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Endowed Publication Fund Award

EPF Award

Application Form

The Endowed Publication Fund (EPF) award is available to authors for improving the quality and distribution of scientific papers submitted for publication in Freshwater Science

For 2024, twenty EPF awards of up to $3,000 each are available to authors.

Applications for funding to cover page charges, color figure fees, and editorial assistance should be submitted at the time the paper receives a decision of major revision, minor revision, or accept. Applications for other purposes may be submitted at any appropriate time. The EPF Committee typically sends the applicant its decision within 2-3 weeks.

Award Categories

EPF awards may be used for one or more purposes up to a total of $3,000 per award. Purposes of awards include, but are not limited to, editorial assistance to authors (especially authors whose primary language is not English), page charges, charges for color images, and technical assistance with complex graphics or statistical analyses.

Page charge/color image award applications approved for funding are subject to the manuscript being peer reviewed, revised, and accepted for publication in Freshwater Science.


The Fund gives highest priority to proposals that most improve the quality and dissemination of Freshwater Science papers, work of high scientific merit, and authors who are least able to pay these expenses. Examples of criteria used by the committee include the country and institution of the lead author (authors from outside of high-income countries - and from non-research-intensive institutions, including minority-serving institutions, are given priority), whether the author is a native English speaker, and the career stage of the lead author. In addition, we give preference to members of the Society for Freshwater Science, although all authors are eligible for EPF awards, whether they are SFS members or not.

In 2024, the Endowed Publication Fund will offer awards of up to $3,000/award to cover page charges, color figure fees, and extra technical editing fees to all first authors of papers accepted in Freshwater Science who work at institutions in developing countries (as listed at, or who work at minority-serving institutions. Authors of such papers do not need to apply for an award, and can depend on getting support from the EPF if their paper is accepted in Freshwater Science.

How to Apply for the Award