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New Articles September 17 - 23

Monday, September 24, 2018
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg
Kasey Fralick

New Articles September 17 -23

Freshwater-specific journals (6): Freshwater Biology, Freshwater Science, Hydrobiologia, Limnology and Oceanography, Marine and Freshwater Research,  River Research and Applications

Broad-based journals (2): Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Rudi, G., J.-S. Bailly, G. Belaud, and F. Vinatier. Characterization of the long-distance dispersal of Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) in a vegetated irrigation channel. River Research and Applications.


Bessey, C., M. J. Rule, M. Dasey, A. Brearley, J. M. Huisman, S. K. Wilson, and A. J. Kendrick. Geology is a significant indicator of algal cover and invertebrate species composition on intertidal reefs of Ngari Capes Marine Park, south-western Australia. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Cui, Y., J. Wu, J. Ren, and J. Xu. Physical dynamics structures and oxygen budget of summer hypoxia in the Pearl River Estuary. Limnology and Oceanography.

Valett H.M. & Ely D.T. Acidification, stress, and detrital processing: implications for ecosystem function in headwater streams. Hydrobiologia.

Viaroli, P., R. Azzoni, M. Bartoli, P. Iacumin, D. Longhi, R. Mosello, M. Rogora, G. Rossetti, N. Salmaso, and D. Nizzoli. Persistence of meromixis and its effects on redox conditions and trophic status in Lake Idro (Southern Alps, Italy). Hydrobiologia.

Climate Change

Drake, T. W., R. M. Holmes, A. V Zhulidov, T. Gurtovaya, P. A. Raymond, J. W. McClelland, and R. G. M. Spencer. Multidecadal climate-induced changes in Arctic tundra lake geochemistry and geomorphology. Limnology and Oceanography.

Krinner G. & Flanner M.G. Striking stationarity of large-scale climate model bias patterns under strong climate change. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Salmaso, N., O. Anneville, D. Straile, and P. Viaroli. European large perialpine lakes under anthropogenic pressures and climate change: present status, research gaps and future challenges. Hydrobiologia.

Environmental Attitudes

Knight, C. The meaning of rivers in Aotearoa New Zealand—Past and future. River Research and Applications.


Koontz, E. D., E. A. Steel, and J. D. Olden. Stream thermal responses to wildfire in the Pacific Northwest. Freshwater Science.


Dijkstra P.K. Color change and pigmentation in a color polymorphic cichlid fish. Hydrobiologia.

Klopries, E.-M., Z. D. Deng, T. U. Lachmann, H. Schüttrumpf, and B. A. Trumbo. Surface bypass as a means of protecting downstream-migrating fish: lack of standardised evaluation criteria complicates evaluation of efficacy. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Koblmüller, S., L. Zangl, C. Börger, D. Daill, M. P. M. Vanhove, C. Sturmbauer, and K. M. Sefc. Only true pelagics mix: comparative phylogeography of deepwater bathybatine cichlids from Lake Tanganyika. Hydrobiologia.

Loures, R. C., and P. S. Pompeu. Long-term study of reservoir cascade in south-eastern Brazil reveals spatio-temporal gradient in fish assemblages. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Pflugrath, B. D., C. A. Boys, and B. Cathers. Predicting hydraulic structure-induced barotrauma in Australian fish species. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Röpke, C. P., T. H. S. Pires, K. O. Winemiller, D. de Fex Wolf, C. P. Deus, and S. Amadio. Reproductive allocation by Amazon fishes in relation to feeding strategy and hydrology. Hydrobiologia.

Rountree, R. A., and F. Juanes. Potential for use of passive acoustic monitoring of piranhas in the Pacaya–Samiria National Reserve in Peru. Freshwater Biology.

Satoh S., Ota K., Awata S., & Kohda M. Dynamics of sibling aggression of a cichlid fish in Lake Tanganyika. Hydrobiologia.

Yang, Z., J. Tao, Y. Qiao, W. Xu, and J. Chang. Multivariate analysis performed to identify the temporal responses of fish assemblages to abiotic changes downstream of the Gezhouba Dam on the Yangtze River. River Research and Applications.


Parsons, M. Extreme floods and river values: A social–ecological perspective. River Research and Applications.


Willett S.D., McCoy S.W., & Beeson H.W. Transience of the North American High Plains landscape and its impact on surface water. Nature.


Bofill C.E. & Yee D.A. An army of one: predaceous diving beetle life history stages affect interactions with shared mosquito prey. Hydrobiologia.

Creed, R. P., and B. L. Brown. Multiple mechanisms can stabilize a freshwater mutualism. Freshwater Science.

Huttunen K., Mykrä H., Paavola R., & Muotka T. Estimates of benthic invertebrate community variability and its environmental determinants differ between snapshot and trajectory designs. Freshwater Science.

Rivers-Moore, N. A., and T. R. Hill. A predictive management tool for blackfly outbreaks on the Orange River, South Africa. River Research and Applications.


Chesney, T., A. R. Sastri, B. E. Beisner, S. Nandini, S. S. S. Sarma, and P. Juneau. Application of fluorometry (Phyto-PAM) for assessing food selection by cladocerans. Hydrobiologia.

Hochberg, R., H. Yang, A. Hochberg, E. J. Walsh, and R. L. Wallace. When heads are not homologous: the coronae of larval and adult collothecid rotifers (Rotifera: Monogononta: Collothecaceae). Hydrobiologia.

Nova, C. C., R. L. Bozelli, A. Spitzy, and D. Müller-Navarra. Living in a browning environment: Effects on Daphnia’s growth and fatty acid pattern. Limnology and Oceanography

Primary and Secondary Production

Båmstedt U. Comparing static and dynamic incubations in primary production measurements under different euphotic and mixing depths. Hydrobiologia.

de Melo, T. X., J. D. Dias, N. R. Simões, and C. C. Bonecker. Effects of nutrient enrichment on primary and secondary productivity in a subtropical floodplain system: an experimental approach. Hydrobiologia.

Weber M.J. & Brown M.L. Recipient ecosystem productivity influences effects of resource pulses in mesocosms. Hydrobiologia.