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New Articles September 3 - 9

Monday, September 10, 2018
Katherine O'Reilly
Kasey Fralick
Elizabeth (Bizzy) Berg

New Articles September 3 - 9

Freshwater-specific journals (6): Freshwater Biology, Hydrobiologia, Limnology and Oceanography, Limnology and Oceanography Letters, Marine and Freshwater Science, River Research and Applications

Broad-based journals (7): Ecology, Ecology Letters, Journal of Applied Ecology, Nature, Oecologia, Science, Trends in Ecology & Evolution

Algal Blooms

Buelo C.D., Carpenter S.R. & Pace M.L. A modeling analysis of spatial statistical indicators of thresholds for algal blooms. Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

Shatwell, T., and J. Köhler. Decreased nitrogen loading controls summer cyanobacterial blooms without promoting nitrogen-fixing taxa: Long-term response of a shallow lake. Limnology and Oceanography.


Pintar M.R. & Resetarits W.J. Refilling temporary ponds has timing-dependent effects on Hyla gratiosa performance. Freshwater Biology.


Chase J.M., McGill B.J., McGlinn D.J., May F., Blowes S.A., Xiao X., et al. Embracing scale-dependence to achieve a deeper understanding of biodiversity and its change across communities. Ecology Letters.

Godet L. & Devictor V. What Conservation Does. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

Climate Change

Hirmas D.R., Gimenez D., Nemes A., Kerry R., Brunsell N.A., & Wilson C.J.Climate-induced changes in continental-scale soil macroporosity may intensify water cycle. Nature.

Usinowicz J. & Levine J.M. Species persistence under climate change: a geographical scale coexistence problem. Ecology Letters.


dos Santos Bertoncin A.P., Pinha G.D., Baumgartner M.T. & Mormul R.P. Extreme drought events can promote homogenization of benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in a floodplain pond in Brazil. Hydrobiologia.

Thoma, D. P., S. M. Munson, and D. L. Witwicki. Landscape pivot points and responses to water balance in national parks of the southwest US. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Ecological Theory

Hastings A., Abbott K.C., Cuddington K., Francis T., Gellner G., Lai Y., & Morozov A. Transient phenomena in ecology. Science.


Harper, L. R., A. S. Buxton, H. C. Rees, K. Bruce, R. Brys, D. Halfmaerten, et al. Prospects and challenges of environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring in freshwater ponds. Hydrobiologia.


Cathcart C.N., Pennock C.A., Cheek C.A., McKinstry M.C., MacKinnon P.D., Conner M.M., et al. Waterfall formation at a desert river–reservoir delta isolates endangered fishes. River Research and Applications.

Khan, M. A., and A. Nazir. Stock delineation of the long-whiskered catfish, Sperata aor (Hamilton 1822), from River Ganga by using morphometrics. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Piálek L., Casciotta J., Almirón A. & Říčan O. A new pelagic predatory pike cichlid (Teleostei: Cichlidae: Crenicichla) from the C. mandelburgeri species complex with parallel and reticulate evolution. Hydrobiologia.

Toussaint, A., N. Charpin, O. Beauchard, G. Grenouillet, T. Oberdorff, P. A. Tedesco, S. Brosse, and S. Villéger. Non-native species led to marked shifts in functional diversity of the world freshwater fish faunas. Ecology Letters.

Vranken, N., M. Van Steenberge, and J. Snoeks. Grasping ecological opportunities: not one but five paedophagous species of Haplochromis (Teleostei: Cichlidae) in the Lake Edward system. Hydrobiologia.

Food Webs

Fujibayashi, M., K. Okano, Y. Takada, H. Mizutani, N. Uchida, O. Nishimura, and N. Miyata. Transfer of cyanobacterial carbon to a higher trophic-level fish community in a eutrophic lake food web: fatty acid and stable isotope analyses. Oecologia.

Hawn C.L., Herrmann J.D., Griffin S.R. & Haddad N.M. Connectivity increases trophic subsidies in fragmented landscapes. Ecology Letters.

Subalusky A.L., Dutton C.L., Njoroge L. Rosi E.J., & Post D.M. Organic matter and nutrient inputs from large wildlife influence ecosystem function in the Mara River, Africa. Ecology.

Wood, T. C., Kelley, R. E., & Moore, P. A. Feeding in fear: Indirect effects of predatory fish on macrophyte communities mediated by altered crayfish foraging behaviour. Freshwater Biology.

Wootton, A., R. G. Pearson, and L. Boyero. Patterns of flow, leaf litter and shredder abundance in a tropical stream. Hydrobiologia.


Brenner, S. D., and B. E. Laval. Seiche modes in multi-armed lakes. Limnology and Oceanography.

Hadley, D. R., P. E. Grams, and M. A. Kaplinski. Quantifying geomorphic and vegetation change at sandbar campsites in response to flow regulation and controlled floods, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. River Research and Applications.


Rand, J. Overlooked trade-offs of environmentally protective hydropower operation: Impacts to ancillary services and greenhouse gas emissions. River Research and Applications.


Shade A., Dunn R.R., Blowes S.A., Keil P., Bohannan B.J.M., Herrmann M., et al. Macroecology to Unite All Life, Large and Small. Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

Sundstrom S.M., Angeler D.G., Barichievy C., Eason T., Garmestani A., Gunderson L., et al. The distribution and role of functional abundance in cross-scale resilience. Ecology.


Lu, K., H. Wu, Z. Xue, X. Lu, and D. P. Batzer. Development of a multi-metric index based on aquatic invertebrates to assess floodplain wetland condition. Hydrobiologia.


Häfker, N. S., M. Teschke, K. S. Last, D. W. Pond, L. Hüppe, and B. Meyer. Calanus finmarchicus seasonal cycle and diapause in relation to gene expression, physiology, and endogenous clocks. Limnology and Oceanography.

Liu M., Li J., Wang W. & Jiang X. Immigration shapes evolutionary tolerance to toxic cyanobacteria in two cladoceran grazers. Hydrobiologia.

Teittinen A., Weckström J. & Soininen J. Cell size and acid tolerance constrain pond diatom distributions in the subarctic. Freshwater Biology.