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Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) Task Force

Call for Nominations: 

Nominations are now being accepted by SFS’s Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Task Force for members of the newly formed SFS Council of Underrepresented Voices (CUV). The CUV will enhance the efforts of the JEDI Task Force by establishing a dedicated forum for representative members of underrepresented groups to convene and provide perspective and guidance on SFS goals, operations, and initiatives. The CUV will provide a safe space where all ideas and opinions are welcomed and cherished, and will play a key role in SFS’ path to become a truly diverse and inclusive Society. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, January 29, 2021. More information can be found here.


Brief Description: 

The JEDI Task Force - approved in June 2020 by the SFS Board of Directors - represents an initiative specifically aimed at breaking down barriers for underrepresented groups in SFS through a set of intentional and clear actions. The Task Force complements the dedicated and long-term work of the SFS Education and Diversity Committee (EDC). The Task Force has an initial timeline of 3 years (thru June 2023), at which point the Task Force will dissolve and the initiatives will move under the oversight of the EDC and/or other SFS Committees. In summary, the JEDI Task Force is a supercommittee meant to effect "rapid evolution" in SFS around JEDI issues and to send a clear message that SFS is committed to change through action.  

La Fuerza de Tarea JEDI, aprobada en junio de 2020 por la Junta Directiva de SFS, representa una iniciativa dirigida específicamente a derribar barreras para grupos subrepresentados en SFS, a través de un conjunto de acciones intencionales y claras. Este grupo de trabajo complementa el servicio dedicado y a largo plazo del Comité de Educación y Diversidad de SFS (EDC) y está prevista con un cronograma de trabajo inicial de 3 años (hasta junio de 2023). Para ese entonces, la Fuerza de Tarea se disolverá y las iniciativas se moverán bajo la supervisión del EDC y / u otros Comités de SFS. Esto significa que nuestro grupo de trabajo JEDI es un supercomité encargado de efectuar una "evolución rápida" en SFS en cuanto a los asuntos de JEDI y de enviar un mensaje claro de que SFS se ha comprometido al cambio mediante la acción.

Task Force Members: 

  • Mažeika Patricio Sullivan (chair, also serves as Education & Diversity Committee Liaison)
  • Zanethia Barnett
  • Darshanaa Chellaiah
  • Denzell Amir Cross
  • Timothy Hoellein (also serves as Long-Range Planning Committee Liaison)
  • Raphael Mazor 
  • Amy Rosemond
  • Jeymmy Walteros Rodriguez
  • Amber Ulseth (Development Committee Liaison) 
  • Carla López Lloreda (Student Resources Committee Liaison) 
  • Erin Larson (Elections & Place Committee Liaison)

Major initiatives/projects and project lead/s: 

  • We are forging ahead with all the following initiatives, and thank all those that are supporting us in this effort!
  • Developing and implementing improved demographic surveys (Amy Rosemond, Mažeika Sullivan)
    • UPDATE 12/2020: Working with the Membership & Data Committee, we have developed an updated membership form and web profile that asks voluntary questions about racial/ethnic identity, disability/ability status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and linguistic diversity. These data will be used to study and track the composition of our current membership and will help to inform current and future efforts to further diversify SFS.
  • Instituting a diversity mentor program (Tim Hoellein) 
  • Minimizing bias, increasing access, and enhancing representation of and support for underrepresented groups in our journal - Freshwater Science (Raphael Mazor) 
  • Iniciativas en español - increase our Spanish-language programming, outreach, and communications with the goal of increasing participation of Hispanic/Latine students and scientists both in the US and internationally (Jeymmy Walteros Rodriguez)
    • UPDATE 12/2020: Check out the first in a series of “podcasts en español”. Conversando con el Presidente de la Sociedad. En este episodio, tenemos la oportunidad de escuchar parte de las transformaciones que busca la Sociedad, donde la inclusión y diversidad también dan espacio para comunicarnos en español. Also available in English. 
  • Increasing our international membership and profile (Darshanaa Chellaiah) 
  • Reviewing SFS business practices to provide recommendations on how to best support minority businesses, organizations, and communities (TBD) 
  • Developing intentional, professional, long-term relationships with Tribal Colleges, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Denzell Amir Cross, Mažeika Sullivan)
    • UPDATE 12/2020: Progress is underway in establishing the SFS Minority Serving Partnership Program, whose aim is to develop long-term partnerships between SFS and students, staff, and faculty of MSIs. 
  • Implementing JEDI trainings/engagements for SFS members (Mažeika Sullivan, Amy Rosemond) 
  • Establishing and empowering a Council of Underrepresented Voices (Zanethia Barnett)
    • UPDATES 12/2020: Call for nominations opens December 15, 2020! This Council will enhance the efforts of the JEDI Task Force by establishing a dedicated forum for representative members of underrepresented groups to convene and provide perspective and guidance on SFS goals, operations, and initiatives.

Contact Information: 

We welcome ideas, input, and feedback at: