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Stay Fresh! - New Articles January 15-21

Monday, January 22, 2018
Allyn Dodd
Katherine O'Reilly

New Articles January 15-21

Freshwater-specific articles (5): Freshwater Biology, Hydrobiologia, Limnology and Oceanography, Marine and Freshwater Research, River Research and Applications

Broad-based articles (3): Ecology, Ecology Letters, Oecologia


Dodds, W. K., S. A. Higgs, M. J. Spangler, … and M. A. Evans-White. Spatial heterogeneity and controls of ecosystem metabolism in a Great Plains river network. Hydrobiologia.

Tsunogai, U., T. Miyauchi, T. Ohyama, D. D. Komatsu, M. Ito, and F. Nakagawa. Quantifying nitrate dynamics in a mesotrophic lake using triple oxygen isotopes as tracers. Limnology and Oceanography.

Community Ecology

Collins, S. L., Avolio, M. L., Gries, C., Hallett, L. M., Koerner, S. E., La Pierre, K. J., … Jones, M. B. Temporal heterogeneity increases with spatial heterogeneity in ecological communities. Ecology.

Freilich, M. A., Wieters, E., Broitman, B. R., Marquet, P. A., & Navarrete, S. A. Species co-occurrence networks: can they reveal trophic and non-trophic interactions in ecological communities? Ecology.

Petersen, C. R., N. Z. Jovanovic, M. C. Grenfell, P. J. Oberholster, and P. Cheng. Responses of aquatic communities to physical and chemical parameters in agriculturally impacted coastal river systems. Hydrobiologia.

Rogers, T. L., Gouhier, T. C., & Kimbro, D. L. Temperature-dependency of intraguild predation between native and invasive crabs. Ecology.


Janicke, T., & Morrow, E. H. Operational sex ratio predicts the opportunity and direction of sexual selection across animals. Ecology Letters.

Fish Ecology

Carvalho, R. A. de, and F. L. Tejerina-Garro. Headwater–river gradient: trait-based approaches show functional dissimilarities among tropical fish assemblages. Marine and Freshwater Research.

Hawkins, P. R., K. G. Hortle, S. Phommanivong, and Y. Singsua. Underwater video monitoring of fish passage in the Mekong River at Sadam Channel, Khone Falls, Laos. River Research and Applications.

Ortega, J. C. G., A. A. Agostinho, … and L. M. Bini. Similarities in correlates of native and introduced fish species richness distribution in Brazilian reservoirs. Hydrobiologia.

Flow-Ecology Relationships

Kjærstad, G., J. V Arnekleiv, J. D. M. Speed, and A. K. Herland. Effects of hydropeaking on benthic invertebrate community composition in two central Norwegian rivers. River Research and Applications.

Global Change

Beaune, D., Y. Sellier, G. Luquet, and F. Grandjean. Freshwater acidification: an example of an endangered crayfish species sensitive to pH. Hydrobiologia.


Carol, E., S. Richiano, and C. Tanjal. Can bioturbation be responsible for thicker freshwater lenses than expected in littoral environments? Marine and Freshwater Research.

Invasive Species

Strange, E. F., J. M. Hill, and J. A. Coetzee. Evidence for a new regime shift between floating and submerged invasive plant dominance in South Africa. Hydrobiologia.


Beermann, J., Boos, K., Gutow, L., Boersma, M., & Peralta, A. C. Combined effects of predator cues and competition define habitat choice and food consumption of amphipod mesograzers. Oecologia.

Hamylton, S. M., and R. S. K. Barnes. The effect of sampling effort on spatial autocorrelation in macrobenthic intertidal invertebrates. Hydrobiologia.

Kalkman, V. J., J.-P. Boudot, R. Bernard, G. De Knijf, F. Suhling, and T. Termaat. Diversity and conservation of European dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata). Hydrobiologia.

Large Rivers

Habersack, H., M. Eder, and R. Samek. Preface: Multifunctionality of large rivers. Hydrobiologia.


Guan, B., X. Wang, C. Yin, Z. Liu, Z. Wang, and Y. Gao. Comparison of the morphological traits of the submerged macrophyte Potamogeton malaianusfrom turbid and clear waters in Lake Taihu. Hydrobiologia.

Management and Conservation

Mazor, R. D., J. T. May, A. Sengupta, K. S. McCune, B. P. Bledsoe, and E. D. Stein. Tools for managing hydrologic alteration on a regional scale: Setting targets to protect stream health. Freshwater Biology.

Tamario, C., E. Degerman, S. Donadi, D. Spjut, and L. Sandin. Nature-like fishways as compensatory lotic habitats. River Research and Applications.

Thompson, R. M., N. Bond, N. L. Poff, and N. Byron. Towards a systems approach for river basin management—Lessons from Australia’s largest river. River Research and Applications.


Cheng, J., Z. Han, N. Song, T. Gao, T. Yanagimoto, and C. A. Strüssmann. Effects of Pleistocene glaciation on the phylogeographic and demographic histories of chub mackerel Scomber japonicus in the north-western Pacific. Marine and Freshwater Research.


Aubriot, L., and S. Bonilla. Regulation of phosphate uptake reveals cyanobacterial bloom resilience to shifting N:P ratios. Freshwater Biology.