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New Articles for November 26- December 2

Monday, December 2, 2019
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (3): Freshwater Biology (3), Hydrobiologia (5), Marine and Freshwater Research (2)

Broad-Based Journals (1): Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1)



Ehlman S.M., Torresdal J.D. & Fraser D.F. Altered visual environment affects a tropical freshwater fish assemblage through impacts on predator–prey interactions. Freshwater Biology.


Miyamoto K. & Araki H. When is it good to be shy? Experimental evaluation of predation of juvenile salmon by riparian wildlife. Hydrobiologia.



Food Webs

Bowes R.E., Thorp J.H. & Delong M.D. Reweaving river food webs through time. Freshwater Biology.


Neury-Ormanni J., Vedrenne J., Wagner M., Jan G. & Morin S. Micro-meiofauna morphofunctional traits linked to trophic activity. Hydrobiologia.


Ru H., Li Y., Sheng Q., Zhong L. & Ni Z. River damming affects energy flow and food web structure: a case study from a subtropical large river. Hydrobiologia.



Freshwater Mussels

Haney A., Abdelrahman H. & Stoeckel J.A. Effects of thermal and hypoxic stress on respiratory patterns of three unionid species: implications for management and conservation. Hydrobiologia.



Human Impact

Dethier E.N., Sartain S.L. & Lutz D.A. Heightened levels and seasonal inversion of riverine suspended sediment in a tropical biodiversity hot spot due to artisanal gold mining. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Mauad M., Mayr C., Graßl T., Dubois N., Serra M.N. & Massaferro J. Impact of human activities and climate on Lake Morenito, Northern Patagonia, Argentina. Hydrobiologia.




Huynh M. & Gray D.K. Can dispersal buffer against salinity-driven zooplankton community change in Great Plains’ lakes? Freshwater Biology.


Moustaka-Gouni M., Sommer U., Katsiapi M. & Vardaka E. Monitoring of cyanobacteria for water quality: doing the necessary right or wrong? Marine and Freshwater Research.


Tibby J., Richards J., Tyler J.J., Barr C., Fluin J. & Goonan P. Diatom–water quality thresholds in South Australian streams indicate a need for more stringent water quality guidelines. Marine and Freshwater Research.