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New Articles for March 30 - April 6

Monday, April 6, 2020
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (6): Freshwater Biology (2), Hydrobiologia (6), Limnology and Oceanography (1), River Research and Applications (5), Journal of Freshwater Ecology (1), Marine and Freshwater Research (3).


Broad-Based Journals (3): Ecology (1), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1), Journal of Applied Ecology (1).



Climate Change

Schenk X. Impacts of climatic variability on northward flowing rivers in North America, using a paired basin approach. River Research and Applications.




Harrison P.M., Ward T., Algera D.A., Culling B., Euchner T., Leake A., et al. A comparison of turbine entrainment rates and seasonal entrainment vulnerability of two sympatric char species, bull trout and lake trout, in a hydropower reservoir. River Research and Applications.


Mikheev P.B., Jarvis M.G., Matthaei C.D., Ingram T., Nikiforov A.I. & Closs G.P. Geomorphological features drive spatiotemporal dynamics of young-of-the-year brown trout populations in a large New Zealand river catchment. Freshwater Biology.



Invasive Species

Andres K.J., Sethi S.A., Duskey E., Lepak J.M., Rice A.N., Estabrook B.J., et al. Seasonal habitat use indicates that depth may mediate the potential for invasive round goby impacts in inland lakes. Freshwater Biology.


Buchinger T.J., Scott A.M., Fissette S.D., Brant C.O., Huertas M., Li K., et al. A pheromone antagonist liberates female sea lamprey from a sensory trap to enable reliable communication. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Chick J.H., Colaninno C.E., Beyer A.M., Brown K.B., Dopson C.T., Enzerink A.O., et al. Following the edge of the flood: use of shallow-water habitat by larval silver carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix in the upper Mississippi river system. Journal of Freshwater Ecology.


Tipping P.W., Smith M.C., Lake E.C., Minteer C.R., Goode A.B.C., Foley J.R., et al. Classical biological control and apparent competition: Evaluating a waterhyacinth invaded community module. Journal of Applied Ecology.




Thoms M., Rose T. & Dyer F. Riverine landscapes, water resource development and management: A view from downunder. River Research and Applications.



Microbial Communities

Anderson N.L., Barrett K.L., Jones S.E. & Belovsky G.E. Impact of abiotic factors on microbialite growth (Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA): a tank experiment. Hydrobiologia.


Zhou B., Liu Z., Yang G., He H. & Liu H. Microbial activity and diversity in the rhizosphere soil of the invasive species Zizania latifolia in the wetland of Wuchang Lake, China. Marine and Freshwater Research.




Bespalaya Y. V, Aksenova O. V, Sokolova S.E., Shevchenko A.R., Tomilova A.A. & Zubrii N.A. Biodiversity and distributions of freshwater mollusks in relation to chemical and physical factors in the thermokarst lakes of the Gydan Peninsula, Russia. Hydrobiologia.


Ford D.F., Plants-Paris E.D. & Ford N.B. Comparison of Louisiana Pigtoe (Pleurobema riddellii, Mollusca, Unionidae) growth at three different locations in the Neches River Basin of East Texas. Hydrobiologia.



Nutrient and Particle Dynamics

Chen C., Zhang N., Liu Z., An S. & Zhao D. Increasing nitrogen removal efficiency by intermittent aeration in partial areas of laboratory-scale vertical flow constructed wetlands. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Korte L.F., Brummer G.-J.A., van der Does M., Guerreiro C. V, Mienis F., Munday C.I., et al. Multiple drivers of production and particle export in the western tropical North Atlantic. Limnology and Oceanography.




He X., Cheng F. & Chen W. Effects of maternal phosphorus deficiency on reproductive allocation of the copepod Pseudodiaptomus annandalei Sewell, 1919. Hydrobiologia.


Rosa J., de Campos R., Martens K. & Higuti J. Spatial variation of ostracod (Crustacea, Ostracoda) egg banks in temporary lakes of a tropical flood plain. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Simões N.R., Braghin L.S.M., Duré G.A. V, Santos J.S., Sonoda S.L. & Bonecker C.C. Changing taxonomic and functional β-diversity of cladoceran communities in Northeastern and South Brazil. Hydrobiologia.




Nordberg E.J. & McKnight D.T. Nocturnal basking behavior in a freshwater turtle. Ecology.




Geertsema T.J., Torfs P.J.J.F., Eekhout J.P.C., Teuling A.J. & Hoitink A.J.F. Wood-induced backwater effects in lowland streams. River Research and Applications.


Mabidi A., Bird M.S. & Perissinotto R. Relationships between vegetation cover (Schoenoplectus decipiens) and wetland macroinvertebrate assemblages in a semi-arid landscape (Eastern Cape Karoo, South Africa). Hydrobiologia.



Water Allocation

Janjua S. & Hassan I. Use of bankruptcy methods for resolving interprovincial water conflicts over transboundary river: Case study of Indus River in Pakistan. River Research and Applications.