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Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Chapter Chair

Bob Smith, interim (

Membership Goals

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter serves a broad group of members who have an interest in the freshwater environments of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and West Virginia and the surrounding regions. The Chapter did not originate from any existing scientific, practitioner, or management group, and as a result, the overall goal of the Chapter is to serve membership through various opportunistic and planned events for professional development (e.g., periodic meetings, workshops, networking events, etc.). An additional long-term goal for the Chapter is to focus on promoting opportunities for members to communicate their science to the managers, practitioners, and policymakers tasked with conserving and restoring freshwater environments in the Mid-Atlantic region. This includes reaching out to researchers in other natural science, engineering, and social science fields to foster interdisciplinary collaborations. The chapter also hopes to strategize effective approaches for making its members a resource for federal researchers and policymakers in Washington DC.

Mission Statement

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s mission is evolving, but it continues to focus on the original mission of connecting regional SFS members with each other and to the practitioners, government agencies, consultants, research organizations, and other groups tasked with evaluating, conserving, and restoring the freshwater environments in our region. This includes strategic opportunities to connect to federal scientists and policy makers based in Washington DC. In addition, the Chapter is developing opportunities to 1) bridge communication gaps between research, practice, and policy in the field of freshwater science and 2) for training in basic and applied areas of freshwater science.