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Making Waves

Making Waves

Making Waves is a podcast produced by the Society for Freshwater Science that aims to bring current research in freshwater to a broader audience through engaging interviews with scientists. The podcast features short interviews with researchers in the field of freshwater science. Topics include biodiversity, ecology, technology, and more.

Making Waves Ep. 44

Friday, February 7, 2020
Susan Washko

This episode is about why field trips are so important to college classes about freshwater science, and ways to get students in the field when class sizes are large or online.


Dr. Howard Whiteman, Professor of Biological Sciences at Murray State University

Dr. Sarah Whorley, Assistant Professor of Biology at Daemen College

Dr. Kate Boersma, Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of San Diego

Making Waves Ep. 43

Monday, January 6, 2020
Erin Larson

This episode of Making Waves focuses on mentoring in STEM. We interviewed Dr. Rebecca Barnes and Dr. Erin Eggleston about their mentoring strategies. We talked with them about how to learn from mentoring mistakes, mentoring mentees who have very different goals from you, and how to encourage students to ask for help, among other topics.

Dr. Erin Eggleston is a molecular microbial ecologist and an assistant professor of biology at Middlebury College. She also is a co-founder of the Femina Sciscitator website, which is a virtual community that aims to empower women in science. For more information about Erin, visit her research site ( and check out Femina Sciscitator (

Dr. Rebecca Barnes is a biogeochemist and an assistant professor in the Environmental Studies Program at Colorado College. She is a member of the leadership board for the Earth Science Women’s Network and a principal investigator on the PROGRESS: Promoting Geoscience Research, Education, and Success project. For more information about Becca, visit her research site ( and check out the PROGRESS website (

Making Waves Ep. 42

Monday, September 9, 2019
Susan Washko

This episode celebrates the 50th anniversary of the infamous Cuyahoga River fire. Listen in to hear about the river’s recovery, current projects, and the goals for continued improvement of the river.

Making Waves Ep. 41

Thursday, June 6, 2019
Susan Washko

The topic for this episode is freshwater research at the border. We hear in the news about how the president’s proposed border wall will disrupt wildlife such as big cats and butterflies, but we hear little about how it will affect freshwater and freshwater species. Considering watershed boundaries rarely match political boundaries, creating a physical barrier across a watershed would likely change aspects of the system. I wanted to learn a little more about what kind of freshwater research happens here in the border region, especially since it’s such a tense atmosphere to work in. So, I reached out to four aquatic specialists in Tucson, Arizona, to see what kind of binational projects they work on at the border, the barriers these projects face, the benefits of binational projects, and tune in for the bonus fourth question!


Making Waves Ep. 40

Monday, May 13, 2019
Julie Kelso

This month's episode features Sunny Jardine, professor of resource and environmental economics at the University of Washington School of Marine and Environmental Affairs. Dr. Jardine has worked with marine and freshwater ecologists in ecosystems such as mangroves, barrier islands and most recently inland lakes of Wisconsin. We discuss some basics of resource economics and her focus on understanding incentives and outcomes, the broad view economists take when trying to evaluate outcomes in human and natural coupled systems, and the challenges of studying recreational fisheries.

Making Waves Ep. 39

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Erin Larson

Contribute your freshwater knowledge to WikiProject Limnology & Oceanography! This month, we talk to two of the WikiProject’s leaders, Dr. Jake Zwart and Dr. Arial Shogren, about why we need more freshwater science on Wikipedia and how you can contribute your expertise. There will be a free workshop on editing Wikipedia at the SFS Annual Meeting in Salt Lake from 2-4:30 pm on Sunday, May 19 so be sure to sign up when you’re registering for the meeting.

Find out more about WikiProject Limnology & Oceanography here:

You can stay up-to-date on upcoming edit-a-thons and workshops by following the WikiProject on Twitter (@WikiProjectLO) or requesting to be added to a listserv by emailing the project leads (

Making Waves Ep. 38

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Eric Moody

Making Waves Ep. 38: Eutrophication in Freshwater Ecosystems

This month, we talked with Dr. Amy Burgin, an associate professor at the University of Kansas and an associate scientist with the Kansas Biological Survey, about eutrophication, weather whiplash, and serendipity in freshwater science. Dr. Burgin’s research focuses on aquatic microbiology, biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology.

Making Waves Ep. 37

Monday, December 31, 2018
Eric Moody
Susan Washko

Making Waves Ep. 37:  Desert Fish Conservation. Krissy Wilson, Melody Feden, Christi Kruse, Dave Lytle, and Hannah Moore.

In this month's episode, we hear from Krissy Wilson, the president of the Desert Fishes Council, and several attendees of the 2018 annual meeting about their thoughts on why desert fishes are important and where desert fish conservation is headed after the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Desert Fishes Council.

Making Waves Ep. 36

Friday, November 23, 2018

Making Waves Ep. 36: Fresh Ideas for Teaching Freshwater Science Part 4.

This month, we're releasing a four-part series on tips and tricks for teaching in the freshwater sciences from educators at different institutions. This fourth and final episode in the series features Dr. Michael Bogan, an assistant professor at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Bogan’s research focuses on understanding how disturbance and dispersal shape aquatic biodiversity patterns, and he was recently awarded the Bart Cardon Early Career Faculty Teaching Award from the University of Arizona. On the podcast, he shares an activity he uses on the first day of class to teach about stream orders and to introduce students to being in a class with active learning.

Making Waves Ep. 35

Friday, November 16, 2018

Making Waves Ep. 35: Fresh Ideas for Teaching Freshwater Science Part 3.

This month, we're releasing a four-part series on tips and tricks for teaching in the freshwater sciences from educators at different institutions. This third episode in the series features Dr. Cayelan Carey, an assistant professor at Virginia Tech, and Dr. Kait Farrell, a post-doc at Virginia Tech.

Dr. Carey’s research focuses on freshwater community and ecosystem ecology, and Dr. Farrell’s research focuses on linking freshwater ecosystem structure and function. On the podcast they discuss Project EDDIE and Macrosystems EDDIE, two suites of teaching modules they developed that use long-term and high-frequency datasets to teach students modeling and coding skills through the lens of limnology.


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