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New Articles for May 18 - 25

Monday, May 25, 2020
Elizabeth "Bizzy" Berg

New Articles for May 18 - 25


Deng, J., X. Tang, B. Qin, G. Gao, Y. Zhang, G. Zhu, and Z. Gong. Decreasing nitrogen loading and climate change promotes the occurrence of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria in a restored city lake. Hydrobiologia.

Jilbert, T., S. Jokinen, T. Saarinen, U. Mattus-Kumpunen, A. Simojoki, S. Saarni, S. Salminen, J. Niemistö, and J. Horppila. Impacts of a deep reactive layer on sedimentary phosphorus dynamics in a boreal lake recovering from eutrophication. Hydrobiologia.

Lürling, M., and M. Mucci. Mitigating eutrophication nuisance: in-lake measures are becoming inevitable in eutrophic waters in the Netherlands. Hydrobiologia.

Sosa, O. A., T. J. Burrell, S. T. Wilson, R. K. Foreman, D. M. Karl, and D. J. Repeta. Phosphonate cycling supports methane and ethylene supersaturation in the phosphate-depleted western North Atlantic Ocean. Limnology and Oceanography.

Ye, W.-W., X.-L. Wang, X.-H. Zhang, and G.-L. Zhang. Methane production in oxic seawater of the western North Pacific and its marginal seas. Limnology and Oceanography.


Padovan, A., R. C. Chick, V. J. Cole, L. Dutoit, P. A. Hutchings, C. Jack, and C. I. Fraser. Genomic analyses suggest strong population connectivity over large spatial scales of the commercially important baitworm, Australonuphis teres (Onuphidae). Marine and Freshwater Research.


Grol, M. G. G., J. Vercelloni, T. M. Kenyon, E. Bayraktarov, C. P. van den Berg, D. Harris, J. A. Loder, M. Mihaljevic, P. I. Rowland, and C. M. Roelfsema. Conservation value of a subtropical reef in south-eastern Queensland, Australia, highlighted by citizen-science efforts. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Walsh, J. C., K. Connors, E. Hertz, L. Kehoe, T. G. Martin, B. Connors, M. J. Bradford, C. Freshwater, A. Frid, J. Halverson, J. W. Moore, M. H. H. Price, and J. D. Reynolds. Prioritizing conservation actions for Pacific salmon in Canada. Journal of Applied Ecology.


Curren, E., and S. C. Y. Leong. Natural and anthropogenic dispersal of cyanobacteria: a review. Hydrobiologia.


Li, Y., T. Kasahara, M. Chiwa, and N. Fujimoto. Effects of dams and reservoirs on organic matter decomposition in forested mountain streams in western Japan. River Research and Applications.

Yang, C., S. J. Wenger, A. T. Rugenski, I. S. Wehrtmann, S. Connelly, and M. C. Freeman. Freshwater crabs (Decapoda: Pseudothelphusidae) increase rates of leaf breakdown in a neotropical headwater stream. Freshwater Biology.


Esin, E. V, G. N. Markevich, and F. N. Shkil. Rapid miniaturization of Salvelinus fish as an adaptation to the volcanic impact. Hydrobiologia.

Gracan, R., B. Lazar, S. Zupan, and E. Bužan. Genetic characterisation of the spiny dogfish Squalus acanthias in the Adriatic Sea: evidence for high genetic diversity and an Atlantic–South Pacific origin. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Romanov, E. V, N. Nikolic, Z. Dhurmeea, N. Bodin, A. Puech, S. Norman, S. Hollanda, J. Bourjea, W. West, and M. Potier. Trophic ecology of albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) in the western tropical Indian Ocean and adjacent waters. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Peixoto, U. I., E. M. C. Mesquita, I. A. I. Cintra, A. G. M. Klautau, N. A. Gouveia, E. T. Paes, and V. J. Isaac. Population dynamics and sustainability of the spiny lobster (Panulirus meripurpuratus Giraldes & Smyth, 2016) fishery on the Amazon continental shelf. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Food Webs

Chaguaceda, F., P. Eklöv, and K. Scharnweber. Regulation of fatty acid composition related to ontogenetic changes and niche differentiation of a common aquatic consumer. Oecologia.

González, A., C. L. Barnes, S. M. Wilder, and J. M. Long. Differences in macronutrient content of common aquatic macroinvertebrates available as prey for young-of-the-year Scaphirhynchus sturgeons in the lower Missouri River. Journal of Freshwater Ecology:1–12.

Matich, P., R. J. Nowicki, J. Davis, J. A. Mohan, J. D. Plumlee, B. A. Strickland, T. C. TinHan, R. J. D. Wells, and M. Fisher. Does proximity to freshwater refuge affect the size structure of an estuarine predator (Carcharhinus leucas) in the north-western Gulf of Mexico? Marine and Freshwater Research.


Podgorski, J., and M. Berg. Global threat of arsenic in groundwater. Science 368:845 LP – 850.


Sinai, I., O. Segev, A. Koplovich, A. R. Templeton, L. Blaustein, and L. Blank. Relationships among breeding site characteristics and adult population size of the fire salamander, Salamandra infraimmaculata. Hydrobiologia.

Introduced or Invasive Species

Javidkar, M., A. Abdoli, F. Ahmadzadeh, Z. Nahavandi, and M. Yari. Molecular evidence reveals introduced populations of Eiseniella tetraedra (Savigny, 1826) (Annelida, Lumbricidae) with European origins from protected freshwater ecosystems of the southern Alborz Mountains. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Larkin, D. J., M. W. Beck, and P. G. Bajer. An invasive fish promotes invasive plants in Minnesota lakes. Freshwater Biology.


Zając, K., and T. A. Zając. Seasonal patterns in the developmental rate of glochidia in the endangered thick-shelled river mussel, Unio crassus Philipsson, 1788. Hydrobiologia.


Lear, K. O., D. L. Morgan, J. M. Whitty, N. M. Whitney, E. E. Byrnes, S. J. Beatty, and A. C. Gleiss. Divergent field metabolic rates highlight the challenges of increasing temperatures and energy limitation in aquatic ectotherms. Oecologia.


Abonyi, A., J.-P. Descy, G. Borics, and E. Smeti. From historical backgrounds towards the functional classification of river phytoplankton sensu Colin S. Reynolds: what future merits the approach may hold? Hydrobiologia.

Ehrlich, E., and U. Gaedke. Coupled changes in traits and biomasses cascading through a tritrophic plankton food web. Limnology and Oceanography.

Frenken, T., C. P. D. Brussaard, M. Velthuis, R. Aben, G. Kazanjian, S. Hilt, S. Kosten, E. T. H. M. Peeters, L. N. de Senerpont Domis, S. Stephan, E. van Donk, and D. B. Van de Waal. Warming advances virus population dynamics in a temperate freshwater plankton community. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Jabre, L., and E. M. Bertrand. Interactive effects of iron and temperature on the growth of Fragilariopsis cylindrus. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Population Dynamics

Dueñas-Romero, J. de J., J. Granados-Amores, D. S. Palacios-Salgado, J. F. Domínguez-Contreras, J. R. Flores-Ortega, and F. J. García-Rodríguez. Diversity and population genetic structure of Octopus hubbsorum in the Mexican Pacific inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Ritz, T. A., N. R. Jensen, and J. B. K. Leonard. Larval morphology of North American burbot (Lota lota maculosa) from two spatially separated populations. Hydrobiologia.

Wu, Z., X. Li, D. Xie, H. Wang, Z. Zhang, X. Xu, and T. Li. Spatial genetic structuring in a widespread wetland plant on a plateau: Effects of elevation-driven geographic isolation and environmental heterogeneity. Freshwater Biology.


Hamdhani, H., D. E. Eppehimer, and M. T. Bogan. Release of treated effluent into streams: A global review of ecological impacts with a consideration of its potential use for environmental flows. Freshwater Biology.

Lade, A. D., and B. Kumar. Streambed instabilities around a bridge pier in a dredged channel. River Research and Applications.

Water Quality

Purdy, K., J. K. Reynolds, and I. A. Wright. Potential water pollution from recycled concrete aggregate material. Marine and Freshwater Research.