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New Articles for June 22-29

Monday, June 29, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (5): Freshwater Biology (4), Hydrobiologia (9), Limnology and Oceanography (4), River Research and Applications (3), Marine and Freshwater Research (3).

Broad-Based Journals (3): Ecology (1), Ecological Applications (3), Journal of Applied Ecology (1).


Aquatic Plants

Bick E., de Lange E.S., Kron C.R., da Silva Soler L., Liu J. & Nguyen H.D. Correction to: Effects of salinity and nutrients on water hyacinth and its biological control agent, Neochetina bruchi. Hydrobiologia.


Vázquez-Benavides J., Moreno-Casasola P. & López-Rosas H. Effect of the grass Leersia hexandra on the dispersal, seed germination, and establishment of Pachira aquatica seedlings. Freshwater Biology.


Zhang X. & Nepf H. Flow-induced reconfiguration of aquatic plants, including the impact of leaf sheltering. Limnology and Oceanography.




Johnson-Bice S.M., Ferguson J.M., Erb J.D., Gable T.D. & Windels S.K. Ecological forecasts reveal limitations of common model selection methods: predicting changes in beaver colony densities. Ecological Applications.



Benthic Communities

La Valle F.F., Schaefer J.L.B., Cox T.E. & Philippoff J. Spatial and temporal patterns in Hawai‘i’s intertidal: decadal changes in benthic community composition. Hydrobiologia.




Archdeacon T.P., Reale J.K., Gonzales E.J. & Grant J.D. Effects of seining effort and site length on variability of small-bodied fish catch-rates in a sand-bed river. River Research and Applications.


Haraldstad T., Höglund E., Kroglund F., Olsen E.M., Hawley K.L. & Haugen T.O. Anthropogenic and natural size-related selection act in concert during brown trout (Salmo trutta) smolt river descent. Hydrobiologia.


Nogueira F., Amaral M., Malcher G., Reis N., Melo M.A.D., Sampaio I., et al. The arapaima, an emblematic fishery resource: genetic diversity and structure reveal the presence of an isolated population in Amapá. Hydrobiologia.


Tabatabaei S.N., Abdoli A., Hashemzadeh Segherloo I., Normandeau E., Ahmadzadeh F., Nejat F., et al. Fine-scale population genetic structure of Endangered Caspian Sea trout, Salmo caspius: implications for conservation. Hydrobiologia.


Waterhouse L., White J., See K., Murdoch A. & Semmens B.X. A Bayesian nested patch occupancy model to estimate steelhead movement and abundance. Ecological Applications.


Weiss S., Grimm J., Gonçalves D. V, Secci-Petretto G., Englmaier G.K., Baimukanov M., et al. Publisher Correction to: Comparative genetic analysis of grayling (Thymallus spp. Salmonidae) across the paleohydrologically dynamic river drainages of the Altai-Sayan mountain region. Hydrobiologia.


Yu J., Xia M., Zhen W., Shen R., He H., Guan B., et al. Density-dependent effects of omnivorous bitterling (Acheilognathus macropterus) on nutrient and plankton communities: implications for lake management and restoration. Hydrobiologia.




Leiva M., Marchese M. & Diodato L. Structure, distribution patterns and ecological responses to hydrological changes in benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in a regulated semi-arid river: baseline for biomonitoring studies. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Malison R.L., Ellis B.K., DelVecchia A.G., Jacobson H., Hand B.K., Luikart G., et al. Remarkable anoxia tolerance by stoneflies from a floodplain aquifer. Ecology.


White J.Y. & Walsh C.J. Catchment-scale urbanization diminishes effects of habitat complexity on instream macroinvertebrate assemblages. Ecological Applications.



Nutrient Cycling

Bezerra M.P., McGinnis D.F., Bezerra-Neto J.F. & Barbosa F.A.R. Is it stochastic? Chaoborus larvae bioturbation likely affect the timing of daily methane (CH4) ebullitive flux in a tropical reservoir. Hydrobiologia.


Boros G., Czeglédi I., Erős T. & Preiszner B. Scavenger-driven fish carcass decomposition and phosphorus recycling: Laboratory experiments with freshwater fish and crayfish. Freshwater Biology.


St. Pierre K.A., Oliver A.A., Tank S.E., Hunt B.P. V, Giesbrecht I., Kellogg C.T.E., et al. Terrestrial exports of dissolved and particulate organic carbon affect nearshore ecosystems of the Pacific coastal temperate rainforest. Limnology and Oceanography.



Parasites and Diseases

Fanton H., Franquet E., Logez M. & Kaldonski N. Pomphorhynchus laevis manipulates Gammarus pulex behaviour despite salt pollution. Freshwater Biology.


Thingstad T.F., Våge S., Bratbak G., Egge J., Larsen A., Nejstgaard J.C., et al. Reproducing the virus-to-copepod link in Arctic mesocosms using host fitness optimization. Limnology and Oceanography.




Clifford E.L., De Corte D., Amano C., Paliaga P., Ivančić I., Ortiz V., et al. Mesozooplankton taurine production and prokaryotic uptake in the northern Adriatic Sea. Limnology and Oceanography.



Predator-Prey Relationships

Siders Z.A., Ahrens R.N.M., Allen M.S. & Walters C.J. Density-dependent prey behaviours and mutable predator foraging modes induce Allee effects and over-prediction of prey mortality rates. Freshwater Biology.



Restoration and Monitoring

Funk A., Tschikof M., Grüner B., Böck K., Hein T. & Bondar-Kunze E. Analysing the potential to restore the multi-functionality of floodplain systems by considering ecosystem service quality, quantity and trade-offs. River Research and Applications.


Kalamandeen M., Gloor E., Johnson I., Agard S., Katow M., Vanbrooke A., et al. Limited biomass recovery from gold mining in Amazonian forests. Journal of Applied Ecology.


Salonen K., Sarvala J., Horppila J., Keto J., Malin I., Malinen T., et al. Development of Lake Vesijärvi through four decades of remediation efforts. Hydrobiologia.


Xu H. & Pittock J. Policy changes in dam construction and biodiversity conservation in the Yangtze River Basin, China. Marine and Freshwater Research.




Cunha D.L., Muylaert S., Nascimento M.T.L., Felix L.C., Gomes G., Bila D.M., et al. Occurrence of emerging contaminants and analysis of oestrogenic activity in the water and sediments from two coastal lagoons in south-eastern Brazil. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Salehi S. & Azimi A.H. Effects of upstream and downstream slopes and clay content on levee’s breaching by overtopping. River Research and Applications.