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New Articles for March 10-16

Monday, March 16, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (4): Freshwater Biology (2), Hydrobiologia (3), Limnology and Oceanography (2), River Research and Applications (1).


Broad-Based Journals (3): Ecology Letters (1), Oecologia (1), Journal of Applied Ecology (1).



Agricultural Impacts

de Jesús Crespo R., Douthat T. & Pringle C. Stream friendly coffee: evaluating the impact of coffee farming on high-elevation streams of the Tarrazú coffee region of Costa Rica. Hydrobiologia.




Evans A.E., Urban M.C. & Jockusch E.L. Developmental temperature influences color polymorphism but not hatchling size in a woodland salamander. Oecologia.



Ecosystem Metabolism

Pearce N.J.T., Thomas K.E., Chambers P.A., Venkiteswaran J.J. & Yates A.G. Metabolic regimes of three mid-order streams in southern Ontario, Canada exposed to contrasting sources of nutrients. Hydrobiologia.


Su J., Cai W.-J., Brodeur J., Hussain N., Chen B., Testa J.M., et al. Source partitioning of oxygen-consuming organic matter in the hypoxic zone of the Chesapeake Bay. Limnology and Oceanography.




Sales N.G., McKenzie M.B., Drake J., Harper L.R., Browett S.S., Coscia I., et al. Fishing for mammals: Landscape-level monitoring of terrestrial and semi-aquatic communities using eDNA from riverine systems. Journal of Applied Ecology.




Chua K.W.J., Lim F.K.S., Ahmad A.B., Tan H.H. & Yeo D.C.J. Morphological traits mediate fish occurrences in oil palm-impacted tropical streams. Freshwater Biology.


Hagmayer A., Furness A.I., Reznick D.N., Dekker M.L. & Pollux B.J.A. Predation risk shapes the degree of placentation in natural populations of live-bearing fish. Ecology Letters.


Molina-Moctezuma A. & Zydlewski J. An interactive decision-making tool for evaluating biological and statistical standards of migrating fish survival past hydroelectric dams. River Research and Applications.




Kahlert M., Rühland K.M., Lavoie I., Keck F., Saulnier-Talbot E., Bogan D., et al. Biodiversity patterns of Arctic diatom assemblages in lakes and streams: Current reference conditions and historical context for biomonitoring. Freshwater Biology.


Kottmeier D.M., Terbrüggen A., Wolf-Gladrow D.A. & Thoms S. Diel variations in cell division and biomass production of Emiliania huxleyi—Consequences for the calculation of physiological cell parameters. Limnology and Oceanography.


Naselli-Flores L., Zohary T. & Padisák J. Life in suspension and its impact on phytoplankton morphology: an homage to Colin S. Reynolds. Hydrobiologia.