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New Articles for June 16-21

Monday, June 22, 2020
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg

New Articles June 16 - 21

Climate Change

Gopko, M., E. Mironova, A. Pasternak, V. Mikheev, and J. Taskinen.  Parasite transmission in aquatic ecosystems under temperature change: effects of host activity and elimination of parasite larvae by filter-feeders. Oikos.

Hayes, N. M., H. A. Haig, G. L. Simpson, and P. R. Leavitt.  Effects of lake warming on the seasonal risk of toxic cyanobacteria exposure. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Coastal Ecosystems

Twigg, I. M., F. Baltar, J. R. Hall, and C. D. Hepburn.  Revealing hydrogen peroxide as an external stressor in macrophyte-dominated coastal ecosystems. Oecologia.


Greszkiewicz, M., and D. P. Fey.  Positive temperature effects on the initiation and intensity of cannibalistic behaviour of larval pike, Esox lucius L. Is cannibalism reflected in otolith fluctuating asymmetry? Hydrobiologia.

Food Web Dynamics

Medina-Contreras, D., F. Arenas-González, J. Cantera-Kintz, A. Sánchez-González, and A. Giraldo.  Food web structure and isotopic niche in a fringe macro-tidal mangrove system, Tropical Eastern Pacific. Hydrobiologia.

Wang, S., B.-K. Luo, Y.-J. Qin, L.-H. Su, S. D. Stewart, T.-T. Wang, J.-P. Tang, B.-D. He, J.-H. Zhang, H.-J. Lin, and Y. Yang.  Consumer-diet discrimination of δ13C and δ15N: Source- and feeding-oriented patterns based on gut content analysis in a large subtropical river of China. River Research and Applications.


Sukhbaatar, C., T. Sodnom, and C. Hauer.  Challenges for hydropeaking mitigation in an ice-covered river: A case study of the Eg hydropower plant, Mongolia. River Research and Applications.

Invasive Species

Iacarella, J. C., D. A. Lyons, L. Burke, I. C. Davidson, T. W. Therriault, A. Dunham, and C. DiBacco.  Climate change and vessel traffic create networks of invasion in marine protected areas. Journal of Applied Ecology.


Barrett, C. J., A. Cook, D. Stone, C. Evans, D. Murphy, P. Johnson, M. Thain, G. Wyn, M. Grey, H. Edwards, D. Quigley, and P. D. Stebbing.  A review of American lobster (Homarus americanus) records around the British Isles: 2012 to 2018. Hydrobiologia.

Weigand, A. M., D. Michler-Kozma, M. Kuemmerlen, and J. Jourdan.  Substantial differences in genetic diversity and spatial structuring among (cryptic) amphipod species in a mountainous river basin. Freshwater Biology.


Godfrey, P. C., R. G. Pearson, B. J. Pusey, and A. H. Arthington.  Drivers of zooplankton dynamics in a small tropical lowland river. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Tkachenko, K. S., N. H. Huan, N. H. Thanh, and T. A. Britayev.  Extensive coral reef decline in Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam: Acanthaster planci outbreak: the final event in a sequence of chronic disturbances. Marine and Freshwater Research.