M. Changing patterns of growth in a changing planet: How a shift in phenology affects critical life-history traits in annual fishes. Freshwater Biology.


Mendes I.S., Prosdocimi F., Schomaker-Bastos A., Furtado C., Ferreira R.L., Santos Pompeu P., et al. On the evolutionary origin of Neotropical cavefish Ancistrus cryptophthalmus (Siluriformes, Loricariidae) based on the mitogenome and genetic structure of cave and surface populations. Hydrobiologia.


Zha W., Huang M. & Zeng Y. Swimming behavior of crucian carp in an open channel with sudden expansion. River Research and Applications.



Microbial Communities

Bertolet B.L., West W.E., Armitage D.W. & Jones S.E. Organic matter supply and bacterial community composition predict methanogenesis rates in temperate lake sediments. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.


Brown T.-R.W., Lajeunesse M.J. & Scott K.M. Strong effects of elevated CO2 on freshwater microalgae and ecosystem chemistry. Limnology and Oceanography.


Castro E., Siqueira T., Melo A.S., Bini L.M., Landeiro V.L. & Schneck F. Compositional uniqueness of diatoms and insects in subtropical streams is weakly correlated with riffle position and environmental uniqueness. Hydrobiologia.


de Oliveira F.H.P.C., Moura A.N. & Dantas Ê.W. Morphofunctional changes to the phytoplankton community in tropical ecosystems during the El Niño event of 2015–16. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Fonseca B.M., Feijó L.M. & Neustupa J. Habitat preferences of Micrasterias arcuata (Desmidiales, Viridiplantae) in wetlands from central Brazil: an allometric study. Hydrobiologia.


Šimek K., Grujčić V., Nedoma J., Jezberová J., Šorf M., Matoušů A., et al. Microbial food webs in hypertrophic fishponds: Omnivorous ciliate taxa are major protistan bacterivores. Limnology and Oceanography.


Zhu Y., Li J., Cai Z., Li W., Lei Y., Zhang M., et al. Relationships between nitrogen removal processes and functional microorganisms in the rhizosphere soil in a horizontal surface flow constructed wetland. Marine and Freshwater Research.



Bunchom N., Saijuntha W., Pilap W., Suksavate W., Vaisusuk K., Suganuma N., et al. Genetic variation of a freshwater snail Hydrobioides nassa (Gastropoda: Bithyniidae) in Thailand examined by mitochondrial DNA sequences. Hydrobiologia.


Hornbach D.J., Stutzman H.N., Hove M.C., Kozarek J.L., MacGregor K.R., Newton T.J., et al. Influence of surrounding land-use on mussel growth and glycogen levels in the St. Croix and Minnesota River Basins. Hydrobiologia.


Melchior M., Collier K.J. & Clearwater S.J. First record of complex release strategies and morphometry of glochidia in sympatric Echyridella species (Bivalvia: Unionida: Hyriidae). Hydrobiologia.


Sanchez B. & Schwalb A.N. Detectability affects the performance of survey methods: a comparison of sampling methods of freshwater mussels in Central Texas. Hydrobiologia.




Martín-Vélez V., Sánchez M.I., Shamoun-Baranes J., Thaxter C.B., Stienen E.W.M., Camphuysen K.C.J., et al. Quantifying nutrient inputs by gulls to a fluctuating lake, aided by movement ecology methods. Freshwater Biology.


Granados M., Pagnucco K.S. & Ricciardi A. Consequences of consumer origin and omnivory on stability in experimental food web modules. Freshwater Biology.




Dixon S.G. & Wilby R.L. A seasonal forecasting procedure for reservoir inflows in Central Asia. River Research and Applications.


Suspended Sediments

Townsend S.A. Discharge-driven seasonal pattern of ionic solutes, suspended sediment and water clarity for a tropical savanna river in northern Australia. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Vegetation Management

Javernick L. & Bertoldi W. Management of vegetation encroachment by natural and induced channel avulsions: A physical model. River Research and Applications.