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SFS soliciting members to run for elected offices within the Society

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The SFS Elections and Place Committee (E&PC) is soliciting members to run for a suite of elected offices. 

The positions and their descriptions are as follows:

  1. President- 3 yr term (President-Elect, President, Past-President); non-renewable
  2. Secretary - 3 yr term; renewable
  3. Non-Academic Representative to the Board of Directors (BoD)- 3 yr term; non-renewable
  4. International (Non-US)​​​​​​​ Delegate to the BoD - 3 yr term; non-renewable

With respect to the Secretary position, we are grateful that Sally Entrekin has expressed a willingness to run for a second term.

Any members of the society interested in these positions, or wishing to nominate a prospective candidate, should contact past-President Colden Baxter( ; Chair, E&PC) as soon as possible.