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New Articles for May 10-16, 2021

Monday, May 17, 2021
Ashlynn Boedecker

New Articles for May 10-16, 2021


AQUATIC SPECIFIC (25): Aquatic Sciences (1), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (1), Freshwater Biology (2), Freshwater Science (1), Journal of Great Lakes Research (8), Hydrobiologia (4), Limnology and Oceanography (3), River Research Applications (2), Water Resources Research (3)

BROAD-BASED (1): Oecologia (1)

OA = Open Access



Nakajima, T., Sugimoto, R., Kusunoki, T., Yokoyama, K., & Taniguchi, M. (2021). Nutrient fluxes from rivers, groundwater, and the ocean into the coastal embayment along the Sanriku ria coast, Japan. Limnology and Oceanography.


Climate Change

Borzi, G., Idaszkin, Y. L., Tanjal, C., Galliari, J., & Carol, E. (2021). Assessment of anthropogenic pollution using multiple hydrogeochemical tools and statistical analysis in rural plain basins of the Argentinian Pampean Plain. River Research and Applications.

Chou, Q., Nielsen, A., Andersen, T. K., Hu, F., Chen, W., Cao, T., … Trolle, D. (2021). The impacts of extreme climate on summer-stratified temperate lakes: Lake Søholm, Denmark, as an example. Hydrobiologia.



DeRose, K. K., Davis, R. W., Monroe, E. A., & Quinn, J. C. (2021). Economic viability of proactive harmful algal bloom mitigation through attached algal growth. Journal of Great Lakes Research.



Aurangzeb, Z., Daghfous, G., Innes, L., Dubuc, R., & Zielinski, B. (2021). Current understanding of lamprey chemosensory systems. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Olinger, C. T., Hart, J. L., & Howeth, J. G. (2021). Functional trait sorting increases over succession in metacommunity mosaics of fish assemblages. Oecologia.

Rosenfeld, J. S., & Naman, S. M. (2021). Identifying and mitigating systematic biases in fish habitat simulation modeling: Implications for estimating minimum instream flows. River Research and Applications.

Seebacher, F., & Kazerouni-Ghanizadeh, E. (2021). Water flow and temperature interact to determine oxidative status, swimming performance, and dispersal of mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki). Freshwater Biology.

Siefkes, M. J., Johnson, N. S., & Muir, A. M. (2021). A renewed philosophy about supplemental sea lamprey controls. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Winter, E. R., Hindes, A. M., Lane, S., & Britton, J. R. (2021). Acoustic telemetry reveals strong spatial preferences and mixing during successive spawning periods in a partially migratory common bream population. Aquatic Sciences, 83(3), 52.



Wu, X., Wang, H., Bi, N., Xu, J., Nittrouer, J. A., Yang, Z., … Li, P. (2021). Impact of artificial floods on the quantity and grain size of river-borne sediment: A case study of a dam regulation scheme in the Yellow River catchment. Water Resources Research.


Food Webs

Matthias, B. G., Hrabik, T. R., Hoffman, J. C., Gorman, O. T., Seider, M. J., Sierszen, M. E., … Yurista, P. M. (2021). Trophic transfer efficiency in the Lake Superior food web: Assessing the impacts of non-native species. Journal of Great Lakes Research.


Invasive Species

Bruel, R., Marsden, J. E., Pientka, B., Staats, N., Mihuc, T., & Stockwell, J. D. (2021). Rainbow smelt population responses to species invasions and change in environmental condition. Journal of Great Lakes Research.



Ficsór, M., & Csabai, Z. (2021). Longitudinal zonation of larval Hydropsyche (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae): abiotic environmental factors and biotic interactions behind the downstream sequence of Central European species. Hydrobiologia.

Folegot, S., Bruno, M. C., Larsen, S., Kaffas, K., Pisaturo, G. R., Andreoli, A., … Maurizio, R. (2021). The effects of a sediment flushing on Alpine macroinvertebrate communities. Hydrobiologia.

Lamothe, K. A., McNichols-O’Rourke, K. A., & Morris, T. J. (2021). Occupancy and detection of Wavyrayed Lampmussel Lampsilis fasciola in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

O’Shaughnessey, E. M., Egly, R., Harris, B., Smith, B., & Keller, R. P. (2021). Distribution of crayfish in the Southern Basin of Lake Michigan and the Greater Chicago Region. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Strayer, D. L., Hamilton, S. K., & Malcom, H. M. (2021). Long-term increases in shell thickness in Elliptio complanata (Bivalvia: Unionidae) in the freshwater tidal Hudson River. Freshwater Biology.


Lake Dynamics

Cortés, A., Forrest, A. L., Sadro, S., Stang, A. J., Swann, M., Framsted, N. T., … Schladow, S. G. (2021). Prediction of hypoxia in eutrophic polymictic lakes. Water Resources Research.

Koopmans, D., Berg, P., Brunner, S., & Val Klump, J. (2021). Seiche- and storm-driven benthic oxygen uptake in a eutrophic freshwater bay determined with aquatic eddy covariance. Freshwater Science.

Mattheus, C. R., Diggins, T. P., & Santoro, J. A. (2021). Punctuated decadal morphodynamics and coupled vegetation succession along a nontidal, wave-dominated Great Lakes barrier spit, Gull Point, Lake Erie, U.S.A. Journal of Great Lakes Research.



Long, T., Benoit, N., Howell, T., Richman, L., & Bhavsar, S. P. (2021). Spatiotemporal trends of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in surface and suspended sediments from the Lake Ontario Canadian nearshore 1994–2018: A fish consumption advisory perspective. Journal of Great Lakes Research.



Brothers, S., & Vadeboncoeur, Y. (2021). Shoring up the foundations of production to respiration ratios in lakes. Limnology and Oceanography.

Diamond, J. S., Moatar, F., Cohen, M. J., Poirel, A., Martinet, C., Maire, A., & Pinay, G. (2021). Metabolic regime shifts and ecosystem state changes are decoupled in a large river. Limnology and Oceanography.



Fukushima, T., & Matsushita, B. (2021). Limiting nutrient and its use efficiency of phytoplankton in a shallow eutrophic lake, Lake Kasumigaura. Hydrobiologia.


Stream/River Dynamics

Leach, J. A., Neilson, B. T., Buahin, C. A., Moore, R. D., & Laudon, H. (2021). Lake outflow and hillslope lateral inflows dictate thermal regimes of forested streams draining small lakes. Water Resources Research.