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Opportunities to support Ukrainian scientists

Friday, March 25, 2022

Dear SFS members, 

The Society for International Limnology (SIL) is leading an effort that we wanted to share with our membership. Below is a letter from SIL leadership to SIL members regarding the war in Ukraine and opportunities for scientists to support Ukranian scientists. On their website, please note the opportunity in to list your lab with any technical support or open positions you might have. Please also be mindful of scholars around the globe who are dealing with oppressive situations, and consider learning more about the organization 'Scholars at Risk' and their efforts ( (also on the list of resources from SIL).  


Dear SIL members,

On behalf of SIL, we would like to express our solidarity and deepest sympathy with the people in Ukraine. We, the SIL members and our international collaborators are deeply concerned by the developments of the past weeks and days. As an international organization hosting members from all around the globe, SIL expresses condolence and grief to families, friends and close colleagues who are affected. We hope that the invasion stops immediately and that further escalation harming the Ukrainian people, even more, can be prevented. 

Research to support the sustainable development of life on our planet is effective only by peaceful and respectful interaction among researchers, the general public and politicians. Therefore, SIL intends to support our Ukrainian research colleagues. We share a list of existing open-source directories and databases where offers for Ukrainian researchers can be registered ( We ask all our members and colleagues to contribute by adding opportunities for funding, technical support, or positions for Ukrainian researchers. We intend to demonstrate that the international scientific community is united to provide safe conditions for colleagues most affected by the war in the Ukraine.

SIL Leadership