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New Articles for September 1-7

Monday, September 7, 2020
Beatriz M. Ferreira

New Articles for September 1-7

Aquatic-Specific (9): Aquatic Ecology (2), Aquatic Science (2), Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science (3), Freshwater Biology (3), Hydrobiologia (3), Journal of Freshwater Ecology (1), Limnology and Oceanography (2), River Research and Application (3), Water Resources Research (7).

Broad-Based (2): Ecology(1), Global Change Biology (1).

OA= Open Acess

Anthropogenic Impact

Burdon, F. J., Y. Bai, M. Reyes, M. Tamminen, P. Staudacher, S. Mangold, H. Singer, K. Räsänen, A. Joss, S. D. Tiegs, J. Jokela, R. I. L. Eggen, and C. Stamm. 2020. Stream microbial communities and ecosystem functioning show complex responses to multiple stressors in wastewater. Global Change Biology. (OA)

Aquatic Plants

Szabó-Tugyi, N., and V. R. Tóth. 2020. Interaction among bacterioplankton and macrophytes in shallow lakes with high macrophyte cover. Aquatic Sciences. (OA)


Camana, M., R. B. Dala-Corte, F. C. Collar, and F. G. Becker. 2020. Assessing the legacy of land use trajectories on stream fish communities of southern Brazil. Hydrobiologia.

Campbell, S. E., and N. E. Mandrak. 2020. Functional differentiation accompanies taxonomic homogenization in freshwater fish communities. Ecology.

Church, K. D. W., K. Janisse, L. Nguyen-Dang, J. W. Heath, D. D. Heath, and C. A. D. Semeniuk. 2020. Rearing conditions differentially affect behavioural phenotypes of male ‘jack’ and ‘hooknose’ chinook salmon and their sisters in both fresh and salt water. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Gregory, S. D., V. E. Bewes, A. J. H. Davey, D. E. Roberts, P. Gough, and I. C. Davidson. 2020. Environmental conditions modify density‐dependent salmonid recruitment: Insights into the 2016 recruitment crash in Wales. Freshwater Biology.

Gutmann Roberts, C., and J. R. Britton. 2020. Spawning strategies in cypriniform fishes in a lowland river invaded by non-indigenous European barbel Barbus barbus. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

Hagelin, A., J. Museth, L. A. Greenberg, M. Kraabøl, O. Calles, and E. Bergman. 2020. Upstream fishway performance by Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) spawners at complex hydropower dams – is prior experience a success criterion? Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Larson, D. L., J. G. Kimmel, J. J. Riedy, J. R. Hegna, E. A. Baker, and K. T. Scribner. 2020. Male lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) migratory and spawning behaviors are associated with sperm quality and reproductive success. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science.

Sánchez‐Hernández, J., A. G. Finstad, J. V. Arnekleiv, G. Kjærstad, and P. Amundsen. 2020. Beyond ecological opportunity: Prey diversity rather than abundance shapes predator niche variation. Freshwater Biology.


Barclay, J. R., J. J. Starn, M. A. Briggs, and A. M. Helton. 2020. Improved prediction of management‐relevant groundwater discharge characteristics throughout river networks. Water Resources Research.

Holmes, T. L., T. A. Stadnyk, S. J. Kim, and M. Asadzadeh. 2020. Regional Calibration with Isotope Tracers using a Spatially Distributed Model: A Comparison of Methods. Water Resources Research.

Hong, M., B. P. Mohanty, and Z. Sheng. 2020. An Explicit Scheme to Represent the Bidirectional Hydrologic Exchanges Between the Vadose Zone, Phreatic Aquifer, and River. Water Resources Research.

Lamontagne, J. R., C. A. Barber, and R. M. Vogel. 2020. Improved Estimators of Model Performance Efficiency for Skewed Hydrologic Data. Water Resources Research.

McInerney, D., M. Thyer, D. Kavetski, R. Laugesen, N. Tuteja, and G. Kuczera. 2020. Multi‐temporal hydrological residual error modelling for seamless sub‐seasonal streamflow forecasting. Water Resources Research.

Thomas, R. Q., R. J. Figueiredo, V. Daneshmand, B. J. Bookout, L. K. Puckett, and C. C. Carey. 2020. A near‐term iterative forecasting system successfully predicts reservoir hydrodynamics and partitions uncertainty in real time. Water Resources Research.

Wu, H., G. Constantinescu, and J. Zeng. 2020. Flow and entrainment mechanisms around a freshwater mussel aLigned with the incoming flow. Water Resources Research.


Davis, M. N., T. E. McMahon, K. A. Cutting, and M. E. Jaeger. 2020. Environmental and climatic factors affecting winter hypoxia in a freshwater lake: evidence for a hypoxia refuge and for re-oxygenation prior to spring ice loss. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

Matsuzaki, S. S., R. C. Lathrop, S. R. Carpenter, J. R. Walsh, M. J. Vander Zanden, M. R. Gahler, and E. H. Stanley. 2020. Climate and food web effects on the spring clear‐water phase in two north‐temperate eutrophic lakes. Limnology and Oceanography.

Steinsberger, T., R. Schwefel, A. Wüest, and B. Müller. 2020. Hypolimnetic oxygen depletion rates in deep lakes: Effects of trophic state and organic matter accumulation. Limnology and Oceanography. (OA)


Brüchner-Hüttemann, H., C. Ptatscheck, and W. Traunspurger. 2020. Meiofauna in stream habitats: temporal dynamics of abundance, biomass and secondary production in different substrate microhabitats in a first-order stream. Aquatic Ecology. (OA)

Lakka, H.-K., A. P. Eloranta, T. Hesthagen, R. Saksgård, and M. Power. 2020. Impacts of reduced Lepidurus arcticus availability on brown trout life history traits in a mountain reservoir. Aquatic Sciences. (OA)

Min, J.-K., and D.-S. Kong. 2020. Distribution patterns of benthic macroinvertebrate communities based on multispatial-scale environmental variables in the river systems of Republic of Korea. Journal of Freshwater Ecology. (AO)


Booth, D. B., K. Ross-Smith, E. K. Haddon, T. Dunne, E. W. Larsen, J. W. Roche, G. M. Stock, and V. Mahacek. 2020. Opportunities and challenges for restoration of the Merced River through Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, USA. River Research and Applications.


Khan, J. M., J. Dudding, M. Hart, C. R. Robertson, R. Lopez, and C. R. Randklev. 2020. Linking flow and upper thermal limits of freshwater mussels to inform environmental flow benchmarks. Freshwater Biology.


Kalinowska, K., and M. Karpowicz. 2020. Ice-on and ice-off dynamics of ciliates and metazooplankton in the Łuczański Canal (Poland). Aquatic Ecology. (OA)