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New Articles for November 15th-21st, 2021

Monday, November 22, 2021
Ashlynn Boedecker


New Articles for November 15th - 21st, 2021


AQUATIC SPECIFIC (26): Aquatic Ecology (4), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (1), Freshwater Biology (2), Freshwater Science (2), Journal of Great Lakes Research (2), Hydrobiologia (5), Limnology and Oceanography (3), River Research Applications (7)

BROAD-BASED (5): Ecology (1), Ecological Applications (1), Frontiers of Ecology and the Environment (1), Global Change Biology (1), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1)

OA = Open Access



Ma N., Gao L., Zhang Y., Ge Z., Hu E., Pan B., et al. (2021). Spatial variation in bacterial community and dissolved organic matter composition in groundwater near a eutrophic lake. Aquatic Ecology.



de Abreu dos Santos D., Martins A.C., da Silva K.M., Nunes A.C., Miranda Y.C., Battistelli A.A., et al. (2021). Identifying water factors that are related to ammonia nitrogen concentrations in Columbia River using a reversed hazard exponential model. River Research and Applications.


Climate Change

Carrier-Belleau C., Pascal L., Nozais C. & Archambault P. (2021). Tipping points and multiple drivers in changing aquatic ecosystems: A review of experimental studies. Limnology and Oceanography.

Polazzo F., Roth S.K., Hermann M., Mangold-Döring A., Rico A., Sobek A., et al. (2021). Combined effects of heatwaves and micropollutants on freshwater ecosystems: Towards an integrated assessment of extreme events in multiple stressors research. Global Change Biology. (OA)



Pimenta L.L., Lima G.P., Biondi M., Vaz M.G.M.V. & de Freitas Coelho F. (2021). Epiphytic cyanobacterial strains in the roots of Salvinia auriculata and the effect of light and nutrients on the production of heterocyst, akinete and hormogonia. Aquatic Ecology.



Ellenor J.R., Cott P.A. & Swanson H.K. (2021). Occupancy of young-of-year Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) in Barrenland streams. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

Fitzsimons J.D., Lantry B., Honeyfield D.C., O’Gorman R., Rush S.A. & Sitar S.P. (2021). Thiamine status of lake trout in lake Ontario and its relation to diet after the colonization of round goby, 2005–2006. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Goto D., Filin A.A., Howell D., Bogstad B., Kovalev Y. & Gjøsæter H. (2021). Tradeoffs of managing cod as a sustainable resource in fluctuating environments. Ecological Applications.

Izzo L.K., Zydlewski G.B. & Parrish D.L. (2021). Combining Fixed-Location Count Data and Movement Data to Estimate Abundance of a Lake Sturgeon Spawning Run: A Framework for Riverine Migratory Species. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Larentis C., Pavanelli C.S. & Delariva R.L. (2021). Do environmental conditions modulated by land use drive fish functional diversity in streams? Hydrobiologia.

Li W., Bao J., Zhang C., Mi X., Zhang D., Jiang H., et al. (2021). Group size influences light-emitting diode light colour and substrate preference of David’s Schizothoracin (Schizothorax davidi): Relevance for design of fish passage facilities. River Research and Applications.

Zhang Y., Yu Z., Xu Q., Li X., Zhu S. & Li J. (2021). Regionally divergent patterns of grass carp relative abundance, feeding habits and trophic niches in the subtropical Pearl River basin. Aquatic Ecology.


Food Webs

Mor J.-R., Muñoz I., Sabater S., Zamora L. & Ruhi A. (2021). Energy limitation or sensitive predators? Trophic and non-trophic impacts of wastewater pollution on stream food webs. Ecology.



Castillo A.M., Chavarria K.A., Saltonstall K., Arias C.F., Mejía L.C. & De León L.F. (2021). Salinity effects on the microbiome of a Neotropical water strider. Hydrobiologia.

Dunn C.G., Moore M.J., Sievert N.A., Paukert C.P. & DiStefano R.J. (2021). Co-occurring lotic crayfishes exhibit variable long-term responses to extreme-flow events and temperature. Freshwater Science. (OA)

Kesti P., Hiltunen M., Strandberg U., Vesterinen J., Taipale S. & Kankaala P. (2021). Lake browning impacts community structure and essential fatty acid content of littoral invertebrates in boreal lakes. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

Kunz S., Kefford B.J., Schmidt-Kloiber A., Matthaei C.D., Usseglio-Polatera P., Graf W., et al. (2021). Tackling inconsistencies among freshwater invertebrate trait databases: harmonising across continents and aggregating taxonomic resolution. Freshwater Biology. (OA)

Paul P., Mondal D. & Aditya G. (2021). Influencing the way they compete: Exotic predator mediated non-consumptive effects on two co-occurring freshwater snails. Aquatic Ecology.


Lake Dynamics

Hintz W.D., Fay L. & Relyea R.A. (2021). Road salts, human safety, and the rising salinity of our fresh waters. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Tellier J.M., Kalejs N.I., Leonhardt B.S., Cannon D., Hӧӧk T.O. & Collingsworth P.D. (2021). Widespread prevalence of hypoxia and the classification of hypoxic conditions in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research. (OA)



Bouska K.L., Larson D.M., Drake D.C., Lund E.M., Carhart A.M. & Bales K.R. (2021). Aquatic vegetation dynamics in the Upper Mississippi River over 2 decades spanning vegetation recovery. Freshwater Science.



Alfredsen K., Amundsen P.-A., Hahn L., Harrison P.M., Helland I.P., Martins E.G., et al. (2021). A synoptic history of the development, production and environmental oversight of hydropower in Brazil, Canada, and Norway. Hydrobiologia.

Cordeiro J., Gomes A.R., Santos C.H.B., Rigobelo E.C., Baptista M.B., Moura P.M., et al. (2021). Rehabilitation of the Doce River Basin after the Fundão dam collapse: What has been done, what can be done and what should be done? River Research and Applications.



Bollinger E., Zubrod J.P., Konschak M., Sulzer L., Schnurr J., Schreiner V.C., et al. (2021). As above, so below? Effects of fungicides on microbial organic matter decomposition are stronger in the hyporheic than in the benthic zone. Limnology and Oceanography.



Yang C.-Y., Kang W., Lee J.H. & Julien P.Y. (2021). Sediment regimes in South Korea. River Research and Applications. (OA)



Kelly P.T., Taylor J.M., Andersen I.M., Stovall J. & Scott J.T. (2021). Highest primary production achieved at high nitrogen levels despite strong stoichiometric imbalances with phosphorus in hypereutrophic experimental systems. Limnology and Oceanography.

Moody E.K., Butts T.J., Fleck R., Jeyasingh P.D. & Wilkinson G.M. (2021). Eutrophication-driven eco-evolutionary dynamics indicated by differences in stoichiometric traits among populations of Daphnia pulicaria. Freshwater Biology. (OA)


Stream/River Dynamics

Jarriel T., Swartz J. & Passalacqua P. (2021). Global rates and patterns of channel migration in river deltas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118, e2103178118.

Vaughn T. & Crookston B.M. (2021). Influence of submerged woody debris at labyrinth weirs in river applications. River Research and Applications.

Wei X., Heqin C., Shuwei Z., Yuehua J., Quanping Z., Guoqiang Y., et al. (2021). Riverbed deformation and its response to human intervention on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. River Research and Applications.

Yujun Y., Yanning G. & Shanghong Z. (2021). The impact of dams on the river connectivity of the two largest river basins in China. River Research and Applications.