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New Articles for October 29- November 4

Monday, November 4, 2019
Lauren Wisbrock

Freshwater-Based Journals (2): Hydrobiologia (7), Limnology and Oceanography (6).

Broad-Based Journals (4): Ecology (1), Nature (1), Ecological Applications (1), Journal of Applied Ecology (2).



García G., Gutiérrez V., Ríos N., Papa N., Serra S. & Loureiro M. Characterization of a hybrid zone between two annual killifish genus Austrolebias from the Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar Sites in South America. Hydrobiologia.


Haak C.R., Hui F.K.C., Cowles G.W. & Danylchuk A.J. Positive interspecific associations consistent with social information use shape juvenile fish assemblages. Ecology.


Ju R.-T., Li X., Jiang J.-J., Wu J., Liu J., Strong D.R., et al. Emerging risks of non-native species escapes from aquaculture: Call for policy improvements in China and other developing countries. Journal of Applied Ecology.


Raby G.D., Johnson T.B., Kessel S.T., Stewart T.J. & Fisk A.T. Pop-off data storage tags reveal niche partitioning between native and non-native predators in a novel ecosystem. Journal of Applied Ecology.


Renardy S., Benitez J.-P., Tauzin A., Dierckx A., Nzau Matondo B. & Ovidio M. How and where to pass? Atlantic salmon smolt’s behaviour at a hydropower station offering multiple migration routes. Hydrobiologia.


Riaz M., Kuemmerlen M., Wittwer C., Cocchiararo B., Khaliq I., Pfenninger M., et al. Combining environmental DNA and species distribution modeling to evaluate reintroduction success of a freshwater fish. Ecological Applications.




Yan Y., Bender M.L., Brook E.J., Clifford H.M., Kemeny P.C., Kurbatov A. V, et al. Two-million-year-old snapshots of atmospheric gases from Antarctic ice. Nature.




Giménez L., Robins P. & Jenkins S.R. Role of trait combinations, habitat matrix, and network topology in metapopulation recovery from regional extinction. Limnology and Oceanography.


Nogueira J.G., Lopes-Lima M., Varandas S., Teixeira A. & Sousa R. Effects of an extreme drought on the endangered pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera: a before/after assessment. Hydrobiologia.


Traunspurger W., Wilden B. & Majdi N. An overview of meiofaunal and nematode distribution patterns in lake ecosystems differing in their trophic state. Hydrobiologia.



Nutrients and Water Quality

Hintz W.D., Schuler M.S., Borrelli J.J., Eichler L.W., Stoler A.B., Moriarty V.W., et al. Concurrent improvement and deterioration of epilimnetic water quality in an oligotrophic lake over 37 years. Limnology and Oceanography.


Peura S., Wauthy M., Simone D., Eiler A., Einarsdóttir K., Rautio M., et al. Ontogenic succession of thermokarst thaw ponds is linked to dissolved organic matter quality and microbial degradation potential. Limnology and Oceanography.


Stephens B.M., Wankel S.D., Beman J.M., Rabines A.J., Allen A.E. & Aluwihare L.I. Euphotic zone nitrification in the California Current Ecosystem. Limnology and Oceanography.




Eichner M., Basu S., Wang S., de Beer D. & Shaked Y. Mineral iron dissolution in Trichodesmium colonies: The role of O2 and pH microenvironments. Limnology and Oceanography.


Korkonen S., Weckström J. & Korhola A. Biogeography and ecology of freshwater chrysophyte cysts in Finland. Hydrobiologia.


Paerl H.W., Havens K.E., Xu H., Zhu G., McCarthy M.J., Newell S.E., et al. Mitigating eutrophication and toxic cyanobacterial blooms in large lakes: The evolution of a dual nutrient (N and P) reduction paradigm. Hydrobiologia.


Xing P., Tao Y., Luo J., Wang L., Li B., Li H., et al. Stratification of microbiomes during the holomictic period of Lake Fuxian, an alpine monomictic lake. Limnology and Oceanography.


Walsh E.J. & Wallace R.L. Preface: Crossing disciplinary borders in rotifer research. Hydrobiologia.