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New Freshwater Articles: January 2nd through January 8th, 2023

Monday, January 9, 2023
Ashlynn Boedecker


New Freshwater Articles: January 2nd through January 8th, 2023


AQUATIC SPECIFIC (22): Aquatic Ecology (2), Aquatic Sciences (3), Freshwater Biology (4), Hydrobiologia (4), Inland Waters (2), Journal of Great Lakes Research (2), Limnology and Oceanography Letters (1), River Research Applications (4)

BROAD-BASED (2): Ecology Letters (1), Oecologia (1)

OA = Open Access



Borthagaray A.I., Cunillera-Montcusí D., Bou J., Biggs J. & Arim M. (2023). Pondscape or waterscape? The effect on the diversity of dispersal along different freshwater ecosystems. Hydrobiologia.


Climate Change

Wu C., Xie J., Qiu D., Xie Z., Gao P. & Mu X. (2023). Effects of climate change and anthropogenic activities on runoff change of the Weihe River basin, Northwest China. River Research and Applications n/a.


Data/ Instrumentation/Methods

Rodriguez L.K., Polus S.M., Matuszak D.I., Domka M.R., Hanly P.J., Wang Q., et al. (2023). LAGOS-US RESERVOIR: A database classifying conterminous U.S. lakes 4 ha and larger as natural lakes or reservoir lakes. Limnology and Oceanography Letters n/a. (OA)



Corey E., Linnansaari T. & Cunjak R.A. (2023). High temperature events shape the broadscale distribution of juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Freshwater Biology n/a.

Janosik A.M., Whitaker J.M. & Johnston C.E. (2023). Phylogeography and population structure of the Rock Darter species complex, Etheostoma rupestre (Teleostomi: Percidae) across the Mobile River Basin. Hydrobiologia.

Skoglund H., Vollset K.W., Wiers T. & Barlaup B.T. (2023). Assessing the occurrence of egg stranding for trout and salmon in a regulated river. River Research and Applications n/a. (OA)

Slagle Z.J. & Faust M.D. (2023). Are smallmouth bass more mobile in large lakes than once thought? Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Westrelin S., Balzani P., Haubrock P.J. & Santoul F. (2023). Interannual variability in the trophic niche of young-of-year fish belonging to four piscivorous species coexisting in a natural lake. Freshwater Biology n/a.


Food Webs

Iannino A., Fink P., Vosshage A.T.L. & Weitere M. (2023). Resource-dependent foraging behaviour of grazers enhances effects of nutrient enrichment on algal biomass. Oecologia. (OA)


Invasive Species

Joffe-Nelson N., van Riper C.J., Golebie E., Johnson D.N., Eriksson M., Suski C., et al. (2023). Angler preferences for management of aquatic invasive species in the USA and Canada: A discrete choice experiment. Journal of Great Lakes Research.



Ferreira W.R., Souza Rezende R. de, Martins R.T., Gonçalves Jr J.F., Hamada N. & Callisto M. (2023). Effects of predation risk on invertebrate leaf-litter shredders in headwater streams in three Brazilian biomes. Aquatic Sciences 85, 28.

Geist J., Benedict A., Dobler A.H., Hoess R. & Hoos P. (2023). Functional interactions of non-native aquatic fauna with European freshwater bivalves: implications for management. Hydrobiologia. (OA)

Let M., Ložek F., Kouba A., Buřič M. & Bláha M. (2023). Signal crayfish as a threat for European ectosymbionts: overlooked biodiversity losses. Aquatic Sciences 85, 30.

Scully-Engelmeyer K., Blevins E., Granek E.F. & Constable R. (2023). Freshwater mussel populations in Pacific Coast Watersheds (Oregon, USA): occurrence, condition, habitat, and fish species overlap. Hydrobiologia. (OA)


Lake Dynamics

Wagner N.D., Osburn F.S., Robbins C.J., Ernst M.R., Owens J., Powers S.M., et al. (2023). Lake stability and anoxia dynamics revealed from high frequency vertical profiling in a eutrophic polymictic reservoir. Inland Waters, 1–35.



Dong J., Dai D., Yang Y., Wang F., Zhang Y., Zhang M., et al. (2023). Growth and morphological responses of Scenedesmus obliquus to submerged macrophyte Egeria densa. Aquatic Ecology.

Soininen J. (2023). Are diatom community assembly processes scale invariant in streams? Freshwater Biology n/a.

Yuan L.L., Mitchell R.M., Pollard A.I., Nietch C.T., Pilgrim E.M. & Smucker N.J. (2023). Understanding the effects of phosphorus on diatom richness in rivers and streams using taxon–environment relationships. Freshwater Biology n/a.


Stream/River Dynamics

Arora S., Patel H.K., Lade A.D. & Kumar B. (2023). Turbulence structure and bank erosion process in a dredged channel. River Research and Applications n/a.

Burman A.J., Andersson A.G. & Hellström J.G.I. (2023). Hydraulic classification of hydropeaking stages in a river reach. River Research and Applications n/a. (OA)



Barbi A., Goessens T., Strubbe D., Deknock A., Van Leeuwenberg R., De Troyer N., et al. (2023). Widespread triazole pesticide use affects infection dynamics of a global amphibian pathogen. Ecology Letters n/a.



Pilecky M., Fink P., Kämmer S.K., Schott M., Zehl M. & Kainz M.J. (2022). Mass spectrometry imaging reveals the spatial distribution of essential lipids in Daphnia magna – potential implications for trophic ecology. Inland Waters, 1–10. (OA)

Ruhl N., Ruggiero D., Iuliucci S., Grove M. & Richmond C. (2023). Predicting the density of zooplankton subsidy to a stream with multiple impoundments using water quality parameters. Aquatic Sciences 85, 29.

Teesalu P., Ercoli F. & Tuvikene A. (2023). Behavioural responses of invasive (Gmelinoides fasciatus) and native (Gammarus lacustris) amphipods to predators on different bottom substrates. Aquatic Ecology.