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Visual Identity Policy

Society for Freshwater Science Visual Identity Policy

The Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) creates a wide range of publications, press releases, newsletters, social media, and other materials to communicate with diverse audiences. To foster a consistent and recognizable visual identity for SFS, Identity & Style Guidelines have been developed. Use of this style guide is governed by the SFS Visual Identity Policy.

  1. Use of the SFS logo, including any of its wordmarks and pictorial mark, is authorized for officers, staff, standing committees, chapters, as well as other specifically designated representatives or subcontractors of SFS, for the purpose of conducting official SFS business.
  2. For official business, the SFS wordmark including the full name of the Society is preferred. For informal uses (such as Society merchandise or conference activities), the abbreviated SFS wordmark may be used. 
  3. Examples of accepted variants of the logo are shown in the SFS Identity & Style Guidelines ("guide"), and all new variants must be approved by the Board of Directors. Color is the preferred usage whenever possible. Use of the logo must conform to minimum spacing, print size, and print resolution requirements as specified in the guide.
  4. Modifications to the SFS logo are not acceptable. These include the modification of color scheme and font; the distortion of logo proportions; the rearrangement/realignment of typeface or graphical elements; the addition of background or effects (e.g., shadow, transparency); or the insertion or deletion of graphical or textual elements. Resizing is accepted as long as minimum size, spacing, and resolution requirements are met.
  5. Distinct entities within SFS, such as regional chapters, may combine the horizontal or abbreviated wordmark with up to one line of text to create a customized combination mark. The additional line of text must (1) be placed below the horizontal or abbreviated wordmark, respecting minimum spacing requirements specified in the guide; and (2) use Dosis Medium font (or Open Sans font for minor words) in the same color as, and in a size less than or equal to, that of the SFS wordmark.
  6. No other logo may be used to represent SFS in any way – either for official business or unofficial purposes.