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SFS Seeks Membership Services Provider for 5-year Contract

Friday, February 16, 2024

The Society for Freshwater Science (SFS, the Society) is seeking a long-term partnership with a contractor to provide membership management services over a five-year period, from August 1, 2024 to July 31, 2029. Services requested include: 

  1. Establishment and maintenance of a web-based membership portal; as appropriate, integration with the extant public-facing Society website and annual meeting website.
  2. Transitioning and importing of extant membership database and Society documents archive from the current membership management services provider.
  3. Management, maintenance, and reporting of membership records.
  4. Archiving and provision of membership access to important Society documents and records (annual reports, committee minutes, etc.).
  5. Implementation of annual member recruitment and renewal campaigns, including automated email campaigns.
  6. Processing of membership payments, printed journal subscription fees, and donations by credit card, check, and purchase order.
  7. Management, maintenance, and reporting of financial records associated with membership.
  8. Implementation of annual Society elections by electronic ballot. 

This RFP seeks proposals from qualified individuals/firms. Proposals should address all the services listed above. The search committee prefers all-inclusive costing covering all services described in the full RFP below (Scope of Membership Services A–E)—either through a flat monthly fee or a per-member annual fee. Proposals also should specifically describe the number of staff that will be involved and their specific duties. SFS reserves the right to contract the provider for all services outlined in this RFP or selected elements. Questions should be addressed to the Society Executive Director, Andreas Leidolf (; 435-757-7640).

View the full RFP here.