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Inaugural Class of SFS Fellows (2017)

The Fellows of the Society of Freshwater Science are selected based on sustained excellence in contributions to freshwater science research, policy, or management. Fellows of the Society are accomplished members who are leaders in their disciplines and who have dedicated substantial time and resources to benefit the Society. Election as a Fellow shall be for life. The Fellows endeavor to participate in SFS activities, individually or as a group, in ways they feel they can make a positive contribution based on their status as Fellows. 

The SFS Fellows program began with an inaugural class of 30 Fellows in 2017, drawn from previous recipients of the Award of Excellence and the Environmental Stewardship Award. A rotating committee of current Fellows is responsible for selecting up to five new Fellows each year.


Fellows should be members of the Society at the time they are selected. Any SFS member can nominate a Fellow. Nomination of people from underrepresented groups as well as mid-career members is strongly encouraged to increase the diversity of SFS Fellows.

Nomination Procedure

Submit your nomination here.

Any SFS member can nominate a Fellow. In addition, all candidates nominated for, but not receiving, the Award of Excellence and the Environmental Stewardship Award will also automatically be considered as candidates for Fellows the following year.  

The deadline for nomination will coincide with nomination deadlines for the other SFS awards. Nominations are considered only in the year they are submitted, but the same person can be re-nominated in another year.