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New Articles for March 3 - 9

Monday, March 9, 2020
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg

New Articles for March 3 - 9

Bibliometric Mapping

Junlin, R., P. Ziqian, and P. Xue. Emerging trends and new developments in Lancang-Mekong River: A bibliometric visualization analysis. River Research and Applications.


Kann, J., and J. D. Walker. Detecting the effect of water level fluctuations on water quality impacting endangered fish in a shallow, hypereutrophic lake using long-term monitoring data. Hydrobiologia.

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Food Webs

González-Bergonzoni, I., I. Silva, F. Teixeira de Mello, A. D’Anatro, L. Boccardi, S. Stebniki, E. Brugnoli, G. Tesitore, N. Vidal, and D. E. Naya.  Evaluating the role of predatory fish controlling the invasion of the Asian golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei in a subtropical river. Journal of Applied Ecology.

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Oeding, S., K. H. Taffs, A. Reichelt-Brushett, and J. M. Oakes. Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analyses indicate the influence of land use on allochthonous versus autochthonous trophic pathways for a freshwater Atyid shrimp. Hydrobiologia.


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Li, W., C. Yu, S. Yang, Y. Yang, W. Yang, and Y. Xiao. Measurements of the sediment flocculation characteristics in the Three Gorges Reservoir, Yangtze River. River Research and Applications.


Castañeda-Moya, E., V. H. Rivera-Monroy, R. M. Chambers, X. Zhao, L. Lamb-Wotton, A. Gorsky, E. E. Gaiser, T. G. Troxler, J. S. Kominoski, and M. Hiatt. Hurricanes fertilize mangrove forests in the Gulf of Mexico (Florida Everglades, USA). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117:4831 LP – 4841.

Non-native Species

Crane, K., N. E. Coughlan, R. N. Cuthbert, J. T. A. Dick, L. Kregting, A. Ricciardi, H. J. MacIsaac, and N. Reid. Friends of mine: An invasive freshwater mussel facilitates growth of invasive macrophytes and mediates their competitive interactions. Freshwater Biology.

Flood, P. J., A. Duran, M. Barton, A. E. Mercado-Molina, and J. C. Trexler. Invasion impacts on functions and services of aquatic ecosystems. Hydrobiologia.

Nutrient Dynamics

Gradoville, M. R., H. Farnelid, A. E. White, K. A. Turk-Kubo, B. Stewart, F. Ribalet, S. Ferrón, P. Pinedo-Gonzalez, E. V. Armbrust, D. M. Karl, S. John, and J. P. Zehr. Latitudinal constraints on the abundance and activity of the cyanobacterium UCYN-A and other marine diazotrophs in the North Pacific. Limnology and Oceanography.

Guiry, E. J., M. Buckley, T. J. Orchard, A. L. Hawkins, S. Needs-Howarth, E. Holm, and P. Szpak. Deforestation caused abrupt shift in Great Lakes nitrogen cycle. Limnology and Oceanography.

Tolar, B. B., L. Reji, J. M. Smith, M. Blum, J. T. Pennington, F. P. Chavez, and C. A. Francis. Time series assessment of Thaumarchaeota ecotypes in Monterey Bay reveals the importance of water column position in predicting distribution–environment relationships. Limnology and Oceanography.


Girdner, S., J. Mack, and M. Buktenica. Impact of nutrients on photoacclimation of phytoplankton in an oligotrophic lake measured with long-term and high-frequency data: implications for chlorophyll as an estimate of phytoplankton biomass. Hydrobiologia.

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Ren, L., N. N. Rabalais, and R. E. Turner. Effects of Mississippi River water on phytoplankton growth and composition in the upper Barataria estuary, Louisiana. Hydrobiologia.