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New Articles May 28th-June 3rd

Sunday, June 3, 2018
Allyn Dodd
Katherine O'Reilly

New Articles May 28th-June 3rd

Freshwater-specific journals (5): Aquatic SciencesHydrobiologia, Limnology and Oceanography, Marine and Freshwater Research, River Research and Applications

Broad-based journals (7):  Ecological Applications, Ecology, Journal of Applied EcologyNatureOecologia, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Trends in Ecology and Evolution



Mosher, B. A., Huyvaert, K. P., & Bailey, L. L. Beyond the swab: ecosystem sampling to understand the persistence of an amphibian pathogen. Oecologia.

Wang, G.-D., Zhang, B.-L., Zhou, W.-W., Li, Y.-X., Jin, J.-Q., Shao, Y., … Che, J. Selection and environmental adaptation along a path to speciation in the Tibetan frog Nanorana parkeri. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


A, B. S., F, C. G., & L, J. E. Habitat complexity effects on diversity and abundance differ with latitude: an experimental study over 20 degrees. Ecology.

DeAngelis, D. L. A New View on the Species Abundance Distribution. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

Stears, K., McCauley, D. J., Finlay, J. C., Mpemba, J., Warrington, I. T., Mutayoba, B. M., … Brashares, J. S. Effects of the hippopotamus on the chemistry and ecology of a changing watershed. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Stelbrink, B., T. von Rintelen, C. Albrecht, C. Clewing, and P. O. Naga. Forgotten for decades: Lake Lanao and the genetic assessment of its mollusc diversity. Hydrobiologia.


Pighini, S., M. Ventura, F. Miglietta, and G. Wohlfahrt. Dissolved greenhouse gas concentrations in 40 lakes in the Alpine area. Aquatic Sciences.

Testa, J. M., M. W. Kemp, and W. R. Boynton. Season‐specific trends and linkages of nitrogen and oxygen cycles in Chesapeake Bay. Limnology and Oceanography.

Zhou, L., Hélène, G., Yujie, H., Qianlai, Z., David, M. A., Alec, B., … Zhiliang, Z. The Role of Environmental Driving Factors in Historical and Projected Carbon Dynamics of Wetland Ecosystems in Alaska. Ecological Applications.

Climate change

M., B. S., J., O. M., M., E. N., & T., G. K. Coastal wetland adaptation to sea level rise: Quantifying potential for landward migration and coastal squeeze. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Community ecology 

Carvalho, N. F., H. Grande, J. S. Rosa Filho, and G. B. Jacobucci. The structure of gammarid amphipod (Crustacea, Peracarida) assemblages associated with Sargassum (Phaeophyta, Fucales) and their link with the structural complexity of algae. Hydrobiologia.

Cox, A. R., S. E. Arnott, and H. P. Riessen. Nonlinear effects of aqueous calcium concentration on antipredator response in Daphnia. Hydrobiologia.

Francisco, S. J., P. Sol, L. Julio, O. Inés, and I. Irina. Both lake regime and fish introduction shape autotrophic planktonic communities of lakes from the Patagonian Plateau (Argentina). Hydrobiologia.

Herbst, D. B., S. D. Cooper, R. B. Medhurst, S. W. Wiseman, and C. T. Hunsaker. A comparison of the taxonomic and trait structure of macroinvertebrate communities between the riffles and pools of montane headwater streams. Hydrobiologia.

Nieoczym, M., and J. Kloskowski. Habitat selection and reproductive success of coot Fulica atra on ponds under different fish size and density conditions. Hydrobiologia.

Ecosystem subsidies

Weaver, D. M., S. M. Coghlan, H. S. Greig, A. J. Klemmer, L. B. Perkins, and J. Zydlewski. Subsidies from anadromous sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) carcasses function as a reciprocal nutrient exchange between marine and freshwaters. River Research and Applications.


Genç, T. O., B. H. K. Po, F. Yılmaz, T.-C. Lau, R. S. S. Wu, and J. M. Y. Chiu. Differences in metal profiles revealed by native mussels and artificial mussels in Sarıçay Stream, Turkey: implications for pollution monitoring. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Fernandes, L. L., P. M. Kessarkar, S. Suja, D. Ray, and M. Bhat. Seasonal variations in the water quality of six tropical micro- and mesotidal estuaries along the central west coast of India. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Crampton, J. S., Meyers, S. R., Cooper, R. A., Sadler, P. M., Foote, M., & Harte, D. Pacing of Paleozoic macroevolutionary rates by Milankovitch grand cycles. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Goedert, J., Lécuyer, C., Amiot, R., Arnaud-Godet, F., Wang, X., Cui, L., … Zhu, M. Euryhaline ecology of early tetrapods revealed by stable isotopes. Nature.

Fish Ecology

Hall, E. S., B. E. Martin, K. Brubaker, and C. J. Grant. Latitudinal variation in the geometric morphology of the largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Herlevi, H., K. Aarnio, R. Puntila-Dodd, and E. Bonsdorff. The food web positioning and trophic niche of the non-indigenous round goby: a comparison between two Baltic Sea populations. Hydrobiologia.

Sushchik, N. N., I. V. Zuev, G. S. Kalachova, A. V. Ageev, and M. I. Gladyshev. Content of highly unsaturated fatty acids in fish from rivers of contrasting temperature. River Research and Applications.

Food webs

Fritts, A. K., B. C. Knights, ... and R. M. Kreiling. Spatial and temporal variance in fatty acid and stable isotope signatures across trophic levels in large river systems. River Research and Applications.

Jepsen, N., H. D. Ravn, and S. Pedersen. Change of foraging behavior of cormorants and the effect on river fish. Hydrobiologia.


Anim, D. O., T. D. Fletcher, G. J. Vietz, G. B. Pasternack, and M. J. Burns. Effect of urbanization on stream hydraulics. River Research and Applications.

Díaz‐Redondo, M., G. Egger, M. Marchamalo, C. Damm, R. P. Oliveira, and L. Schmitt. Targeting lateral connectivity and morphodynamics in a large river‐floodplain system: The upper Rhine River. River Research and Applications.

Litter Decomposition

Figueiredo, A. F., F. G. Augusto, L. D. Coletta, P. J. Duarte-Neto, E. A. Mazzi, and L. A. Martinelli. Comparison of microbial processing of Brachiaria brizantha, a C4 invasive species and a rainforest species in tropical streams of the Atlantic Forest of south-eastern Brazil. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Doretto, A., E. Piano, E. Falasco, S. Fenoglio, M. C. Bruno, and F. Bona. Investigating the role of refuges and drift on the resilience of macroinvertebrate communities to drying conditions: An experiment in artificial streams. River Research and Applications.

Lambret, P., I. Rutter, P. Grillas, and R. Stoks. Oviposition plant choice maximizes offspring fitness in an aquatic predatory insect. Hydrobiologia.

Moore, M. P., & Martin, R. A. Trade-offs between larval survival and adult ornament development depend on predator regime in a territorial dragonfly. Oecologia.

Management and Restoration

Holmes, R., C. Matthaei, R. Gabrielsson, G. Closs, and J. Hayes. A decision support system to diagnose factors limiting stream trout fisheries. River Research and Applications.

Springer, A. M., van Vliet, G. B., Bool, N., Crowley, M., Fullagar, P., Lea, M.-A., … Woehler, E. J. Transhemispheric ecosystem disservices of pink salmon in a Pacific Ocean macrosystem. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Primary Producers

Cochero, J., M. M. Nicolosi Gelis, M. B. Sathicq, and N. Gómez. Biofilm early stage development in two nutrient‐rich streams with different urban impacts. River Research and Applications.

García-Girón, J., M. Fernández-Aláez, and C. Fernández-Aláez. Relationships between contemporary and subfossil macrophyte assemblages in Mediterranean ponds. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Slavik, K., C. Lemmen, W. Zhang, O. Kerimoglu, K. Klingbeil, and K. W. Wirtz. The large-scale impact of offshore wind farm structures on pelagic primary productivity in the southern North Sea. Hydrobiologia.

Yang, Y., H. Niu, L. Xiao, Q. Lin, B.-P. Han, and L. Naselli-Flores. Spatial heterogeneity of spring phytoplankton in a large tropical reservoir: could mass effect homogenize the heterogeneity by species sorting? Hydrobiologia.