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New Articles for October 12-19

Monday, October 19, 2020
Beatriz M Ferreira

New Articles for October 12-19

Aquatic-Specific (8): Aquatic Ecology (1), Aquatic Science (2), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (3), Freshwater Biology (4), Freshwater Science (5), Hydrobiologia (6), Limnology and Oceanography (2), River Research and Application (2).



Broad-Based (5): BioScience (1), Ecological Application (1), Ecology (2), Global Change Biology (2), Oecologia (2),



OA= Open access



Messerman, A. F., and M. Leal. 2020. Inter- and intraspecific variation in juvenile metabolism and water loss among five biphasic amphibian species. Oecologia 1:3




Huryn, A. D., M. N. Gooseff, P. J. Hendrickson, M. A. Briggs, K. D. Tape, and N. C. Terry. 2020. Aufeis fields as novel groundwater‐dependent ecosystems in the arctic cryosphere. Limnology and Oceanography:lno.11626. (OA)

Klobucar, S. L., and P. Budy. 2020. Trophic structure of apex fish communities in closed versus leaky lakes of arctic Alaska. Oecologia 1:3.

Ecosystem Service

ST-Gelais, N. F., J.-F. Lapierre, R. Siron, and R. Maranger. 2020. Evaluating Trophic Status as a Proxy of Aquatic Ecosystem Service Provisioning on the Basis of Guidelines. BioScience.





Block, B. D., J. D. Stockwell, and J. E. Marsden. 2020. Contributions of winter foraging to the annual growth of thermally dissimilar fish species. Hydrobiologia.

Forneck, S. C., F. M. Dutra, M. P. de Camargo, J. R. S. Vitule, and A. M. Cunico. 2020. Aquaculture facilities drive the introduction and establishment of non-native Oreochromis niloticus populations in Neotropical streams. Hydrobiologia.


Gobbin, T. P., R. Tiemersma, G. Leone, O. Seehausen, and M. E. Maan. 2020. Patterns of ectoparasite infection in wild-caught and laboratory-bred cichlid fish, and their hybrids, implicate extrinsic rather than intrinsic causes of species differences in infection. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Hatanpää, A., H. Huuskonen, M. Janhunen, R. Kortet, and J. Piironen. 2020. Spawning season movements of transported landlocked Atlantic salmon in a newly restored river habitat. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences:cjfas-2019-0334.


Hata, H., Y. Uemura, and K. Ouchi. 2020. Decline of unionid mussels enhances hybridisation of native and introduced bitterling fish species through competition for breeding substrate. Freshwater Biology:fwb.13629.


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Quan, J., G. Zhao, L. Li, J. Zhang, Z. Luo, Y. Kang, and Z. Liu. 2021. Phylogeny and genetic diversity reveal the influence of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau uplift on the divergence and distribution of Gymnocypris species. Aquatic Sciences 83:6.


Rocha, B. S., and M. V. Cianciaruso. 2020. Water temperature and lake size explain Darwin’s conundrum for fish establishment in boreal lakes. Hydrobiologia.


Silva, I., D. Naya, F. Texeira de Mello, A. D’Anatro, G. Tesitore, C. Clavijo, and I. González-Bergonzoni. 2020. Fish vs. Aliens: predatory fish regulate populations of Limnoperna fortunei mitigating impacts on native macroinvertebrate communities. Hydrobiologia.


Stoffels, R. J., K. E. Weatherman, N. R. Bond, J. R. Morrongiello, J. D. Thiem, G. Butler, W. Koster, R. K. Kopf, N. McCasker, Q. Ye, B. Zampatti, and B. Broadhurst. 2020. Stage‐dependent effects of river flow and temperature regimes on the growth dynamics of an apex predator. Global Change Biology:gcb.15363.


Invasive Species

Barth, L. E., B. J. Shuter, W. G. Sprules, C. K. Minns, and J. A. Rusak. 2020. Evaluation of the responsiveness of the crustacean zooplankton community size spectrum to environmental change and an exotic invader in a sample of Canadian Shield lakes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences:cjfas-2020-0038.


Galib, S. M., J. S. Findlay, and M. C. Lucas. 2020. Strong impacts of signal crayfish invasion on upland stream fish and invertebrate communities. Freshwater Biology:fwb.13631. (OA)


Roje, S., K. Švagrová, L. Veselý, A. Sentis, A. Kouba, and M. Buřič. 2021. Pilferer, murderer of innocents or prey? The potential impact of killer shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus) on crayfish. Aquatic Sciences 83:5. (OA)

ST-Gelais, N. F., J.-F. Lapierre, R. Siron, and R. Maranger. 2020. Evaluating Trophic Status as a Proxy of Aquatic Ecosystem Service Provisioning on the Basis of Guidelines. BioScience.



Birrell, J. H., A. A. Shah, S. Hotaling, J. J. Giersch, C. E. Williamson, D. Jacobsen, and H. A. Woods. 2020. Insects in high‐elevation streams: Life in extreme environments imperiled by climate change. Global Change Biology:gcb.15356.


de Brouwer, J. H. F., P. F. M. Verdonschot, J. P. C. Eekhout, and R. C. M. Verdonschot. 2020. Macroinvertebrate taxonomic and trait-based responses to large-wood reintroduction in lowland streams. Freshwater Science:000–000.


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Valleau, R. E., A. M. Paterson, and J. P. Smol. 2020. Effects of road salt on Cladocera assemblages in shallow Precambrian Shield lakes in south-central, Ontario, Canada. Freshwater Science.


Yu, J., M. Xia, H. He, E. Jeppesen, B. Guan, Z. Ren, J. J. Elser, and Z. Liu. 2020. The host mussel Sinanodonta woodiana alleviates negative effects of a small omnivorous fish ( Acheilognathus macropterus ) on water quality: A mesocosm experiment. Freshwater Science:000–000.



Pettersen, R. A., C. Junge, K. Østbye, T. A. Mo, and L. A. Vøllestad. 2020. Genetic population structure of the monogenean parasite Gyrodactylus thymalli and its host European grayling (Thymallus thymallus) in a large Norwegian lake. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

Werner, N., M. Orfanoudaki, A. Hartmann, M. Ganzera, and R. Sommaruga. 2020. Low temporal dynamics of mycosporine‐like amino acids in benthic cyanobacteria from an alpine lake. Freshwater Biology:fwb.13627. (OA)


Kagami, M., K. Seto, D. Nozaki, T. Nakamura, H. Wakana, and C. Wurzbacher. 2020. Single dominant diatom can host diverse parasitic fungi with different degree of host specificity. Limnology and Oceanography.



Hu, M., Y. Wang, Z. Sun, Y. Su, S. Li, Y. Bao, and J. Wen. 2020. Performance of ensemble‐learning models for predicting eutrophication in Zhuyi Bay, Three Gorges Reservoir. River Research and Applications:rra.3739.

Zhang, L., Z. Xia, C. Zhou, L. Fu, J. Yu, W. D. Taylor, P. B. Hamilton, P. Van Cappellen, D. Ji, D. Liu, D. Xie, B. Zeng, A. M. McLeod, and G. D. Haffner. 2020. Unique surface density layers promote formation of harmful algal blooms in the Pengxi River, Three Gorges Reservoir. Freshwater Science:000–000.


Stoichiometric Composition

Starke, C. W. E., C. L. C. Jones, W. S. Burr, and P. C. Frost. 2020. Interactive effects of water temperature and stoichiometric food quality on Daphnia pulicaria. Freshwater Biology:fwb.13633.


Villar-Argaiz, M., M. J. López-Rodríguez, and J. M. Tierno de Figueroa. 2020. Body P content increases over ontogeny in hemimetabolous macroinvertebrates in a Mediterranean high mountain stream. Aquatic Ecology:1–16.


Rivers and Streams

He, S., H. Liu, E. Zhang, and T. Gao. 2020. Is multicomponent environmental flow management always better than the fixed minimum flows for a river ecosystem? River Research and Applications:rra.3742.


McEwen, A. M., E. T. Hester, B.-J. Kim, and E. A. Rost. 2020. Abundance, Distribution, and Geometry of Naturally Occurring Soil Pipes in Stream Banks. Freshwater Science.


Philipsen, L. J., M. A. Romuld, and S. B. Rood. 2020. Floodplain forest dynamics: Half‐century floods enable pulses of geomorphic disturbance and cottonwood colonization along a prairie river. River Research and Applications:rra.3740.